There's no doubt that your exterior siding is a big part of your home's curb appeal—or at least it should be. If it's covered in dents, holes, cracks, dings, stains, or even missing sections, it's definitely not doing its part to maintain that appeal and needs help from a professional Dallas handyman who is well-versed in siding repair. Dallas property owners should note that it's certainly not all about appearances, though. Your siding is like armor for your house, shielding it from harsh weather, wildlife attacks, moisture incursion, pest infestations, energy loss, and much more. It essentially helps support the structural integrity of the whole building. That's why it's so important to invest in fiber cement or vinyl siding repair when necessary.

Mr. Handyman technician explaining siding repair options to homeowner in Dallas, TX

If the exterior of your residential or commercial building is in rough shape, we'll get it fixed up effectively and efficiently with the right strategy for siding repair. Dallas property owners can count on the expert team of repair and improvement professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for excellent craftsmanship and outstanding customer service.

How Our Experienced Team Handles Siding Repair Services

As the first line of defense against numerous damaging elements that come flying at your house on a regular basis, cladding really takes a lot of abuse over the years, so it's not that surprising that it needs the occasional siding repair. Dallas homeowners usually aren't excited to discover they need fiber cement siding repair, but there are some notable benefits to having your exterior in excellent shape, including an increase in energy savings and less risk of the homeowner's worst enemy, water damage.

When it comes to the method of siding repair, Dallas professionals at Mr. Handyman will need to assess the nature and extent of the damage on your current siding, along with the exact type of siding, before coming up with an experienced plan to get your exterior cladding restored to attractive, durable, long-lasting condition with siding repair. Dallas homeowners can trust our team to show up on time for their appointment and get the work done correctly without cutting corners. We have the experience and skill to take care of the entire process from beginning to end.


If your building exterior is suffering from major problems like large holes or cracks, loose siding sections, or pieces that are missing altogether, there are a couple of possible approaches. Siding patches may be a good way to go, depending on how big the damaged area is, but in most instances of major damage, the best way to handle wood siding repair is by removing the damaged portions and replacing them with new panels or segments of cladding. If ignored, it could lead to structural damage, including foundation cracks, and you may end up with a replacement service.


Minor damage is a lot easier to ignore, but it would be a mistake to let it go without siding repair. Dallas can have unpredictable weather, and the more those damaged areas are battered by wind, rain, sun exposure, and humidity, the faster the deterioration will accelerate. Caulking is generally the best way to address small holes, gaps, and cracks that would otherwise let moisture in and cause serious problems. Depending on the type of material, our siding repair professionals may also choose to fill holes with putty or epoxy. These minor repairs do a great job of stopping moisture penetration and keeping your home energy efficient.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Siding Repair, Dallas

When it's time for expertly-done siding repair, Dallas commercial and residential property owners can rely on the professional team at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for experienced service that meets or exceeds the highest industry standards. Our team members undergo an extensive screening process that includes a background check program, so you can rest assured that they will behave courteously and professionally at all times.

Along with siding repair, we offer a wide range of repair, maintenance, installation, and improvement services for home and business owners alike, such as new siding installation, fence installation, ceiling repair, soffit and fascia board repair, window replacement, and much more. Get in contact with us today to find out more about our handyman services or to book an appointment or consultation.

Frequently Asked Damaged Siding Repair Questions


Your cladding is meant to hold up under a lot of damaging conditions, but of course it's not totally immune to damage and will eventually need siding repair. Dallas homeowners who are aware of the key causes of damage can take preventative steps to avoid it and maintain their home's energy efficiency. Here are some common issues that lead to siding repair:

  • Harsh weather like hail
  • Impact damage from falling branches or careless ladder use
  • Nail holes
  • Faulty installation
  • Contraction and expansion from fluctuating temperatures
  • Moisture damage such as mold, mildew, and wood rot
  • Insect infestations of beetles, termites, and carpenter ants
  • Wildlife damage
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Old age

When hiring a skilled handyman for annual maintenance and inspection, you’ll prevent the risk of extensive damage that would otherwise lead to structural issues in your home. However, if your current cladding system is over 25 years old, it may be time for a siding replacement.


When you notice unusual noises like rattling or thumping, it's sometimes caused by a loose segment of cladding that is flapping in the wind and bumping against the house. But it can also be the result of a faulty installation. If the panels are fastened on too tight, they don't have room to move as the building normally shifts and settles or the material itself expands and contracts with temperature changes. That can cause the panels to grind into each other and crack, as well as make those unsettling noises.

Does Your Property Need Metal Or Cedar Siding Repair? Dallas Can Count On Mr. Handyman

If you live in Dallas or a nearby city of Northern Texas like Rose Hill, Highland Park, or Mesquite, trust the team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for all your maintenance, repair, installation, and improvement needs.

Our friendly customer service representatives can be reached to schedule a convenient time for an appointment or to find out more about the reliable handyman services we offer. We look forward to the opportunity to show you why we're considered the number one choice in Dallas for trusted home services.

Soffit Repair Dallas, TX

When you envision your home’s roofline, you’re likely conjuring up an image of the shingles and gutters, almost unaware that your roof system is an interconnected set of parts from the fascia and soffit boards to its deck and underlayment and more. Apart from these components, once strung together, they are aesthetically appealing and boost your home’s curb appeal. They also serve a functional purpose for your roof. Altogether, these many components work to shield your home from costly and permanent water damage while allowing for better air circulation for your house through improved ventilation. Soffits, in particular, are found underneath the roof’s eaves and are responsible for preventing damage from local weather conditions and the aftermath of lingering moisture, including mold and mildew, which would otherwise result in rotting wood. But don’t fret; you can rely on Mr. Handyman for expert soffit repair in Dallas, TX.

If your roofline needs ventilation, it may be about time to ask an experienced and fully insured Dallas handyman for a professional soffit repair. Dallas residents will discover that our locally owned and operated business boasts an impressive track record, having served Dallas and nearby areas of Addison, Balch Springs, or Carrollton for nearly 16 years. 

Our expert and experienced team members are well-equipped with the skillset, tactic, and know-how for handyman tasks, including Dallas soffit repairs. We only offer superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and outstanding customer satisfaction. We always advocate for our clients as we actively listen to their viewpoints to offer authentic and effective solutions. We invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

About Our Soffit Repair in Dallas, TX 

As a protective mechanism, soffits are mandatory structures that help protect your roof edge from the elements. Working together with the soffits, both systems help distribute air in the attic and prevent moisture issues from occurring. Your soffit also regulates your home’s temperature by allowing colder, dry air in through the roof’s underside vent and releasing hot, moist air via the roof’s exhaust vents. For example, if there’s no soffit venting, the roof’s ridge vent itself is unable to redirect and pull air from the opposite side, making your roof more susceptible to the backlash of weather precipitation, including rain and snow. And so, soffits are failsafe and need to provide proper ventilation, allowing for an adequate supply of airflow for your roofline. As a type of insulation for your roof, soffits offer numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Better indoor air circulation and improved air quality
  • Prevention of costly and permanent moisture damage, including mold and mildew from weather elements
  • Protecting against wood rot
  • Warding off a pest and rodent infestation (It’s common for squirrels, mice, birds, and insects such as beads to make your soffit enclosure a breeding ground for their nest)
  • Preventing the possibility of flooding in your attic
  • Boosted energy efficiency and lowered monthly utility bills 

If you’ve noticed any hairline cracks, holes, peeling paint, or gaps beneath your roof’s eaves or find that the soffit is sagging and pulling away from the roofline, it may be about time for a soffit repair. Dallas, TX residents who are keen on the proper upkeep of their roof’s underside, including participating in routine maintenance through an annual professional inspection of their roofline, will slim to none ever require a soffit repair. Dallas, TX homeowners will sometimes find a Dallas soffit repair is more cost-effective than getting a brand new soffit replacement as it only requires tweaking loose nuts and bolts from loose fasteners to boards. For example, a decaying roof underside will need to be manually removed for a soffit repair, Dallas TX property owners must note an expert handyman will remove the waterlogged boards and proceed accordingly for a Dallas soffit repair.

What Our Dallas Soffit Repair Service Means 

Types Of Soffits Designs We Repair

Solid: The most entry-level option for a soffit repair is a solid soffit, which is a flat panel used to cover the exposed area with a smooth enclosure. They are ideal for preventing moist air from infiltrating your attic, resulting in condensation and the development of mold. Because they are solid, they do not have the perforated porous texture and do not allow for optimal air circulation. And so these soffits are best reserved for more discrete or narrow roof eaves or for ventilating a large attic. Plus, specific materials such as wood are more susceptible to water and moisture damage and require more frequent maintenance.

Vented: A more popular request by modern homeowners is a vented soffit, as it’s a more versatile material that has perforations or tiny holes that allow air to easily travel in and out of your attic. As a result, vented soffits are better suited to mitigate airflow and can unleash any trapped heat from indoors. This is because vented soffits are allowed to circulate airflow without allowing excessive moisture to accumulate in your home’s attic, allowing for a more breathable house interior. A vented soffit thereby better shields your roofline by improving air circulation by managing any trapped heat within your house, which would normally cause your shingles to deteriorate and ice dams to crop up during winter, resulting in leakages. The only downside is that the vented soffit doesn’t bode well in heavy amounts of pressure, including gusty winds, and can potentially collapse and require a Dallas soffit repair.

Hollow: These are an upgrade from just solid, flat soffit boards as a hollow soffit is lightweight, and its tongue and groove design makes them easy to install at the appropriate angle beneath your fascia board. They serve the same sole purpose of drawing out heat and moisture away from your home to reduce the likelihood of mold spreading like rapid fire to other parts of the roof, resulting in rot and poor indoor air quality. Hollow soffits are more affordable and great for preventing pests from invading through your gutters and nestling in your attic, given their versatile shape.

Types Of Soffits Material We Repair and Replace

Not only are there different types of soffit designs, but also a wide range of material types that serve as a finishing material and are installed underneath your roof’s overhang, including the following: 

Wood: One of the most common requests for a property owner, given its rustic appeal, is a wood soffit usually made of unsanded and sanded grades of plywood. Although it’s an inexpensive material to install upfront, it can be a hassle to perform maintenance as it can easily rot if exposed to moisture, leading to a costly soffit repair. Dallas, TX, clients should note that it is also more vulnerable to a pest infestation and is more flammable. As a wood material, you must apply a varnish or stain or fresh coat of paint occasionally to prevent wood rot, too. If you outright ignore this chore, don’t be surprised to need much more than the usual Dallas soffit repair. 

Vinyl: Vinyl is great for energy efficiency and insulation as it ensures more streamlined airflow in the attic and better controlled indoor temperature levels in attic spaces. It’s the more affordable and durable option, and as a plastic-based material, vinyl bodes well in moisture-prone environments and can handle fluctuating temperatures. Plus, it doesn’t crack, chip, or rot away and, overall, is low-key for maintenance purposes. There are some downsides, however; for example, installation is more difficult as it’s time-consuming to cut, bend, and shape the plastic material for the roofline. Plus, when exposed to direct sunlight, the plastic can become brittle in texture and discolor, and although wood rot may not be an issue, mold can still crop up if the surface is not cleaned of accumulated debris.

Aluminum: Another strong and durable option as a metal-based material, aluminum soffit allows for more directed air movement through your roof’s eaves and rafters. It’s another low-maintenance material that is good for warding off pests, is more waterproof, bodes well in moist and humid conditions, handles fluctuating temperatures well, and can withstand heavy amounts of pressure. Plus, it’s more eco-friendly compared to vinyl soffits. However, the only things to be aware of are that it’s more expensive, can still potentially bend into wayward shapes, and doesn’t have the best insulation ability. Also, you can overlook maintenance, including cleaning and clearing off any residue, as it can quickly result in discolored rust and corrosion. This will not only weaken the structural integrity of your roof’s underside but also result in potential leaks and an eventual Dallas soffit repair.

Fiber Cement: By far, fiber cement is increasingly becoming the adopted choice among Dallas homeowners as it’s durable, affordable, and neutral in terms of routine maintenance. The fiber cement consists of sand, portland cement, silica, and cellulose fiber, allowing for its robustness. A fiber cement soffit can handle fluctuating temperatures, including scathing precipitation from rain, wind, and hail, withstand heavy amounts of pressure, and bodes well in moisture-prone areas so it won’t warp, rot, or bend, unlike its counterparts. It can also ward off any pest invasion or stop mold from cropping up too. Of course, fiber cement is not foolproof and still requires some sort of maintenance, plus it can be difficult to install. It has other disadvantages, too, as it tends to absorb moisture and, as a result, can break, crack, and shrink. It is not as energy efficient, nor is it an environmentally friendly material.

Why We Are The Desirable Choice For Soffit Repair in Dallas, TX

A roofline’s soffit is the frontline defense as it guards your house against local climate conditions by sitting underneath your eaves and allowing for improved air circulation whilst preventing water and moisture damage. When you need a professional soffit repair in Dallas, you can rely on our trustworthy team members to conduct a thorough inspection of your roofline before suggesting the best course of action. Our team will arrive uniformed and prompt and can even accommodate your busy schedule. Upon completion of your soffit repair, we always clean up after ourselves and discard any rubble at the proper facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Soffit Repair in Dallas, TX

Can You Put a New Soffit Over The Old One? 

Usually, yes–this is doable depending on the condition of the original fascia and soffits. For example, the original timber of the previous soffit must be in good condition, including no rot whatsoever, for it to be covered up with additional cladding. If this is not the case, you would have to remove the rotted or rusted area of the old roof underside before proceeding with a Dallas soffit repair service. 

Why Is My Soffit Rotting? 

Constant exposure to harsh local weather conditions will cause your roof’s underside to deteriorate; there are other reasons that serve as the aftermath of water and moisture damage. Oftentimes, a roof’s underside rots away due to being exposed to leakages, which are the result of a busted gutter. The water from the drain trickles and drips into not only the gutter’s troughs but also the connected soffit boards. If this isn’t the main culprit for rot, it can also be due to pests, insects, and rodents chewing away the material. 

How Do You Fill Gaps In A Soffit? 

Typically, a gap in between the soffit can be solved by inserting a piece of galvanized steel mesh to prevent any water from trickling in or animals from biting and nesting inside. The mesh piece is then upheld and sealed to the roof’s underside by using silicone caulking to create an airtight seal holding the mesh in place. By relying on an expert for a soffit repair, Dallas, TX, homeowners will find they will be very careful not to accidentally caulk the bottom edges and joints of the fascia and soffit boards as this would otherwise trap and ensnare any water flowing in from the gutters.

Armor Your Humble Abode With A Mr. Handyman Approved Soffit Repair in Dallas, TX

Nobody wants to feel uneasy about the sturdiness of their home’s roof and risk it from caving in on them, so it’s best to be proactive and get your soffits fixed with a Dallas soffit repair. Dallas, TX, residents can expect their Dallas handyman to tackle any soffit repair, no matter the feat, due to clogged gutters, an improper drip edge, insect or rodent infestation, wind damage, wood rot, and more. 

Whether you’re in Dallas or nearby areas, feel free to contact one of our courteous customer service representatives, who will book your service appointment and gladly inform you more about our other residential and commercial services for exterior home renovation, from siding repair to gutter installation and deck replacement as they sincerely await your response.

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