You settle down next to the window to enjoy a warm beverage on a winter's day—and then immediately get up and move somewhere else because there's an uncomfortable cold draft coming through the glass or frame. That's not only uncomfortable for your household, it's also a sure sign that you are paying a lot more than necessary on your monthly utility bills. You can avoid those unpleasant consequences by calling your local Dallas handyman for expert Dallas window replacement service.

A large window inside a home with two casement sections on either side after it has been installed with professional services for window replacement in Dallas, TX.

Want to save money and improve the indoor comfort of your home, as well as protect it from moisture damage? Rely on the team of window replacement experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. We have the skill, expertise and equipment to get all your home repair and installation projects taken care of effectively and efficiently.

About Our Reliable Dallas Window Replacement Services

If you've seen (or felt) some of the tell-tale signs that indicate your property is due for window replacement in Dallas, TX, the professionals at Mr. Handyman are the right people to call. There are a wide variety of options for replacement windows, including different styles and features such as double-hung sashes or muntins and mullions, and it can be lots of fun to browse through the potential choices. But aside from appearance and function concerns, homeowners and business owners should give some thought to whether they want a full-frame installation or a pocket replacement.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

As the name suggests, a full-frame replacement is when your handyman removes your old unit entirely, including glass, sashes and frame, so there's only a rough opening in your exterior wall left behind. We'll then install a new package unit that includes all those components, caulk around the edges to ensure it is air and water-tight, and install trim around your unit on the interior and exterior to complete the installation. There are many options available for a full-frame package installation, so if you are interested in upgrading with a new style or look, full-frame is likely your best choice.

Pocket Window Replacement

The other option is a pocket replacement. This is only a viable choice if the existing frame is in great shape and not "out of square." It involves leaving the frame in place and removing the panes and sashes. A replacement glass and sash unit is then installed into your old frame.

Pocket replacement is generally less costly than a full-frame installation, but it does have a downside that some homeowners can't live with—they reduce the amount of visible glass by as much as two or three inches. If you don't like the thought of smaller window panes, pocket replacement isn't the right option for you. But if you'd like to get one troublesome window replaced and keep costs down, it's a solid choice.

Count On Mr. Handyman for Window Replacement in Dallas, TX

When it's time for residential or commercial window replacement, Dallas, TX property owners can depend on the team of trusted professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for comprehensive service and customer care that goes above and beyond.

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Do I Actually Need Window Replacement, or Just Repair Services?

A handyman from Mr. handyman repairing the mechanism of casement window using a screwdriver.

This is a common question, and it's a good one to ask—after all, you don't want to throw the baby out with the bathwater and get a total replacement if you just need some repair help from an experienced Dallas handyman. On the other hand, you really don't want to waste time and money fooling around with repairs that simply aren't sufficient to address the full scope of the problem.

Many people assume that window repair will be easier, and therefore faster and less expensive. However, that's not always the case. If there's widespread or serious damage, or the damaged component happens to be prohibitively difficult to repair, window replacement is likely going to be the more cost-effective option and will definitely give you the best results.

You Need Repair Services If...

  • Torn or damaged screens are letting in insects
  • It's difficult to open or close the unit because of rusty hinges, paint build-up, or a damaged sash
  • You can hear a lot of noise from outside even when it's shut
  • Caulk is visibly peeling off
  • There's peeling paint or flaking stain on frames and sills

You Need Window Replacement If...

  • You've got broken glass (though it may be possible to replace just the glass and not the whole unit)
  • Wooden components are softened and crumbling apart from wood rot
  • Visible water leaks coming through the frame, or signs of water damage around the unit
  • You still have old, single-pane windows installed
  • You want to change the style, size, or general appearance of your windows

Can Dallas Window Replacement Decrease My Energy Costs?

Yes, it certainly can. How much energy savings you are able to net will depend on factors such as how deteriorated your current units are and what exactly is wrong with them, but generally speaking, you can expect Dallas window replacement to make your home more energy efficient.

Basically, new double-pane windows that are in great condition and have been properly installed and caulked offer far superior protection against heat gain and heat loss. Because that thermal energy transfer is no longer taking place as much as it did through your old, damaged units, your HVAC system doesn't have to operate as frequently and can turn off after a shorter period of time. Since it doesn't need to use as much fuel, those savings are reflected in your energy bills.

Mr. Handyman is Your Local Dallas Window Replacement Expert

If you live in University Park, Sachse, Rose Hill or another nearby part of the Dallas Metroplex, look no further than the professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas for experienced, reliable handyman services such as window replacement. Contact our friendly customer service staff today to learn more about what we can do for your property, or to schedule an appointment.

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