The sound of rain pattering away on your roof can be very soothing—but if the roofing in question desperately needs new gutter installation, Charleston, SC homeowners are more likely to be stressed by that noise than find it relaxing. Anyone who knows how much damage can be done to their home by excess water—and how expensive and time-consuming water damage mitigation really is—will be downright agitated when it rains until they've had a gutter replacement or a brand-new gutter installation taken care of.

That being said, many homeowners don't really care that much about the condition of their gutters, or whether they have any gutters at all, if they aren't aware of what those seemingly insignificant little channels on their roof edge really do to protect their home from major moisture damage issues. When it comes to gutter installation, Charleston, SC home repair and maintenance professionals are truly not exaggerating when we say it's one of the most important preventative measures you can take to avoid severe problems related to excessive water exposure.

If your residential or commercial property is due for a gutter installation project, there's no need to add stress to the hassle by searching for the right Charleston handyman when you have a convenient, one-call solution to reach a team of experienced repair, maintenance, installation and improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. We take pride in delivering excellent customer service and reliable workmanship, and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

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What to Expect From Our Charleston Gutter Installation Professionals

Installing rain gutters might not sound like that big of a deal, but it's one of those tasks that can quickly get out of control if you don't have the training and experience to handle it smoothly. Sometimes when we're called for gutter installation, in Charleston, SC homeowners need us to take over a job that they started and got partway through before they realized it was just a lot more work, and a lot more difficult, than they initially suspected. When local residents need efficient, correctly-done gutter installation, Charleston, SC professionals at Mr. Handyman are ready and willing to get the job done right.

Here's what you can expect when you book our expert gutter installation services.


First, we'll arrive on time for your scheduled appointment, in uniform with a company vehicle so you know who you're letting on to your property. We'll take the time to complete an inspection of your current gutter system if there's one installed and you need a gutter replacement and assess the needs of your property, which includes taking some measurements to determine how many feet of gutters will be required and where the gutter downspouts need to be located. We'll also look for any unique challenges that may impact the service, such as a lack of accessibility along one side of the building, or a multi-story system that may require special ladders or other supports.


Once we know a bit more about your property and what needs to happen for the gutter installation, Charleston, SC homeowners can get our recommendations for the best way to go about the project, as well as the types of gutters that will best address your property's unique needs. That includes advice about decisions such as:

  • Sectional Vs. Seamless: Sectional gutters are nailed up in sections that snap together at intervals, creating seams that are potential weak points, but if damage does occur to one section, it's easier to simply replace the one damaged piece. Alternatively, seamless gutters are continuous channels that are only fitted together with other sections at the corners. That limits the opportunities for leaks to develop at joints, but they're more difficult to repair because the entire side has to be replaced if one spot takes damage.
  • Gutter Materials: There are a few different choices when it comes to the material for a gutter installation. Charleston, SC homes usually feature aluminum or vinyl gutters, which are durable and relatively long-lasting options that are generally serviceable for around 20 years. Copper gutters have a considerably higher upfront cost for installation, but the trade-off is that they last much longer—typically for around 50 years, with proper maintenance—before they need replacement.
  • Color Options: Depending on the material and brand, there will likely be at least a few color options available for your gutter installation. Charleston, SC property owners typically choose a color that matches their roof shingles or fascia board trim so the system can easily blend in with their roofline.


Once we've got the right quantity and type of quality materials ready to go, we'll carry out the actual gutter installation. Charleston, SC homeowners can count on us to take care of every part of the project, including multi-story installations for gutter channels, downspouts, connectors, guards, and all the other necessary components of the system. We'll ensure that downspouts are emptied into an appropriate location that is far enough away from your house where the water can safely drain away from your property. Once we're finished with gutter installation, we'll test the system to ensure water is flowing through it correctly without any leaks, and we'll clean up after ourselves to ensure your property looks just as good as we found it.


While we're up on the ladder, working on your roofline, we may notice signs that indicate your property needs more than just gutter installation. Charleston, SC homeowners can rely on us for other services as well, including soffit and fascia repair, pressure washing, siding repair, gutter repair and cleaning, and regular maintenance services, among others.

Mr. Handyman is Your Local Expert for Gutter Installation in Charleston, SC

Want all the advantages of a professional gutter installation in Charleston or a nearby area? The gutter experts at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville are standing by! Trust us to take care of your entire property, from the front door to the backyard gate, with experienced and reliable home repair, installation, maintenance, and remodeling services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gutter Installation in Charleston, SC


Any residential or commercial building with a sloped roof needs rain gutters. Gutters collect all the rainwater that falls on your roof and transport it to downspouts where it is safely disposed of to prevent water damage.

That may not sound like a big deal, but it is a surprising amount of water. An inch of rainfall on a 2,000-square-foot roof produces about 1,240 gallons, and Charleston gets about 48 inches of rain annually. That's approximately 59,520 gallons per year or much more if you have a bigger-than-average roof size. When rainwater channels are crammed full of debris, or they're cracked and broken, those 59,520 gallons of water pour down the outside of your home instead. This can lead to major headaches with a homeowner's biggest enemy: moisture damage outside and inside the home.


Your siding and other exterior elements of your home are designed to resist moisture, but they can only take so much abuse before they begin to degrade. Here are some unpleasant symptoms of water damage:

  • If the flow of rainwater in gutters is blocked, the water pools on your roof and around fascia boards instead, causing a whole host of roofing issues that include deteriorated shingles, roof leaks, and cracked, rotting, or otherwise damaged fascia boards (the part of your eaves that runs parallel to the exterior wall, usually where the troughs are mounted). It also causes water to leak into siding, window frames, and door frames, where it can fester inside walls and encourage the growth of mildew.
  • When wood has a high moisture content it becomes susceptible to wood rot, a form of decay caused by wood-eating fungi. Window and door frames are often made of timber, and rotten wood lets even more moisture into your walls. It also degrades the seal around frames, letting in air drafts that are uncomfortable and causing your energy bill to increase by forcing your heating and cooling system to work harder.
  • All the holes, cracks, and gaps caused by water damage are invitations for pests such as squirrels, rats, and insects to invade your home and bring dozens of their friends along with them. Infestations are not only unsanitary—some pests (such as termites and carpenter ants) can also cause severe damage to your house.


When it comes to a replacement gutter installation, in Charleston, SC property owners typically want to find out if it's really necessary or if they just need a few repairs here and there. But there's also no point in getting repair work that isn't sufficient to get the job done because what you really need is a new gutter installation. Charleston, SC homeowners may find it difficult to tell which option is best suited to their particular property if they don't have much experience evaluating the condition of rainwater disposal systems.

Based on what we've seen at homes around Charleston, the solution to the repair vs. replacement problem depends on factors like what type of system you have installed and how seriously it's damaged.

If you've got severe or widespread damage, replacement is likely the more cost-effective and long-lasting choice. That does change somewhat if you have copper gutters, however. Having a copper system installed is more expensive upfront, but it lasts longer before it needs replacement. Because of that, it makes sense to try to repair copper gutters whenever possible to get more serviceable years out of them.


Gutter guards are basically screens or lids that close off the top of the rainwater disposal channels to prevent them from filling up so fast with dead leaves, animal nests, dirt, pine needles, and other types of debris. The main advantages of gutter guard installation are that your system won't need to get gutter cleaning as often and will suffer less wear and tear damage. Those factors mean they are a worthwhile investment. Keep in mind that the guards don't block out 100% of debris, so regular gutter cleaning and the occasional repair are still necessary, just not as frequently.


The length of time you can go between cleanings does vary somewhat based on factors such as the season, weather, and proximity to trees, most houses in Charleston need gutter cleaning twice per year. It's best handled in late autumn to remove all the dead leaves and pine needles that have fallen into the channels and downspouts before winter arrives, and in spring to remove dirt and debris that built up over the colder months so they're ready for spring storms and summer showers.

Many homeowners struggle to keep up with gutter cleaning, which is why the team at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville is always happy to provide professional gutter cleaning services that are safe, convenient, and effective.

A handyman from Mr. Handyman standing on a ladder and wearing gloves to scoop leaves out of a home’s gutters and into a metal bucket hanging from the ladder.

Can Charleston Gutter Installation Raise My Property Value?

When you are planning on putting your house on the Charleston real estate market and want to know what you can do to increase the selling price and impress prospective buyers, consider new gutter installation. Charleston, SC houses without gutter systems, or a system that is in rough shape, could be a huge turn-off to potential home buyers who are concerned about hidden moisture damage. A new gutter installation, on the other hand, is a green light that offers some reassurance that they won't be dealing with serious water damage problems shortly after moving in.

Need Gutter Installation? Charleston, SC Can Count On Mr. Handyman!

If it's time for gutter installation service at your residential or commercial building, property owners in Charleston, South Carolina, and parts of the surrounding area such as Moncks Corner, Johns Island, Mount Pleasant, and North Charleston can rely on Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville.

Contact us by calling to learn more about why we're Charleston's trusted choice for dependable handyman services, or to book a convenient appointment time for service.

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