Pulling up into your driveway day after day gives you a chance to examine the condition of your home’s exterior. If you’ve noticed crumbling, peeling, or damaged trim, you’ve likely been considering Boulder trim repair. Because trim is a utility feature and not just a design feature, it plays an important role in keeping your home free from water damage, pest invasion, and compromised energy efficiency. The final touch that serves as a protective cover for your siding and windows helps deter moisture from entering your home.

As you can imagine, if your wooden window trim or vinyl siding trim becomes damaged, there’s a good chance your home will be put at risk. Your indoor humidity levels may rise along with your energy bill, and you may begin to notice wet patches on your drywall, indoor wood rot, and the appearance of insects. Stop these pesky problems in their tracks by calling your Boulder handyman.

At Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield and Erie, we offer a thorough repair service that will address any and all issues related to your trim. Keep reading to discover more about our Boulder trim repair service, or give our friendly customer care team a call today.

About Our Boulder Trim Repair Services

While interior and exterior trim repairs are handled in similar ways, one of the main differences between them is in the material of your trim. Interior trim is normally made of wood, while exterior trim can be made from wood, vinyl, composite, fiber cement, or aluminum.

Exterior Trim Repair in Boulder, CO

Exterior trim is found around the perimeter of your siding and windows. On the outside of your home, it’s more so about the functions than looks, though impaired trim doesn’t exactly look great either. Typically, these types of trim are made from different materials and therefore encounter different issues. What are the most common issues each one faces?

Siding Trim

Vinyl siding trim can crack and tear away from your home. This leaves gaps for water to seep into, which puts your home at risk of moisture damage. Vinyl trim is, thankfully, a very hardy material and doesn’t encounter many issues; however, the ones it does usually mean an entire piece needs to be replaced. Sometimes, smaller repairs, such as refastening a piece to your home, is all that’s needed to secure it once again. Even if it’s just a small repair that’s required, hiring our professional service technicians will bring you total peace of mind knowing the entirety of your trim and siding are inspected.

Window Trim

A window frame or trim is usually made from wood. This means it’s susceptible to rot. If your wooden trim is crumbling or breaking apart, there’s a good chance it has been affected by some form of wood rot. To treat this, we’ll cut away the affected areas and patch them with wood putty or filler, but with that said, in many cases, it’s easier (and more practical) to just replace the entire section of trim. Peeling paint is another common issue that window trim faces, and to resolve this, our expert technicians will remove the old paint before sanding it and sealing the wood with a fresh coat. These issues, along with cracks, can lead to inefficient windows that allow leaks.

Fascia boards

Fascia is considered another type of exterior trim. If your fascia board is damaged, we’ll have to remove your gutters to assess the damage. Fascia repair is a little more extensive than other types of Boulder trim repair, but it’s entirely necessary to safeguard your home against water damage.

Interior Trim Repair in Boulder, CO

As previously mentioned, the way we treat interior trim repair is similar to exterior, but most of the time, we’re dealing with wood rot, cracks, and peeling paint. To repair interior trim, we’ll either use an epoxy filler for cracks, treat peeling paint by sanding and refinishing, or replace entire sections of the wood altogether. From common baseboard repairs to crown molding restoration, you can expect a high level of professionalism in all that we do.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Trim Repair in Boulder, CO?

No matter what kind of home improvement service you need, you want an experienced business to take care of it. When hiring Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield and Erie, that’s exactly what you’ll get. With us, you can rest assured that we will perform a thorough inspection of your trim, siding, fascia, gutters, and more to get to the root of the problem. In many cases, damaged siding occurs because of a related issue with another component of your home. That’s one of the benefits of hiring a highly skilled professional company. We offer expert installation, replacement, and repair services you can trust.

With an average of ten years of experience among our seasoned handymen, we know exactly how to get to the bottom of an issue and resolve it quickly. Just ask our happy customers who have left countless 5-star customer reviews, and they'll tell you we arrive at all appointments on time, in uniform, and ready to get to work.

Need more information about Boulder trim repair or our other handyman services, such as drywall repair or siding repair? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced team.

FAQs About Boulder Trim Repair

What Causes The Need for Boulder Trim Repair?

One day your trim is in great shape, and the next, it’s in desperate need of Boulder trim repair. What happened? While rogue tree branches and baseballs may be the reason your trim has become damaged, more likely, it’s happened because of factors such as:

  • Leaky gutters: If you haven’t cleaned out your gutters for quite some time, they are most likely leaking. When excess water runs down the side of your home, it causes damage to your window trim and siding trim. This issue is also problematic for your home’s foundation as it can cause soil erosion and basement flooring. Clogged gutters or those that require gutter repair can also allow moisture into your attic, leading to decreased indoor air quality and increased humidity levels.
  • Regular wear and tear: When was your trim installed? You can’t expect it to last forever. Thankfully, we offer maintenance services that include inspection and repair of the exterior of your home to help it stay in excellent condition for as long as possible.
  • Weather damage: Whether it’s the sun, wind, rain, or snow, extreme weather can and will damage your trim. Annual inspections can help catch small issues before they turn into larger ones.

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