Sometimes ceiling damage occurs suddenly and without warning, while other times you may just happen to look up and see a large split or an unsightly water stain above your head and wonder how long that’s been there. Regardless of how or why they occur, ceiling damage can cause a knot to form in your stomach. Fortunately, with the help of a Dallas handyman, there’s an easy fix: ceiling repair. Dallas, TX homeowners can rest assured that their Dallas ceiling repair is in good hands with our handyman team. As you’ll see below, we’ve repaired all kinds of ceiling issues and textures with incredible results.

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

 A handyman using a putty knife to spread joint compound over the seam tape covering the joint between two pieces of drywall on a residential ceiling.

To set up an appointment for a free on-site estimate or to book your Dallas ceiling repair today, you can reach our friendly office team. To find out more about what our Dallas ceiling repair service entails and to read answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, continue reading below.

Common Types of Ceiling Issues Requiring Dallas Ceiling Repair

Unlike drywall issues that can occur from nail holes, door knob holes, dart throwing matches gone wrong and overactive pets and children, possible causes of damage to a drywall ceiling tend to be limited to one of the following three things: natural aging, water damage and improper installation (shoddy workmanship).


Over time, your house will shift. In most circumstances, this shifting is so minor that you won’t notice it, but if movement occurs suddenly or continuously over time, cracks can appear in your drywall. If this happens, the best thing to do is keep an eye on it for a while. If the crack continues to grow and spread, you may need a building inspection to assess your home's structural integrity. If a crack appears but does not increase in size, your home is likely no longer shifting.


Hail and other severe types of storm damage can lead to a leaky roof. If the structural damage is significant, you’ll probably notice it right away, but minor roof leaks can go undetected for a long period of time. In addition to a leaky roof, a plumbing issue, such as a leaky pipe, can also be a cause requiring drywall repairs. Eventually, evidence of water leaks will become visible in the form of water stains and peeling paint. Your ceiling may even begin to sag underneath the weight of pooled water.

Major water damage—especially if unaddressed for a period of time—can lead to very costly repairs. Oftentimes, not only is your drywall damaged beyond repair but your wooden ceiling joists and insulation may be as well. If the roof leak was caused by a storm or major impact such as a broken tree limb, your insurance company may cover some or all of the repairs. All insurance policies vary, so make sure you check yours to see what is and isn’t covered (and if you need roof replacement).

Damaged drywall on a bathroom ceiling and a section of the bathroom’s wall before and after both the ceiling and wall have been repaired by Mr. Handyman.

In the two images on the left, you can see that a large, peeling crack had formed in the sheetrock. There was also some bowing due to water damage resulting from a plumbing mishap. To the right, some of the walls had to be removed to access the plumbing. We repaired the damaged ceiling and wall using our textured ceiling repair technique.


Poor-quality paint can also cause brittle paint layers to crack and spread, leading to an unappealing appearance. Additionally, if drywall panels were installed incorrectly, they may sag, joint tape may peel, nails may pop and cracks may appear. Our handyman team has seen enough drywall issues and done enough Dallas ceiling repairs that we’ll be able to diagnose the cause of your damage and provide you with recommendations on your next steps.

Ceiling Repair Dallas TX: Step By Step

Many homeowners don’t realize what goes into ceiling repair in Dallas Texas. The process is more interesting than you might think—especially when it involves your own home.

In most cases, our Dallas ceiling repair service begins with an on-site consultation. We don’t normally provide estimates over the phone without seeing the damage first, as it’s difficult to provide an accurate assessment without seeing the damage firsthand. If the cause is a leaky roof or a burst pipe, you’ll first need to contact a roofing company for roof repair first or your local plumber for pipe repair or replacement. If we did your repair first, it would just get damaged all over again.

Once the cause of the damage has been eliminated, we’ll book you in for your service appointment. We offer a wide range of times and days so that you can pick an appointment time that works best for your schedule. On the day of your appointment, we’ll show up in a company vehicle with all the tools and equipment required to get your Dallas ceiling repair done efficiently and according to the highest standards. Though every service appointment is different depending on the type of damage, location of damage, and extent of damage, you can expect us to follow some or all of the steps below for common ceiling repairs:

  1. First, we’ll remove any damaged drywall using a drywall knife. If the area is very small, we may be able to patch it using some mesh tape and spackle, but in most cases, we’ll need to create a drywall patch. This patch is custom-made to fit the cutout in the sheetrock. If we find extensive damage, we may remove an entire drywall panel and replace it with a new drywall ceiling panel. Our guide to drywall finishing explains each step of the drywall installation process in detail, but we’ll just go over the basics here.
  2. The new piece of drywall will be attached to the ceiling beams or ceiling joists using drywall nails and/or screws.
  3. Joist tape will be smoothed across the seams between each panel.
  4. A thin coat of joint compound will be applied to the nail holes and joint tape, followed by one or more additional coats of drywall compound depending on the type of finishing and where the damage is located.
  5. We’ll sand down the surface and finish with a fresh coat of paint, or you can do the paint job on your own. If your attic insulation was damaged, you may also wish to have this topped up.

If you’re familiar with drywall repair, you’ll notice that the steps involved in our Dallas ceiling repair service are very similar. The major difference is that the project size tends to be bigger, as a patch of water damage usually involves more square footage compared to common drywall mishaps (e.g. door knob hole).

Another difference is that ceilings can sometimes be textured. Popcorn texture ceilings—among other textures—require a professional hand to create a repair job that looks seamless. Doing a drywall ceiling crack repair on a textured ceiling is particularly challenging. We can do popcorn ceiling repairs and other types of textured ceiling repairs in Dallas, TX homes, or take advantage of this opportunity to have popcorn ceiling removal done. It would be your decision, of course.

In the example below, our customer needed a patch of water damage on their ceiling and wall repaired. We cut out the piece of damaged drywall, installed a drywall patch, and finished the job by applying a popcorn ceiling effect. When the photo was taken, the ceiling repair had not fully dried yet and still had a darker appearance. Once dry, the customer couldn’t tell that the damage had ever been there in the first place!

A residential ceiling in the corner of a room with a hole in it, and the same section of the ceiling after repairs and refinishing have been completed by Mr. Handyman.

We’re Pros At Ceiling Repair In Dallas, TX

Since 2008, we’ve proudly served homeowners and business owners in and around South and North Dallas, including communities such as Rowlett, Sachse, and Balch. As a locally owned and operated franchise, we’re not just in the handyman business to make a quick buck—our top priority is to provide our local community with outstanding home services and achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction. Whether you have water leaks, cosmetic cracks, moderate drywall ceiling damage or you’re in need of larger repairs, our team will get it done for you to your satisfaction. Our fully insured technicians use proper repair methods that deliver results you can trust.

Unlike other companies, we won’t ask you to put your trust in us without promising you something in return. For peace of mind, all of our talented service professionals have undergone thorough background checks, dress in uniform and drive a company vehicle and have both depth and breadth of experience—as shown through our numerous positive customer reviews. Before committing to our Dallas ceiling repair service, we’ll happily provide you with a free, no-strings-attached estimate. You’re also backed by our quality workmanship guarantee; if you’re not completely satisfied with the workmanship you’ve received, we’ll make it our priority to come back and make it right—regardless of the extent of repairs made.

FAQs For Ceiling Repair In Dallas, TX


Entire ceiling replacement is generally only necessary when the majority of the drywall is damaged, or your ceiling joists have succumbed to wood rot, requiring the ceiling to be ripped out to repair the wood. In all other cases, it’s often easier to just remove the damaged area and cut a custom drywall patch to fit.

Our handyman experts will be able to advise you on the best course of action for your entire ceiling repair.


The best way to repair a ceiling is by following the proper repair methods outlined in our service steps above. It can be easy to get impatient while conducting a repair, as several layers of the joint compound must typically be applied, and each layer must fully cure for 24 hours before the next coat is added.

Though we aim to be as efficient as possible with your service, we’re committed to getting it done right.


This depends on many factors, but there is evidence to suggest that popcorn ceiling removal can boost the value of your home. If there are a lot of homes for sale in your area, and not a lot of buyers, removing popcorn ceilings can make your home more desirable to buyers. On the other hand, if demand is high and supply is low, you shouldn’t have a problem selling your home—with or without that questionable popcorn texture.


The length of time it takes to do a ceiling repair in Dallas, TX depends largely on the scale of the project. Larger ceiling repairs in Dallas, TX can take several days, while small repairs can be done within an afternoon.

Keep in mind that curing times for joint compounds may mean that we’ll have to return for a short period of time across multiple days.


Unfortunately, ceiling repair in Dallas, TX is very messy. Thanks to the humidity, it’s not as messy as it is in some other states, but we’ll still need to cover your room with plastic and drop cloths to prevent drywall dust from getting everywhere.

Rest assured, we’ll clean up after ourselves so thoroughly that you’d never know we were there!


Sheetrock and drywall are essentially the same products. Sheetrock is a brand of drywall and does not differ significantly from other types of drywall. All contain additives to make them fire-resistant sheets in the case of an emergency.


Although you can buy patch kits for ceiling repair in Dallas, TX, we don’t recommend attempting to fix extensive damage on your own—especially if your ceiling is textured. Getting a seamless finish looks easier than it is in practice, and if the damage is in a highly visible area of your home, you’ll probably want to entrust the job to the pros.

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If you need a ceiling repair in Dallas, TX, our team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas has you covered. Whether you need a small water damage patch repaired or need your entire ceiling replaced and re-texturized due to extensive damage, our experienced team can get the job done right the first time. Damage in ceilings, no more! Let’s restore your home’s integrity—and your peace of mind.

To schedule your Dallas ceiling repair consultation and appointment, or to discuss any further questions and concerns you may have, give us a call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you out.

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