Learn The Differences Between Dallas Window Replacement and Repairs

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'There are many signs that you need Dallas window replacement or repair services, and it’s important that you know the differences between each type of service. In previous decades, the mindset was always to replace a broken window immediately. More recently, many Dallas homeowners are trying to preserve their original frames—rather than replacing wood with fiberglass, vinyl, or metal.

But what is the right move for your home? If you've invested in energy efficient models, you probably don't want to have to replace them again. That said, if you have single pane glass in your home, you may want to upgrade. Newer designs that are double or even triple pane offer a far greater return on investment than single pane models.

Another consideration for Dallas window replacement versus repair is how bad any incurred damage is. For example, if your teenager accidentally backed their car into your front window, repairs probably won’t be enough. But if there is wood rot surrounding the frame, it may be possible to preserve the original pane without having to replace it. Clearly there is a lot to consider for Dallas window replacement. How will you know where to draw the line and replace your windows rather than invest in repair services?

Our Dallas handyman pros are here to help local homeowners know when it’s best to get Dallas window replacement or repairs. Mr. Handyman of Dallas is always here to help! Discover our professional insights to help you know which issues can be repaired, which problems require more than repairs, and how our expert technicians can help.

Common Repairs in Dallas

Understanding what different types of damage impact your windows will help you know whether repair or replacement is your best option. Typically, if the glass itself is damaged, then Dallas window replacement is the only option. However, if there is an issue with the surrounding areas, such as a frame or sill, then you may only need repair services.

Water Damage

There are a few ways water damage could appear. Perhaps there is a crack or chip in your glass, or maybe water has saturated the surrounding frame or siding. Water damage will often lead to wood rot as well. In the event of a rotted frame, it will need to be resealed. If the surrounding siding has rotted, you may need to replace it as well to prevent any water damage from getting worse.

Rotted Frames

As we mentioned above, a rotted frame can sometimes be fixed by sealing it properly. As this repair does not directly impact the glass, any necessary repairs should be made without replacing the glass itself. If the rot has progressed too much and is at risk of spreading to other areas of your home, then you may need Dallas window replacement service instead.

Wood rot is often caused by heavy rains, snowmelt, and/or humidity. As it’s more likely to appear after several seasons and will only affect wooden surfaces, rot is a larger concern if you live in an older Dallas home.

Rotting Drip Cap

Like the frame, the drip cap is part of your window’s exterior. It prevents moisture from seeping into your home. While drip caps can be made out of many materials, such as aluminum or vinyl, they can also be made of wood. If it is made of wood, the drip cap may rot over time. Replacing a rotting or missing drip cap is an easy repair that should be completed before it causes additional issues.

Damaged Exterior Casing

Exterior casing protects against damage and also makes your home’s exterior look beautiful. Without it, your facade may look a bit unfinished. Not to mention, loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior casing diminishes your curb appeal. Replacing damaged casing is also an easy task when completed by a qualified handyman or carpenter.

Worn Caulking

Do you notice a draft in your home? While drafts can also be a sign that you need window repair, sometimes it's just a problem with the caulking around your frame. A qualified technician—like our qualified techs at Mr. Handyman of Dallas—will be able to let you know whether the draft is caused by worn out caulking or another issue. If the draft is caused by caulking, one of our technicians can provide expert caulking services.

Chipped or Peeling Paint

Fixing chipped and peeling paint is a simple job. A professional handyman service, such as the team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas, will be able to carefully sand down and remove the old paint to put on a fresh coat. Additionally, that fresh coat of paint will spruce up the exterior of your home.

Broken Muntins or Mullions

Muntins and mullions are pieces of wood separating panes of glass. Sometimes, a window might have faux muntins and mullions that are designed for visual appeal only. Real or faux, mullions and muntins are repairable. If your muntins and mullions are chipped, peeling, or dented, think about getting repairs before scheduling an appointment for Dallas window replacement service.

Malfunctioning Hardware

It's common for older Dallas homes to have worn wood sashes, rusty hinges, or other hardware problems. Struggling to open and close your windows is certainly frustrating, and it could also be a safety issue. It's important that egress windows are able to operate properly in case of an emergency, like a fire.

Common Dallas Hardware Problems Include:

  • A twisted frame caused by your home settling, which stops the sash from functioning correctly
  • The hinges and latches on your casement window (windows that swing open and closed) have rusted
  • The sash has too many layers of paint, causing it to stick
  • The sash has come off its track
  • The spring may have come loose (in spring-type sashes)

Common Dallas Window Replacement Warning Signs

Although many issues with your windows can be repaired by the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas, sometimes a repair just won’t cut it. While there are clear signs that you must schedule an appointment for Dallas window replacement, such as a baseball going through the glass, some of the other common replacement warning signs are a bit harder to catch.

High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills skyrocketed recently? It could be because of your windows. In short, air drafts cost money. This is because the leaking air either increases or decreases the temperature of your home. This fluctuating temperature makes it harder for your HVAC system to keep your home at the desired temperature.

Additionally, most older homes in Dallas have single-pane glass, which will not do a very good job of keeping radiant heat out during the summer and in during the winter. This also causes your HVAC system to work harder, use more energy, and burn more fossil fuels. By getting energy efficient models, you can significantly lower your energy bills and carbon footprint with Dallas window replacement service.


Air drafts don't just impact your energy bill. They also make your house quite uncomfortable. In the winter, cold air will seep inside and make your house feel chilly no matter how hard your furnace runs. In the summer, cool air will escape as the heat increases.

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes drafts in Dallas can be fixed by replacing worn-out caulking or by repairing frames. However, there are other causes of drafts that require Dallas window replacement service, such as:

  • Incorrectly fitted windows
  • Cracks in the glass
  • Torn screens

Freezing-Cold Glass

Many older Dallas homes have single-pane models. This style will always feel cold to the touch because it is less insulated than double-pane models. Thus, cold single-pane glass is nothing to worry about.

However, if you have double-pane glass that is freezing-cold to the touch, it’s time to make an appointment for Dallas window replacement service. Double-pane models are meant to keep the cold out through using an insulating layer of gas between the two panes. While slightly cold double-pane windows during an especially chilly winter’s day are not cause for alarm, if they are freezing when touched, that could mean they are not insulated correctly. Unfortunately, incorrectly insulated glass panes need to be replaced.

Trapped Fog or Condensation

If you have double or triple pane windows, fog trapped between the panes could be a bad sign. It means that water is condensing inside the insulated glass unit. Insulated glass units (or IGUs) are what make double and triple pane models so energy efficient. Essentially, there is a space between the panes that is filled with a noble gas such as argon or krypton. These gases have insulating properties.

Modern IGUs are sealed and permanent, meaning that removal and installation of a new window is the only solution for fog trapped between each pane. If you’ve noticed this issue affecting your home, it’s best to call a local Dallas window replacement professional.

Extensive Damage

Extensive damage is usually best addressed with Dallas window replacement services. While it may be possible to repair serious damage, replacement is usually the safer, more cost-effective option.

One of our experienced technicians or carpenters will be able to let you know if it’s a better decision to invest in a new model rather than repair services, depending on the level of damage you're facing.

Our Professional Dallas Window Replacement and Repair Services

Repairing damage to your windows is an easy way to save money and time if the damage is not too significant. Many repairs can be efficiently and expertly handled by the professional team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. If your windows are beyond repair, or if you want to upgrade to a more energy efficient model, we can help with that too.

Our expert technicians each possess years of experience in the trades, and many of our Dallas window replacement service professionals are also master carpenters. Not only are we highly skilled craftsmen, but we also prioritize customer service above all else. We will arrive promptly to your scheduled appointment wearing the Mr. Handyman of Dallas uniform while driving a company vehicle, so you always know who is coming to your home. Our technicians will always treat your home like it’s our own. We'll show you the same respect we would to our closest friends and neighbors.

The team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas believes in professionalism, and we are dedicated to excellence in every task we complete. We will efficiently and carefully complete your repairs or window replacement, so that you can have peace of mind knowing the exterior of your home looks beautiful, is damage free, and will not cause your energy bill to increase.

Finally, we always stand behind our work with our guarantee. We know that hiring anyone to take care of home improvements can be a stressful time for you and your family. The repair process can disrupt your daily life. Not to mention, Dallas window replacement can be quite a financial investment. Our guaranteed workmanship keeps you protected from extra sources of stress.

While our Dallas handyman experts are confident that you will be satisfied with our services, if you notice a problem after we leave, we will return to fix it at no additional cost. Maintaining your trust and our commitment to outstanding workmanship is an integral part of our company’s values.

Our Dallas Window Replacement and Repair Services Include:

  • Skylight repair/replacement
  • Casement repair/replacement
  • Picture repair/replacement
  • Insulated repair/replacement
  • Bay repair/replacement

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