There's no doubt that your exterior siding is a big part of your home's curb appeal—or at least it should be. If it's covered in dents, holes, cracks, dings, stains, or even missing sections, it's definitely not doing its part to maintain that appeal and needs help from a professional Dallas handyman who is well-versed in siding repair. Dallas property owners should note that it's certainly not all about appearances, though. Your siding is like armor for your house, shielding it from harsh weather, wildlife attacks, moisture incursion, pest infestations, energy loss, and much more. It essentially helps support the structural integrity of the whole building. That's why it's so important to invest in fiber cement or vinyl siding repair when necessary.

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If the exterior of your residential or commercial building is in rough shape, we'll get it fixed up effectively and efficiently with the right strategy for siding repair. Dallas property owners can count on the expert team of repair and improvement professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for excellent craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

How Our Experienced Team Handles Siding Repair Services

As the first line of defense against numerous damaging elements that come flying at your house on a regular basis, cladding really takes a lot of abuse over the years, so it's not that surprising that it needs the occasional siding repair. Dallas homeowners usually aren't excited to discover they need fiber cement siding repair, but there are some notable benefits to having your exterior in excellent shape, including an increase in energy savings and less risk of the homeowner's worst enemy, water damage.

When it comes to the method of siding repair, Dallas professionals at Mr. Handyman will need to assess the nature and extent of the damage on your current siding, along with the exact type of siding, before coming up with an experienced plan to get your exterior cladding restored to attractive, durable, long-lasting condition with siding repair. Dallas homeowners can trust our team to show up on time for their appointment and get the work done correctly without cutting corners. We have the experience and skill to take care of the entire process from beginning to end.


If your building exterior is suffering from major problems like large holes or cracks, loose siding sections, or pieces that are missing altogether, there are a couple of possible approaches. Siding patches may be a good way to go, depending on how big the damaged area is, but in most instances of major damage, the best way to handle wood siding repair is by removing the damaged portions and replacing them with new panels or segments of cladding. If ignored, it could lead to structural damage, including foundation cracks, and you may end up with a replacement service.


Minor damage is a lot easier to ignore, but it would be a mistake to let it go without siding repair. Dallas can have unpredictable weather, and the more those damaged areas are battered by wind, rain, sun exposure, and humidity, the faster the deterioration will accelerate. Caulking is generally the best way to address small holes, gaps, and cracks that would otherwise let moisture in and cause serious problems. Depending on the type of material, our siding repair professionals may also choose to fill holes with putty or epoxy. These minor repairs do a great job of stopping moisture penetration and keeping your home energy efficient.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Siding Repair, Dallas

When it's time for expertly-done siding repair, Dallas commercial and residential property owners can rely on the professional team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for experienced service that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. Our team members undergo an extensive screening process that includes a background check program, so you can rest assured that they will behave courteously and professionally at all times.

Along with siding repair, we offer a wide range of repair, maintenance, installation, and improvement services for home and business owners alike, such as new siding installation, fence installation, ceiling repair, soffit and fascia board repair, window replacement, and much more. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our handyman services or to book an appointment or consultation.

Frequently Asked Damaged Siding Repair Questions


Your cladding is meant to hold up under a lot of damaging conditions, but of course it's not totally immune to damage and will eventually need siding repair. Dallas homeowners who are aware of the key causes of damage can take preventative steps to avoid it and maintain their home's energy efficiency. Here are some common issues that lead to siding repair:

  • Harsh weather like hail
  • Impact damage from falling branches or careless ladder use
  • Nail holes
  • Faulty installation
  • Contraction and expansion from fluctuating temperatures
  • Moisture damage such as mold, mildew, and wood rot
  • Insect infestations of beetles, termites, and carpenter ants
  • Wildlife damage
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Old age

When hiring a skilled handyman for annual maintenance and inspection, you’ll prevent the risk of extensive damage that would otherwise lead to structural issues in your home. However, if your current cladding system is over 25 years old, it may be time for a siding replacement.


When you notice unusual noises like rattling or thumping, it's sometimes caused by a loose segment of cladding that is flapping in the wind and bumping against the house. But it can also be the result of a faulty installation. If the panels are fastened on too tight, they don't have room to move as the building normally shifts and settles or the material itself expands and contracts with temperature changes. That can cause the panels to grind into each other and crack, as well as make those unsettling noises.

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If you live in Dallas or a nearby city of Northern Texas like Rose Hill, Highland Park, or Mesquite, trust the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for all your maintenance, repair, installation, and improvement needs.

Our friendly customer service representatives can be reached to schedule a convenient time for an appointment or to find out more about the reliable handyman services we offer. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered the number one choice in Dallas for trusted home services.

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