Although the first fences have been around since time immemorial in ancient times, such as in Greece for social recognition and status. Or even harking back to the very first sedentary civilization in Mesopotamia nearly 14,000 years ago–these days, a home fence system serves as a security mechanism. A fence is the frontline defense for your home as it sits on the fringes of your property to guard against random intruders from entering and your pets from running away as they can freely roam around at their will. But most of all, a fence installation allows you to set healthy boundaries with your neighbors and any passerby as you can retreat to privacy and, at the same time, allow your home to be a safe space during your much-needed downtime.

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Although on average, a fence will last you between 20 to 50 years, depending on your effort and motivation towards maintenance such as staining, it's still a worthwhile investment. Plus, your neighbors will be grateful you bothered to do so if you’re sharing a property line. Don’t let your fence go chop, chop timber by asking a certified, licensed, and fully insured Boulder handyman from Mr. Handyman of E Boulder, Broomfield & Erie for a fence installation. Boulder, CO, will only wonder why they didn’t reach out to us sooner to further bolster their home’s physical barricade. Our trustworthy team members are well-adept with the skillset, tactics, and knowledge for any indoor and outdoor installation and repairs.

How A Fence Installation Can Do Wonders For Your Humble Abode

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Aside from being a physical border for your property, a fence also boosts the curb appeal of your home as it is aesthetically appealing and allows for a more organized appearance separating your property line from your neighbors. Atop this, a well-kept fence can boost your home’s property value and you’ll receive a better-asking price from prospective buyers. Apart from an all-American white picket fence, there is a diverse array of options available for a fence installation, from rustic wood to a practical metal chain link. Regardless of which material and design you opt for, either way, the destination is the same–every fence serves the sole purpose of extra protection. Sometimes Boulder residents become complacent and allow their home’s barrier to deteriorate and fall into disrepair as they outrightly ignore doing any proper upkeep, including routine maintenance with an annual inspection and professional cleaning and staining service. Due to their negligence, they may find their fence is unsalvageable and have no choice but to sign up for a Boulder fence installation. Boulder, CO homeowners are best advised to be proactive about a fence installation, especially if they never had one built when they first purchased their property. Whether you have a pre-owned or newly built house, you will be pleased to know that a well-maintained fence installed by a professional contractor will boost property value by 20% alongside the numerous benefits of increasing security, privacy, and protecting pets and small children. For those Boulder homeowners who already have a fence installed, they should be keen about preserving it. Lately, if you’ve noticed hairline cracks or fractures, small holes, crumbling wood, or sagging spots, this is all accumulated damage due to harsh weather conditions and physical impact from random objects, including sports equipment. For the most part, an expert contractor will give you a quick fix by tweaking loose nuts and bolts. Oftentimes though, they may have to suggest a total overhaul of your fence system with a Boulder fence installation, as there is too much structural damage. For example, your fence’s post foundation may have resulted in a leaning fence, there may be too many split or missing boards or too much wood rot, or repairs are too expensive and defeat the purpose of getting anything done. Not only is a rickety fence attractive for others to ogle at, but a broken and badly damaged fence also compromises its structural integrity, making it a safer option to tear it down completely rather than have a fence just for the sake of it. At this point, it may be about time to ask a professional handyman for a Boulder fence installation.

What Makes Mr. Handyman A Top-Notch Service Provider?

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As a locally owned and operated franchise, we boast an impressive track record of over 20 years and counting, having served Boulder and surrounding areas of Frederick, Hygiene, and Lafayette with the triple whammy of superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and ultimate customer satisfaction for Boulder fence installation amongst other residential and commercial services. Our professional contractors are trained to the highest of industry standards with fence installation, Boulder, CO, residents will notice this is one of our areas of expertise. If you are indecisive about tearing down your old fence and replacing it with a new one, feel free to book a no-obligation consultation in which we customize a solution for you based on your personal preferences and budget for fence material. For Boulder homeowners who remain hesitant, recall that we only offer transparent, upfront pricing alongside a one-year part and labor guarantee, so if your brand-new Boulder fence installation splinters, discolors, peels, or is about to topple over, we will return and make the proper adjustments. At Mr. Handyman, we always advocate for our clients by actively listening to their points of view and offering long-lasting and effective solutions.

Our Brilliant Boulder Fence Installation Services

As a first-time home buyer, if you happen to purchase a pre-owned home with a fence already installed, now is your chance to swap it out for a sturdy new one. The previous owners may not have done their due diligence and bothered with the maintenance by adding a fresh coat of paint or staining at all, leaving behind a decrepit-looking, faded, and wilted fence. You know you never bought a haunted house, so it’s best to be extra vigilant about caring for your fence, whether it's wood, plastic, or metal, as each has its attributes. Responsible Boulder homeowners who hire a professional contractor early on for a Boulder fence installation will slim to none and need frequent maintenance through fence repairs.

How Do We Perform A Boulder Fence Repair?


Wood: One of the most popular requests, a wood fence is picturesque but as pleasant as it looks, it can quickly crumble away if it's not shielded from scathing precipitation, including rainfall, snowstorms and hail shards, and direct sunlight exposure, including harmful UVA and UVA rays. For example, if you choose to skip painting your fence, you should, at the very least, stain after a fence installation. Boulder, CO property owners must understand this is done to prevent wood rot. Applying an occasional coat of stain polish will stop your fence’s wood material from drying out and becoming pale. The wood itself is an organic product and consists of natural oils that must be preserved. The layer of stain acts as extra armor and helps to fight off water and moisture damage, thereby reducing the likelihood of your fence being exposed to horrid wood rot. If you have been performing regular maintenance by painting and staining every few years there is a slim chance that you require a Boulder fence installation unless, of course, you are hoping to upgrade to another style.

  • Cedar: As a durable and budget-friendly material that is readily resistant to decay, it outlasts and better protect against pests, mold and mildew growth, and local weather conditions. It does, however, require high maintenance and needs to be sealed every few years to block out the aftermath of heavy amounts of water hitting the fence over the years. As a natural wood product too, if posts were to rot, they would need to be replaced at the ground level.
  • Redwood: Not only does redwood give off a vibrant reddish-brown tone, it is resistant to pests and insects, can handle fluctuating temperatures and bodes well in moisture-prone areas, and can withstand commercial chemical cleaners. The only downside is that it can discolor and darken over time if not properly treated and is slightly more expensive than other kinds of wood-based materials.
  • Pressure Treated: Pressure-treated or engineered wood is more strong and more durable compared to untreated wood varieties and more resistant to scratches, holes, and dents as it's not a purely natural and organic material. Being denser, it can withstand fungal decay, termite infestation, and shrinkage, plus it has a longer life span. But it's still wood-based and so it can still crack, fracture, or warp if not treated or stained properly.

Vinyl: As classic as wood gets, some Boulder homeowners prefer something more low-key and easy to maintain and so they opt for something more artificial, like plastic. Vinyl is durable, easy to install, pest-proof, inexpensive, and comes in a wide variety of designs. Plus, unlike wood, it is a non-porous material and bodes well in moist areas, so cleaning is a breeze–simply wash off the grime with a garden hose. The only downside is that it can look tacky as it's not a natural material, so you don’t win karma points as it's not eco-friendly as the material is not biodegradable. And it’s not exactly foolproof, as scathing Boulder wind can warp its shape.

Chain Link: This metal fence is usually made of galvanized steel and is incredibly durable, inexpensive and is not susceptible to rot, and resistant to pests. If you own a lot of fur babies, this works great as an enclosure to keep your pets from escaping the premises. It’s also surprisingly easy to maintain, practical, and requires no painting or staining whatsoever, and the most you’ll have to lift a finger for is sweeping off dirt, leaves, or cobwebs. Beware though, that a chain link fence offers lesser privacy and security and because of its threadbare appearance, it may even look intimidating to some, so it won’t boost your curb appeal. It also needs to be regularly cleaned and if you overlook this chore, it will showcase discolored rust and eventually corrode.

Wrought Iron: If you’ve ever seen majestic gates embellished with the logo crest on a fence in an uppity neighborhood or college campus, you know it's made of wrought iron. Another super durable material that lasts longer than others, wrought iron is incredibly resistant to local weather changes, including fluctuating temperatures, and has lesser maintenance costs as it only requires the occasional coat of paint. Plus, it’ll make your flower garden look more pleasant and inviting. But please note this is the more expensive option as it has higher manufacturing costs for each railing. Also, just like a chain link fence, it is susceptible to rust and corrosion if you don’t clean it routinely.

Aluminum: Last but not least, aluminum is another low-profile material that is durable, affordable and doesn't require painting or staining, and unlike its other metal counterparts, it won’t rust and result in corrosion if you forget to clean it here or there. It’s a major relief not to have to worry about moisture and water damage or sunlight exposure wearing its material away, as your aluminum fence can last you decades. The only downside is that it’s not the best for security and safety as it's a more lightweight and slightly less sturdy material compared to pure steel, which may be a problem if you’re worried about intruders and nosy wild animals breaking onto the premises.

Why We Are The Benevolent Choice For Fence Installation

If you’re hoping to sit outside on your backyard deck this summer and enjoy the refreshing Colorado breeze, you may as well get a fence installation to accompany you. Boulder, CO will only reap numerous benefits from a fence installation for not only safeguarding their property but also enjoying their daily routines and lifestyle. For example, if you’re hoping to adopt a dog from the local pound, they ask for a sturdy fence as a minimum requirement so you can qualify. Our experienced team members will show up suited and booted and adjust to your flexible schedule and we understand that any home remodeling project is always a work in progress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fence Installation


The number one thing you should do before a Boulder fence installation adheres to any local codes and regulations, such as permits, and above all, ask your neighbor for their permission and opinion on what material and design they also hope for if you are sharing the property lines. It’s better to agree with your neighbors as if you falter over the years and fail to participate in any routine maintenance such as staining for your wood fence installation, Boulder, CO, clients will rapidly find they are feuding with the Joneses. You may even have to end up getting a separate and independent Boulder fence installation if one side of the fence has rotted away due to this negligence. If you follow our advice, there will be no such thing as giving the neighbors the good side of the fence.


Approximately 8 to 25 feet apart as a general rule of thumb, depending of course, on the type of fence.


By painting, staining, power washing, or spot cleaning with a bleach solution to scrub off any dirt, debris, and muck and getting the occasional hairline crack, fracture, or hole plugged up with wood caulk and repairing any faulty gates, posts, or pickets your fence will last you for many years to come.

Secure Your Sweet Privacy With A Mr. Handyman-Approved Fence Installation

Before you get ahead of yourself and install a high-end home security system with all the bells and whistles, you need to get back to the basics and ask for a high-quality fence installation. Boulder, CO can get back to enjoying their peace and quiet. Reach out to our courteous customer service representatives, who are on standby and ready to schedule your consultation or service appointment for fence installation. While you’re at it, learn more about our other interior and exterior home improvement services, from deck repair to siding installation and more.

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