Your fence is a key part of your property, regardless of whether it's there to enhance your curb appeal, keep children and pets contained, or discourage trespassers—or all of the above. It's also out there all by itself at the edge of the property, which means it's vulnerable to damage from all sorts of factors ranging from severe weather elements to vandalism and will eventually need fence repair. Dallas homeowners and business owners can take care of that problem quickly and easily by calling our experienced, local Dallas handyman team to restore their border structure to excellent condition. The professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas have the skill to get it looking as good as the day it was installed. Give us a call today to find out how we can enhance your outdoor living space with effective repairs and other quality services.

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Our Experienced Dallas Fence Installation Services

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About Our Trusted Fence Repairs, Dallas

Whether you need a common repair or something a bit more out of the ordinary for wood fence repair, Dallas professionals at Mr. Handyman are experienced in a wide range of fence repair strategies. Our Dallas fence repair services include:

  • Wood rot repair on wooden fences
  • Removing rust and corrosion on metal fences
  • Gate repair
  • Replacing broken pickets or missing slats and rails

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Our services also include fence post repair, as damaged, deteriorated or broken posts are a common problem here in Dallas and pretty much everywhere else to boot. Posts are really the only part of a structure that should be in contact with soil, so they are responsible for holding an entire structure up. The problem is usually with either its buried concrete footing or an actual post itself, and in most cases, replacement is going to be the most effective course of action. The basic steps we'll follow for post replacement are:

  1. Remove your old post and concrete footing by digging around its footing and breaking it into smaller chunks for easier removal.
  2. Make sure the hole is not too deep and not too shallow, then add crushed rock or gravel to assist with moisture drainage and keep concrete supported.
  3. We'll then position a new post in the hole and pour concrete around it. Once concrete is dry and fully cured, soil can be filled in over top so the footing is completely hidden from view.

Choose Our Team for Experienced Fence Repair, Dallas

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For help with commercial and residential properties that could really use reliable fence repair, Dallas property owners can simply turn to the team of repair and installation experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. We are highly skilled with a wide variety of services for your home or business, including new fence installation, deck repair, door installation, bathroom remodeling, drywall repair, tile repair and much more.

Frequently Asked Dallas Fence Repair Questions

What Are the Warning Signs My Property Needs Fence Repair?

If they're not sure whether your structure is doing just fine or could really use fence repair, Dallas homeowners can discover the answer by walking along their existing structure—on both sides, if possible—and inspecting it for signs that the structure needs professional help. Those telltale signs include:

  • Cracked or broken timber
  • Rotting wood
  • Weathered, gray, splintered wood
  • Missing fence pickets
  • Peeling, flaking paint or wood stain
  • Rust damage
  • Weak, unstable or leaning fence posts
  • Bent, loose or warped chain link panels
  • Slats or rails are touching ground
  • Vinyl color fading due to sunlight exposure
  • Broken latches or hinges on gate

Is Fence Repair a Better Solution Than Total Replacement?

When considering a new installation versus fence repair, Dallas homeowners are often unsure of which is the better course of action for their particular structure. In many cases, Dallas fence repair is the right choice because we can take care of damaged spots and restore the overall structure to sound condition. However, it's worth noting that there are some situations where a total replacement is actually the better, more cost-effective option because it would be less costly than numerous time-consuming repairs and the results would be more appealing and longer-lasting as well.

The scenarios in which it's likely best to replace all or part of the structure include:

  • More than around 25% of the overall structure has suffered noticeable damage
  • Sudden and significant impact damage from a car or other large force
  • Infested by destructive insects such as carpenter ants or termites
  • Material is aged and doesn't look its best anymore

Why Is the Latch on My Gate Misaligned?

Gates can be both attractive and practical additions to your structure, but they also present one of the most common and irritating fence repair problems when a latch used to line up perfectly and now you can't even get it to close at all. This usually happens for one of two reasons: either because one or both of the gate posts has broken or deteriorated and is leaning in such a way that the two sides of your latch are nowhere near each other, or because its hinges holding your gate onto its post are loosened up. If it's the latter, fence repair will be a simple matter of tightening or replacing the hinges. But if the problem is there because the posts are rotten or broken off underground, the damaged post will need to be replaced entirely.

Is It Time for Fence Repair? Dallas Homeowners Can Rely On Mr. Handyman

Are you searching for a qualified handyman to take care of fence repair in Dallas or nearby cities, such as Addison, Balch Springs or Sachse? Look no further than the experienced team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for expert workmanship and trustworthy customer service.

To schedule a convenient appointment time or find out more about our reliable handyman services, just get in touch with us via phone or by requesting service online. Our amazing customer service staff is standing by to help you!

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