Instead of backyard decks, many property owners have comfortable porches instead. It is often seen as a foundational extension of a home that serves as not only an entryway but also a nice space enclosed space to sit. You can marvel at your neighborhood and greet any person that walks past. It is a nice place for social people who love to interact with others unless you have a screened-in porch that gives you some discretion. It’s easy to believe that you could get away with repairs, but depending on the type of material you have, you’ll eventually need professional Charleston porch repairs.

At Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville, we are proud to be our community’s highly versatile, local experts. From interior and exterior repairs to various home improvement projects, our Charleston handyman is ready to get to work, and that includes expert porch repairs. Charleston, SC property owners should not become too complacent with their outdoor living space. Instead, hire the experts for a safety check, routine maintenance, and repairs by calling today!

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

What to Expect From Our Charleston Porch Repair Service

There are numerous types of porches; each is unique and comes with different problems over time. A high number of them are an integral part of the house foundation and have a ventilated crawl space and a separate roof. That type is often made of beautiful concrete, stone, or other types of masonry and has a ventilated crawl space that connects to the basement. Larger properties, such as a farmhouse, often have a veranda that wraps around the house and is level to the ground.

The health of a porch is often determined by ensuring healthy drainage. That may include maintaining your rain gutters with regular gutter cleaning to ensure outdoor structures (i.e., soffit, fascia, and siding) are protected from leaky rooflines. This issue could result in materials rotting, perimeter drain damage, and foundation damage. Water damage and flooding are the last things you want to deal with.

Another important thing is that if it has a crawlspace, it should always be ventilated (and, ideally, insulated) and projected with a vapor barrier. These are the common things your Charleston handyman will look at during the initial inspection.

Common problems that call for Charleston porch repairs typically include:

  • Surface damage: cracks, holes, splinters, peeling paint
  • Wood rot damage causes structural damage in the framing
  • Moisture issues in the crawl space due to obstructed ventilation
  • Drainage problems or erosion
  • Covered in slime, grime, and algae
  • Pest infestation

Every Charleston porch repair service is different due to different builds and customer needs. Many customers are partial to masonry structures surrounding their porches to help embellish the concrete with red brick or decorative stones. They all require maintenance that includes pressure washing and refinishing the surface. Whatever trouble you may be experiencing, trust our Charleston porch repair experts to fix it in no time!

Choose Mr. Handyman’s Charleston Porch Repair Service

Every Mr. Handyman location is a locally owned and operated business that is wholly committed to serving its local community. But what makes Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville stand out is our 30-year experience within the construction and home services industry. Every service technician on our team is certified, highly trained, and fully insured to complete a wide range of expert handyman services. Whether it is a residential or commercial property, we bring the skills and knowledge required to follow local building codes, as well as provide quality workmanship with guaranteed customer satisfaction. From effective drywall repair to gutter installation and bathroom remodeling, our Charleston handyman team will deliver the results promised and even exceed your expectations. We have your home repairs under control and will ensure your living space is safe and comfortable.

FAQs About Charleston Porch Repair Service


Not quite. It will depend on the materials used and how the structure is built. Decking is typically a structure built after home construction, serving as a separate home extension for your outdoor space. Although you can build a porch in the style of a deck using high-quality wood materials, the most common material is concrete. Concrete patching involves using a concrete crack sealer and is a method that varies greatly from wood repair.

But like a deck, your porch can also have damaged boards or planks that need repair or replacement.


This depends on the level of damage evident and whether we’re dealing with wood, stone, or concrete porch repair. Charleston, SC service technicians can handle all the above, but it is worth mentioning that concrete porch repair methods are slightly trickier. It may take longer to check for underlying issues, whereas wooden porches are easier to inspect. This is where a lot of the pricing can vary. Furthermore, we tend to charge per project rather than by the hour. To get more information on our upfront pricing system, we highly recommend that you give us a call and describe your situation to us. We’ll most likely send out a service technician for a quick, no-obligation inspection to determine the problem evident. Afterward, we’ll be able to provide you with a transparent cost estimate with no hidden charges.

Restore Your Curb Appeal With Mr. Handyman’s Charleston Porch Repairs!

A damaged stoop or wobbly railing is a huge safety concern and should be addressed immediately. At Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville, we always put safety first, followed by increasing comfort and curb appeal. With an effective porch repair, Charleston SC homeowners will soon be able to enjoy their outdoor space again, but worry-free this time!

Our dedicated Charleston handyman team always goes above and beyond to meet our local community’s needs. Whether you’re in Charleston or a surrounding area like Goose Creek, North Charleston, and Mount Pleasant, we have your back!

The reason why our local community chooses us is that we always provide customized solutions that ensure quality. When in need of Charleston porch repair, contact our friendly customer service reps or inquire about our other popular handyman services!

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