Here’s Why You Need Custom Cabinets For Your Boulder Home

A bathroom or kitchen remodel aims to upgrade old furniture and plumbing fixtures. Or, if you move into a new empty home, you will want to fill it with extraordinary furniture that stands out and will sweep people off their feet. Don’t mind the others who are bragging about their IKEA or other commercial cabinets. While they are cost-effective and simple to assemble and arrange, you don’t want your home’s interior to mirror any other. Custom cabinets will make a huge difference in terms of space utilization and personalization.

Custom carpentry will meet your design needs, whereas stock items don’t conform to your bathroom or kitchen’s arrangement. You definitely don’t want to break down a wall just to fit a newly purchased commercial cabinet that doesn’t fit in the spot you originally planned to install it.

Imagine you had consulted a carpenter instead who would have taken the exact measurements and asked you your color and wood type preference. You probably wouldn’t even think custom cabinets existed, and if yes, where would you find such a skilled carpenter to do that job? With an average of 10 years of experience, our Boulder handyman technicians at Mr. Handymanare expert carpenters and furniture builders.

Are Boulder Custom Cabinets Worth The Price?

The idea of custom cabinets is to give you the freedom to be creative while fully dedicated to making your home look and feel unique. Custom cabinets are personalized in your desired size, color and wood type.

Prefab & Stock Disadvantages

Preassembled and stock are affordable for your standard kitchen or bathroom, but they’re not created equal. Certainly, don’t add that touch of personality that expresses how you feel about your Boulder home. In many cases, it’s obvious to the naked eye that prefabricated products lack quality material.

Commercial furniture companies focus on mass production, which means they make affordable furniture for most homeowners. Still, when looking closely at the material, you will notice that it’s mainly particle boards (chipboards). In short, it’s made of waste wood products mixed with sawdust and adhesive. While they still serve their purpose, they’re not durable and can swell and deteriorate when exposed to water. They’re commonly used as underlayment and substrate but not recommended for custom cabinets or other high purpose furniture. Unfortunately, this does happen when companies source their material from countries that provide low-quality products.

It’s highly likely the accompanying materials, such as hinges, screws and handles aren’t of quality metal either. You will be able to tell if they are sensitive to moisture and start to corrode in less than a year. Not knowing where your furniture comes from and who made it, you won’t be able to tell what kind of additives and chemicals were used to manufacture it.

Custom Cabinets - Wood Sourcing

Full custom cabinets to fit an entire kitchen or bathroom can be expensive depending on which wood species and furniture look you choose. If preferred, you can also opt for semi-custom cabinets, which are partly preassembled and let you add some minor customization related to size, color and finish. Kitchen remodeling is a handful but worth the effort if you have custom cabinets that fit perfectly in every corner of the room.

The joys of Boulder custom cabinets are that your certified carpenter at Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie will be transparent with you about wood sourcing. We will also introduce eco-friendly options by connecting you with your local lumber. What’s more unique than using locally sourced wood to make custom cabinets and other items?

The benefit here is that instead of paying any import fees, you’re supporting local businesses and are paying for quality products. You know for a fact that you’re using sustainable wood that has been responsibly harvested. We read labels carefully because we want to know where our food comes from, and you get this transparency by choosing custom cabinets from our local Boulder carpenters.

The Beauty of Custom Carpentry

One of the biggest advantages of custom woodwork is that you have someone that listens carefully to your needs and can physically be present and inspect the area for which you need custom cabinets and other custom carpentry projects. Our skilled carpenters are precise and thorough, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Boulder homes are special, if not quirky and very personalized in some cases where ceilings and walls don’t adhere to standard styles, and you might lack the space for pre assembled cabinets and other pieces of furniture. Your expert Boulder carpenter will ensure that every detail of your desired product will fit and make your home unique. No more shopping around for readymade furniture. If you are willing to wait a little longer for personalized goodness, you can rely on our expert technicians to deliver your product in a timely manner, including installation.

Free to Personalize

Custom woodwork can give you something to be proud of because it’s tailored to your preferences. Your carpenter will also take special requests, for example, build in a hidden layer inside your custom cabinet to hide and lock away valuables.

Adds Extra Value

If you plan to sell your home and it comes with customized woodwork installed, your buyer will most likely see the added value and not ask to drop the price. It’s an ROI that makes you happy and boosts your home’s market value.

Perfect Fit

Choose your own dimensions, colors and material. If you have any awkwardly shaped ceilings and walls, your skilled local Boulder carpenter only needs to take the required measurements and get down to work.

First-Class Craftsmanship

Whether it’s custom cabinets or other carpentry projects, skilled carpenters take their work very seriously. They’re no machine, and they’re not just creating anything that will end up on retail shelves. They’re designing it with your requests in mind.

Solid Woodwork & Sustainability

When working with high-quality material, precision is key. As we make sure where our material comes from, you can trust us that it’s genuine, and we will show it to you on paper. Colorado is renowned for supplying quality lumber to its people, focusing on interior hardwoods.

Some of Colorado’s natives include:

  • American Elm

  • Apple

  • Black Locust

  • Black Walnut

They’re also named domestic hardwood, referring to North America’s deciduous trees (which means they shed their leaves in the winter). They’re tough, durable and resistant to splitting.


Unlike prefab, our Boulder carpenters ensure that any quality material used is protected accordingly with the correct finishing. To add extra protection, it helps to make them weather resistant. Waterborne UV finishes are popular among quality finishes.

When you hire us to enhance your living space, you can rest assured that we only offer upfront pricing with no overtime charge. We thoroughly communicate all working steps with our clients and ensure quality workmanship, supported by our done right guarantee.

What Are The Common Boulder Custom Cabinet Types?

Handcrafted goods are always special for homeowners as it adds personalized value, and knowing that it’s one of a kind, you won’t ever have to worry about someone else owning the same thing. Before you choose a custom cabinet, it’s worth learning about the types and styles to get a better idea of what you want.

  • Flat & slab: Flat panels are popular for modern minimalist homes and are easier to build because they don’t require trim work like other types.

  • Traditional: This type usually has decorative trims (also called crown molding) and is common for tall versions.

  • Shaker: Shaker has aesthetic appeal. They’re often characterized by their recessed panel doors and have a cope-and-stick design.

  • Louvered: This creates a unique farmhouse vibe with its horizontally fixed wood slats. It’s a common design for windows and doors but serves as a beautiful design for custom cabinets in Boulder homes.

  • Beadboard: Beadboard is a pattern of vertical slats which remind you of cottage-style homes, creating a rustic environment.


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