Are you looking for ways to boost the curb appeal of your home, increase property value and maintain the condition of your house by preventing deterioration? There's a fast, cost-effective, and thorough way to accomplish all of the above: professional power washing. Charleston, SC homes and businesses alike can reap major benefits with a powerful cleaning tool for outdoor surfaces and items.

Power washing involves the use of state-of-the-art pressure washing equipment that produces high-pressure water jets capable of blasting away built-up dirt and grime, grease stains, moss and algae growth, and other stubborn substances that most cleaning techniques can't budge. The pressure is what makes power washing so effective. The machines are capable of delivering pressures that range from around 750 to 3,000 pound-forces per square inch (psi). By comparison, the average garden hose clocks in at around 250 psi. That's why professional power washing can't be reasonably compared to just going outside and giving your house a rinse with the hose.

Wooden deck boards as a layer of dirt is cleaned away by a jet of water during an appointment for power washing in Charleston, SC.

Want your property to get all the advantages of solid power washing? Charleston, SC professionals at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville have the skill and experience to safely, effectively, and efficiently clean your exterior surfaces and items. Rely on your local Charleston handyman for the topmost standards of excellent customer service and high-quality workmanship. Call today to request a convenient service appointment!

What Does Power Washing, Charleston, SC Include?

There are a wide variety of items and surfaces on your outdoor property that can benefit. It will be a surprising and gratifying sight to see how much of a difference it truly makes, which is why pressure cleaning videos often go viral online. Imagine an old, moss-covered brick patio that hasn't been cleaned in decades—or maybe ever. A good cleaning with our power washer can make it look just as good as the day it was installed. In fact, you may not even know what color some of the outdoor surfaces on your property truly are until they've gotten professional power washing. Charleston, SC properties can benefit from house washing for cleaning areas and items such as:

  • House Siding: We'll remove biological growth like moss and algae from your siding, along with dirt, stains, and other unsightly marks, with power washing. Charleston, SC siding with black or rust-colored stripes can be treated with high-pressure water jets, but they're also a sign that your property needs gutter cleaning services.
  • Front Porches and Back Decks: When a wood deck or porch is covered in a thick, slippery layer of mud and algae, it's not just cosmetically unappealing. It's also a dangerous slipping hazard that could cause family members and friends to be injured if it's not cleared away with power washing. Charleston, SC professionals on our team will take care of your composite or wood deck cleaning as well.
  • Metal, Vinyl, or Wood Fencing: Through proper fence cleaning and maintenance, you’ll keep your fence system in good condition. You’ll also boost curb appeal and extend the life of the structure, so you don't have to worry about repair or replacement as frequently.
  • Driveways, Walkways, and Other Masonry Surfaces: Moss growth on masonry patios and other walking surfaces poses a tripping hazard, as well as accelerates decay. Charleston's power washing service will strip away almost anything from masonry, including stubborn oil stains.
  • Patio Furniture: No one wants to use outdoor chairs and tables that are covered in a layer of dust and dirt. Power washing with high-pressure water streams will get them clean and appealing again, so the focus is on the food and company at your next barbecue.

We have mentioned before that these high-pressure streams are unlike the water that comes out of your garden hose. Depending on the type of power washer you use, some have the ability to cut through wood. So, it is highly recommended that you leave the job to the pros to reduce the risk of injuries. The added benefit you get by hiring a Charleston power washing expert is that they will carefully inspect your materials’ surface to ensure they’re in good condition.

Why Mr. Handyman is the Right Choice for Power Washing, Charleston SC

When you're looking for a professional Charleston power washing service, of course, you want to know that the business or individual you choose will get the work done on time, correctly, and to your satisfaction. But you also need to know that they'll display nothing less than professional and courteous behavior while they're on your property. You can rely on the experts at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville to provide all of the above and more.

FAQs About Power Washing | Charleston, SC

Is There A Difference Between Pressure Washing And Power Washing?

Charleston, SC professionals may be using these terms interchangeably. But the only difference between the two is that power washing services involve using heated water (warm to hot water) to clean surfaces. This works particularly well on, for instance, concrete surfaces that have oil stains. However, it is still a pressure wash, and it’s important to note that these units come in various sizes, depending on the type of cleaning you want to accomplish. When requesting commercial or residential power washing services, feel free to ask about hot versus cold water.

Is Power Washing The Same As A Soft Washing Service?

It can be, depending on the level of psi needed. It is true that high-pressure or high streams of water jets can be damaging to sensitive surfaces. So, opting for a soft pressure wash might be a safer choice for doors, garage doors, rain gutters, and window washing. It uses safe, low-pressure water to clean surfaces and achieves the same result as a professional pressure washer would, except that the soft washer comes with a lot less risk for damage and injuries.

What Shouldn’t Be Power Washed?

For a highly effective, thorough cleaning, nothing beats power washing. Charleston, SC homeowners should be aware that there are some things that can't withstand the pressure. It should not be used on delicate or softer surfaces that could be damaged by the spray, and it should never be turned on a human, animal, or plant (unless you want the plant gone).

There are also quite a few surfaces and items that can withstand the right amount of pressure, and your professional Charleston handyman has the expertise to know what settings should be used to avoid damage. For example, brick and mortar walls require care so as not to damage the mortar and surfaces, or items such as windows and rain gutters can be cleaned with soft washing techniques.

How Long Does It Take For Charleston, Sc Power Washing?

When it comes to professional power washing, in Charleston, SC professionals will typically need to see the project in person before they can make an accurate assessment of how long it will take. The length of time is naturally going to vary quite a bit based on considerations such as:

  • What you need to be cleaned
  • The size of the item or surface
  • How many people are working on it at the same time
  • What is being removed (dirt, oil stains, algae growth, etc.)
  • Accessibility of the item or surface from all angles

However, in general, you can expect even a large house to be cleaned within a couple of hours, and smaller items may only take 20 or 30 minutes for a thorough clean. It really depends on the size, condition, and nature of what needs to be cleaned. During an inspection, we’ll be able to give you more details about the cleaning process.

What Are The Benefits Of Charleston Power Washing?

There are some major advantages when it comes to professional power washing. Charleston, SC property owners can benefit in a number of ways. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should consider calling our reliable handyman team for power washing service.

Easier and Faster

Most people are less than excited to spend hours scrubbing away at the exterior of their home to remove grime build-up, not to mention other exterior surfaces such as driveways and decks—and that's perfectly understandable. It's back-arching, time-consuming labor that isn't really worth it in the end because no matter how much elbow grease you put into it, the results just aren't as good as they would be with power washing. Charleston, SC homeowners can save a huge amount of time and energy while getting a much more effective clean if they let us take care of grime build-up and stubborn stains with a thorough power cleaning.

Improve Curb Appeal and Property Value

Are you considering putting your property up for sale on the real estate market soon? Or, maybe you have no plans to move in the near future and just want your house to look it's very best and positively oozing curb appeal. Either way, a big boost in curb appeal is one of the main advantages of getting your house sparkling clean with power washing. Charleston, SC real estate agents will tell you appearance isn't everything—but it's still pretty important when you're trying to impress prospective home buyers. If the first thing they see when they arrive to view the property is a dingy, dirty house, driveway, and walkways that are covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime, it'll be a huge red flag warning them to get back in the car and drive away before they even get past the front door. On the other hand, if they see an impressively clean property with no grime or staining obvious on exterior services, it will reassure them that the property has been well-maintained overall and there won't be any nasty surprises after moving in.

Preserve Your House

A deteriorated appearance isn't the only problem that a crust of grime and dirt build-up can bestow on your building and other outdoor surfaces like your deck or porch. Grime is the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria that eat away at the finish on dirty surfaces and items such as large play or sports equipment. When the finish disappears or peels off, the metal or wood underneath is left vulnerable to major decay, including wood rot and rust that can cause holes, cracks, and structural integrity problems. If you let that grime sit and fester, you'll have to pay for repairs and replacements far more frequently than you would if your exterior property received regular power washing. Charleston, SC residents can avoid high costs with preventative maintenance.

Avoid Allergy Suffering

If you or a member of your household suffer from itchy skin, sore, watery eyes, and constant sneezing throughout pollen season, you'll likely consider this to be one of the most appealing benefits of power washing. Charleston, SC buildings, driveways, and pretty much everything else is coated in a dusting of pollen each spring, along with other allergy-inducing surface contaminants that are enough to force allergy sufferers indoors for weeks or months at a time. Surprising though it may seem, power washing actually makes quite a difference. It rinses that layer of pollen off your siding, trim, deck, porch, driveway, and more, so you can step outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. We can't guarantee that every last speck of pollen and allergens will be removed from your property, of course—but we could greatly reduce the amount that is just lying around, which will make it easier for you to breathe freely outside.

Prepare Decks and Porches for Refinishing

If you've noticed your wood deck, porch, steps, railings, or other outdoor structures are covered in peeling paint or flaking wood stain, that's actually an early sign of water damage. When water soaks into the timber, the wood swells and puts pressure on the paint from underneath. That pressure causes the paint to lift, bubble, crack and then peel off in strips. Once the paint is gone, the wood underneath has lost its last vestiges of protection against serious moisture damage, such as wood rot.

In order to refinish your structure and restore its water incursion protection before it succumbs to rot, you need to get all that peeling paint removed. Fortunately, there's a better way to handle that than with laborious sanding: power washing. Charleston, SC can put down the sander and relax while our pressure washers strip old paint off quickly, leaving smooth, clean surfaces behind that are perfectly primed for refinishing. Not able or interested in the task of applying new paint or solid stain? Our Charleston handyman team can take care of that chore for you and complete it with a coat of sealant for added protection against water incursion. Learn more about our expert porch repair services.

Need Expert Exterior Cleaning? Get the Power Washing Charleston, SC Deserves From Your Local Handyman!

It doesn't matter whether you are in Charleston, SC, or a nearby community in this corner of South Carolina such as Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, or Moncks Corner—you can still expect the same outstanding residential and commercial pressure washing service from the professional handyman team at Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Besides exterior cleaning, we also offer dozens of other reliable handyman services, including deck repair, door installation, gutter cleaning, and much more. We’re here to help you keep your property clean and safe.

To chat with our friendly customer care staff and find out more about our Charleston handyman services, or to schedule an appointment at a time that's convenient for you, pick up the phone and give us a call. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered Charleston's top choice for expert repair, installation, and improvement services.

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