Flooring Installation in Charleston, SC

When you think about one of the biggest home improvement projects, what comes to mind? Whether you’re planning to build the interior of a brand-new home or are the second owner of an existing home, there is a lot to consider, from choosing doors to wall colors, and of course, flooring installation. Charleston, SC homeowners need to plan carefully in terms of functionality and comfort, but with the wide range of flooring types available, choosing the right ground to stand on might be one of the toughest calls

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.
A set of carpenter’s tools lying near floor boards used for flooring installation in Charleston, SC.

Not only are you making the decision based on your preferences, but you also have to consider the needs and comfort of other people in your household. Do you have pets? If yes, choosing something that will minimize the risks of damage and injuries is crucial too. Your local Charleston handyman is a flooring professional and has helped many local homeowners install and repair the solid ground they stand on within their homes.

As your locally-owned business, Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville has served the community for over 40 years and is proud to have formed a strong relationship with our clients. Every service technician on our team is highly trained, bonded, and insured, and brings many years of experience helping our clients maintain their homes to ensure indoor and outdoor perfection. Trust us to take your next flooring project seriously because we’ll go above and beyond to prove it.

Charleston Flooring Installation Options

New flooring styles and materials are always hitting the market, which explains why the paradox of choice has overwhelmed so many homeowners. There is no need to despair because our professional installers in Charleston, SC have seen it all and know what’s popular and most functional for each home in our community.

Unlike other land-locked states, South Carolina deals with a high level of humidity throughout the year. The high amount of water vapor in the air is not only uncomfortable but also risky for metallic and wood materials on your property. There is also the hurricane season that can wreak havoc on your property, impacting your home’s exterior with a high level of salinity. That said, humidity and salt air also infiltrate your home’s interior, affecting your furniture and also your solid hardwood floor.

Let’s look at the options available for your upcoming flooring installation. Charleston, SC service technicians at Mr. Handyman bring the required knowledge to help our customers choose what’s right for them, with their needs in mind as well as the local climate.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Installation

Charleston, SC property owners appreciate wood materials because our state is popular for providing hardwood materials made of boxelder maple, hickory, or sycamore. Therefore, obtaining this material doesn’t cost as much as other parts of the country. So as a wood lover, it’s hard to resist wood flooring installation. Charleston, SC handymen are your local pros for this job, and we make sure you know the required maintenance.

Sourcing this type of material locally is an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint. Though we have to emphasize that a hardwood floor installation is most suited for dry climates. To ensure its performance in Charleston, SC, there is a list of recommended maintenance tasks that include combining dehumidifiers with air conditioning systems and ensuring your home’s insulation is efficient and, ideally, working in combination with an attic fan. Maintaining a decent temperature and moisture level at home will best protect your hardwood floors. This way, they can last you for over 30 years.

Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Charleston, SC flooring experts highly recommend engineered wood if the high maintenance of natural wood is too much of a bother. While it contains natural hardwood pieces, engineered wood also contains wood scrap and fiber, combined with adhesives and other chemicals to become more resilient and durable when made into compressed layered planks. This is the best alternative to traditional hardwood and is much less sensitive to high moisture. Engineered floors don’t shrink or expand, but boards may cup or crack. If well-maintained, they can last for 25 years.

Natural Vs. Engineered Wood:

While both are strong and durable, natural hardwood has a solid core, whereas engineered does not because it’s compressed into up to six layers of wood planks. Both types are designed for heavy foot traffic, but one is more sensitive than the other without routine maintenance.

Whichever one you opt for, our Charleston flooring installation experts strongly recommend that you allow your new flooring materials to acclimatize upon arrival. This allows your materials to adjust to your living space’s temperature and moisture levels. Your local Charleston handyman will then inspect the wood material’s quality and moisture levels prior to installation.

The installation process is slightly more difficult when choosing natural hardwood because you need to ensure your subfloor is healthy and the floor is fully level. Proper staining is also required as you go, along with sanding and finishing.


Another popular option for flooring installation in Charleston, SC is tile flooring installation. Whether you choose ceramic tile or porcelain tile, both are highly durable and popular for kitchen and bathroom settings. Some people even equip their entire homes with tile to keep maintenance to a minimum!

When choosing tiles, there is a wide variety of types. Not everyone is fully aware that tiles are porous, no matter which material you decide to have installed. The trick of professional tile laying lies in proficiency in the installation and using high-quality grout and sealant.

Both ceramic tile and porcelain tile are similar options made from clay, except that porcelain goes through an additional heat treatment to become denser and harder. Although both are great quality, porcelain is often preferred for areas with high foot traffic.

The biggest advantage of tile is that its versatility allows you to choose from a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. Besides that, you can ask for glazed or unglazed surfaces, though we recommend unglazed for a safer non-slip flooring installation. Glazed provides a protective glass coating for enhanced waterproofing characteristics.

Common tile floor issues include a worn surface sealant due to extensive use of chemical cleaners. It may not be immediately apparent until you start noticing stains on your tile sheets or discolored, crumbling grout. Tile systems are designed to resist water and are probably one of the few types that work best for wet mops. Not all ceramic and porcelain tiles need sealing, but you should check with the manufacturer to be sure. Natural stone tile, on the other hand, requires sealing at least once a year.

Your Charleston flooring installation expert highly recommends resealing the grout lines as soon as the previous layer of sealant wears off. That said, you may choose from several types of grout prior to our professional installation, from sanded to unsanded. There is only one type of grout that is non-porous—epoxy grout—which may be the best option for your particular needs. Feel free to ask our technicians any questions that you may have about laying tiles and which grout is best suited for which tile material.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) and Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)

LVP and LVT are next on our list of recommendations. Made of multiple layers of PVC backing and glass fiber materials, LVP is a highly durable material that does not splinter or crack. Its superior surface coating allows it to imitate the look of stone or wood.

For this reason, luxury vinyl planks are designed in plank form, whereas luxury vinyl tiles are made in tile shape. Though designed to look like hardwood or tile, they are easy to install and maintain while also offering the same kind of durability and resilience as their counterparts.

Luxury vinyl is waterproof and weather-resistant. Many property owners even opt for luxury vinyl floors in their bathrooms and kitchens. Both types of flooring will add a sense of elegance and timeless appeal to your home, and it’s even DIY friendly if you opt for the click-lock installation option. Typically, LVP and LVT are installed as floating floors, which means that they float above your subfloor, so you won’t invest additional time in securing your luxury vinyl onto any type of underlayment.

One minor drawback is that they are sensitive to sunlight, which could lead to fading. Applying UV inhibitors is highly recommended to protect your vinyl flooring.

Also, Ask Us About:

  • Laminate flooring
  • Natural stone flooring

Benefits of Charleston Flooring Installation

Charleston, SC homeowners who opt for new flooring systems for their homes will greatly benefit from a brand-new style! With our professional flooring installation services, you can look forward to:

  • Increasing home value
  • Enhancing safety and comfort
  • Improving insulation
  • Thorough subfloor inspection
  • Reducing allergy symptoms with improved air quality
  • A cost-effective choice
  • Long-lasting results
  • The best services and upfront pricing!

Charleston Flooring Installation FAQs

How Do I Best Plan My Charleston Flooring Installation?

Your local Charleston handyman recommends making a list of the qualities you want from your next flooring installation. Charleston, SC homeowners are aware of their climate and likely want to keep maintenance to a minimum if possible.

For example, if your preferences are cost-effectiveness, durability, and aesthetics, LVP might be your best option. But to get some peace of mind, we would like to invite you to hire one of our flooring contractors for a consultation. This way, they can inspect your existing subfloor or underlayment for potential issues and help you plan in advance.

How Much Does Flooring Installation in Charleston, SC Cost?

This depends on the flooring type and the cost of materials. We offer to check with our contracting suppliers unless you have your own source from which you’ll purchase your materials.

We’ll be more than happy to provide you with a more detailed flooring estimate once we have had the opportunity to inspect your existing subfloor and have taken some required measurements. This way, we’ll be able to determine man-hours and the amount of materials needed for your flooring installation. Charleston, SC homeowners will get peace of mind from our transparent and upfront pricing system. What you see on the estimate is what you pay; there are no hidden costs or unexpected additional charges.

Do All Floors Need Much Maintenance?

Not at all, unless you decide to have solid hardwood flooring which requires annual sanding and sealing. Furthermore, you need to control the moisture levels inside your home to ensure they won’t affect your solid hardwood.

Your local Charleston handyman is also an expert in flooring repairs. In the event of any unexpected damage, they’ll be more than happy to offer efficient repair services to recover your flooring system’s original functions and looks.

While tile is also low-maintenance, paying attention to the grout lines will help you stay on top of your maintenance tasks. Grout lines can do well for over ten years, given that you use mild cleaners and little water to clean them.

Maintaining LVP is probably the easiest of all because all you might need is a microfiber broom to keep it clean.

How Do I Prepare My Space For The Installation?

If you don’t have any means of removal, feel free to contact Mr. Handyman for help. We offer old flooring removal that will be included in the installation service. Feel free to bring up this question during a consultation with our Charleston flooring installation specialists, and we’ll be happy to work out the best solution, which will also include the disposal of the old material.

Need Flooring Installation in Charleston, SC?

Let our Charleston flooring installation experts get to work ASAP, so you can enjoy your new ground to stand on! Not only will our quality workmanship and customer service give you the best home service experience, but the long-lasting result will sweep you away. Get ready for your new floor!

Whether you’re in Charleston or nearby communities, such as North Charleston, Moncks Corner, Mount Pleasant, or Goose Creek, our handyman team is ready to get to work!

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