As one of Denver’s largest suburbs with a population of 113,000, Westminster offers its residents a dense suburban vibe with many recreational activities that attract both young professionals and families to settle and buy homes. In fact, over 65 percent of Westminster’s residents own their properties which means that they are responsible for seasonal home maintenance and repairs. For all that work, you can always rely on your Westminster handyman.

Whether you're only just getting to know your new home or have already known it for many years, you will always discover areas that require work, from cosmetic issues like hairline cracks in drywall to damaged or clogged gutter downspouts. While you are already at spring cleaning in the interior, we recommend that you tackle specific areas on the outside of your property. Not only is your yard recovering during snowmelt, but your siding and gutters might also be covered in grime and acidic bird droppings. During your inspection, we suggest that you also check for cracks and gaps as extreme cold temperatures are capable of causing foundation cracks that could lead to major problems.

We understand if you have a busy weekly routine which includes getting up early to beat traffic or running errands when you have a spare minute. By the time weekend is around the corner, you likely want to start a cozy fire to wind down without having to think about spring cleaning or maintenance duties. Wait, did we just mention spring? Colorado's rainless period is nearing an end; you might want to check your gutters for bird nests or damage. Don't worry if you are not equipped with an inspected ladder or a gutter scoop; count on your local Westminster handyman from Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie, to bring all the necessary tools! Our team is dedicated to providing you with quality workmanship and customer service that exceeds your expectations. Every service provider on our team has passed a background check and drug screen and brings many years of experience in home maintenance, repair, and improvement services.

Maintenance Services from a Handyman in Westminster, CO

You require trusted Westminster handyman maintenance services just about any time of the year and not only for seasonal jobs—whether due to unforeseen circumstances like accidentally punching a hole in your drywall with furniture or interior trim damage that calls for repair or replacement. Your Westminster handyman has the tools and expertise to get these issues out of your way before they deteriorate and cause further damage.

Whether you just started your spring cleaning or are preparing your home for the fall but don't want to miss any important details, trust your local handyman. Westminster, CO, property owners can rely on Mr. Handyman to meet their needs all year round.


You probably haven't met anyone who loves to clean their gutters, but how can you blame them? It is a grimy task and often requires you to remove a poor bird's nest to save your home's structural integrity. If you don't remember the last time you had a gutter cleaning service, now is the time. We recommend that DIY cleaners take their ladders in for inspection, as most jurisdictions require that for health and safety. Otherwise, you could lose insurance coverage in case of an accident. Additionally, we don't recommend homeowners use a pressure washer if they are not familiar with the psi settings or haven't thoroughly inspected their gutters' condition.

The majority of Westminster homes likely have aluminum gutters, which are weather-resistant and rust-proof if sealed correctly. On the other hand, some do have vinyl and other plastic types that could crack, warp and break and wouldn't be able to handle ice dams if you ever experience any. If you're unsure of your material type, your Westminster handyman is happy to help you out.

Ensure your gutter and downspout are clog-free and in shape before the rainy month of May begins. Otherwise, you may find yourself needing gutter repair or replacement.


If there is one thing you would like to have ready for the spring and summer, it would be a deck—preferably equipped with a little fireplace or another unique feature! Whether you’re planning a deck installation or need your existing one treated with some TLC and improvements, our expert service professionals can help. We have taken on a great variety of projects in the past and know all the details and tips, from choosing the right material to efficiently installing your dream deck.

As a dedicated mountain lover, you certainly have lots of wooden material at home that defines your down-to-earth lifestyle. Besides your traditional wood-based deck, there are other materials that you can use to suit budgets or needs. But we all agree that durability and insect resistance are the top qualities for Westminster standards—and the less repair it needs, the better! Some common material types include:

  • Pressure-treated wood: This is the most common type. The wood is injected with a moisture-resistant and bug-deterrent preservative during production.
  • Cedar: Do you love the smell of fresh pine? Cedar is naturally weather-resistant without needing to be stained or sealed, but we still recommend sealing it if you want the natural colors to last.
  • Composite: Composite is made of a blend of wood fibers, plastic materials, and other additives to create durability and resilience. This type requires the least amount of maintenance and can last up to 30 years.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl may be a cost-effective option in terms of material, but installation may cost more. It's also not biodegradable and needs to be appropriately disposed of. High-quality vinyl is crack and rot-resistant and can also resist damage from UV rays.

Pro Tip: During your deck installation, it’s important to remember that most types of hardware only correspond with certain materials. Therefore, the material of fasteners and anchors have to be compatible with the deck material. You can never go wrong with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. As for the examples mentioned above, stainless steel is compatible with pressure-treated wood, while aluminum is only compatible with cedar and composite.

Common deck maintenance tasks include:

  • Replacing rotten boards
  • Fixing or replacing loose railings
  • Installing footings
  • Replacing stairs
  • Fixing screens and windows
  • Staining, painting, and refinishing
  • Pressure washing

A patio in a backyard before and after a raised deck has been installed by Mr. Handyman.

Westminster Handyman: Repair Services

Despite your diligence in maintaining your home, you can't always be on top of everything, especially if wear and tear is part of the issue and you have to debate whether or not to temporarily fix it or replace it entirely. Needing minor repairs from time to time is very normal and can help prevent existing issues from deteriorating faster, but it's not always easy to determine how serious the issues are until you have consulted your local handyman. Westminster, CO, homes are built to last, but if your property has suffered from some winter or moisture damage, it's important to have a certified professional inspect it in greater detail. This way, you'll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that we'll help you weigh out the pros and cons of repair projects and replacement options.


Drywall damage could start with a harmless hairline crack and develop into a serious vertical foundation crack if you experience severe soil shifting. Luckily, Colorado has heavy clay, unlike other states. This makes home settling less of an issue for newer houses, so foundation cracks on drywall and siding are often minor—but may still need a foundation specialist's inspection and a Westminster handyman's expertise for drywall repair services.

When drywall became popular in the mid-20th century, many homebuilders switched to it, praising its cost-effectiveness and easy installation process. Drywall is made of wallboard panels that consist of gypsum plaster layers sandwiched between two layers of durable paper. Its core is made out of foaming agents, fibers, and ground gypsum crystals, along with other additives. It's lightweight, quick to install, and fire-resistant, with an average thickness of 1/2 inch (5/8 inch is the thickest).

Other than cracks and holes, water damage is a serious issue that always calls for replacement. If you have recently undergone a leak triggered by the weather or your plumbing, count on your local handyman. Westminster, CO, homes deserve safe, energy-efficient walls. Our team can provide every service you need to make wall or ceiling damage disappear without leaving any mess behind.


These are the Latin and French names for the parts of your roof’s structure closest to the gutters. Your soffit is an essential part of your roof eave that helps reduce moisture and condensation. It ventilates your attic and helps with airflow, so your home stays dry. Damage in your gutter system or fascia will also impact your soffit requiring soffit and fascia repair.

Your fascia is a horizontal board that connects to your roof rafter’s end and supports your overall gutter system. It also creates a barrier between the outside elements and inside your roof. If you notice rotting wood or peeling paint on your fascia, you likely require repair. During the rainy period, your fascia is highly susceptible to moisture damage.

This is why it’s important to maintain a clean gutter system. When you have clogged gutters, the water has nowhere to go and will overflow and cause water damage to your soffit and fascia and compromise your roof’s overall health. You may notice condensation or moisture damage in your attic, but it could potentially get worse by attracting rodents and pests into your home. If you have foundational problems like cracks in your siding, the rainwater running down your home will seep through the cracks of your siding and eventually damage your interior walls. If not dealt with right away, it will severely impact your home’s insulation system and structural integrity.


Mr. Handyman provides Westminster handyman services for all the following areas and more:

Commercial Westminster Handyman Services

We are your most versatile handyman; Westminster, CO, property owners can trust that our skilled professionals have the expertise and experience to get the job done fast and efficiently. Our top priority is to help you keep your business property safe, so you can comfortably focus on work and help your company thrive without having to worry about maintenance chores taking up too much of your time.

As a hard-working business owner, you want to create a healthy work environment for your employees, visitors, and business partners. Wear and tear are extremely common in public and commercial spaces. If you don't have an appointed building manager to take note of maintenance and repair needs, you can count on our experts at Mr. Handyman. Westminster, CO businesses can benefit from these commercial handyman services:

  • Drywall, ceiling, and floor inspection/repairs
  • Window and door repairs
  • Automatic door installation
  • Doorknob and lock installation/replacement
  • Ceiling fan installation/repair
  • Installation of carbon monoxide detectors
  • Custom cabinets
  • Professional carpentry services
  • Furniture assembly/installation

Whether you operate a financial institution, healthcare facility, hotel, or shopping mall, rely on your local Westminster handyman service provider to quickly and efficiently cross out any larger projects that will eliminate the need for inconvenient future repairs. Your team at Mr. Handyman is licensed and insured, always following local safety guidelines.

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If you're ready to schedule an appointment for professional handyman services, our team is here to help. Give us a call today to learn more about our handyman services or chat with our friendly customer service reps about any projects that you have in mind! Whether you’re in Westminster or another nearby area like Broomfield or Superior, we are ready to help.