Does Your House Need a Makeover? Try These 5 Home Improvements

Is your home looking a bit worse-for-wear? Even if you're conscientious about keeping up with home maintenance and repairs, normal day-to-day living will take its toll on your house — but that doesn't mean you have to jump straight into an overwhelming remodel or a series of major renovations that will leave you and your bank account feeling drained. Simple home improvements are enough to make a difference in your life.

We know some relatively simple home improvements that make a dramatic impact on how your house looks and functions without breaking the bank. These home improvements could also enhance your home's aesthetic appeal and raise your property value, so you get more bang for your buck if you decide to sell your house in the near future.

Not up to the task of giving your house a makeover? No problem! Rely on Mr. Handyman of Fairfax and Eastern Loudoun Counties for comprehensive services such as expert home improvements, repairs, and maintenance. Our team of skilled handymen pride themselves on always delivering outstanding workmanship and an excellent customer service experience.

1. Deck & Porch Refinishing

Is your deck covered in peeling, flaking paint or wood stain that is exposing the weathered, gray, splintery wood underneath? The deterioration of the finishing on your deck or porch is obviously unattractive, but it can cause much bigger problems as well. Any timber that is located outdoors is vulnerable to wood rot, a form of decay that requires timber to have a moisture content of 20% or higher to begin spreading. Water-repellent finishes help to stop moisture from infiltrating timber, but when the finish begins to flake it lets in moisture that causes the timber to swell and makes the finish peel off in bigger strips, creating a negative feedback loop that is certain to result in wood rot.

Your backyard deck and front porch play major roles in not only increasing your curb appeal and property value, but also improving the comfort and livability of your home. That's why this is a smaller improvement project that can have an outsized impact on how you feel about your house. Our experienced service professionals will take care of the entire refinishing process, including cleaning and removing old paint or wood stain, reapplying fresh coats, and then sealing to keep the timber free of rot.

Bonus Tip: Add a Screened Porch

Do your deck and porch need an extra boost? There’s a simple home improvement for that. Consider having your handyman add a screened porch. If you've ever tried to enjoy the outdoors only to be driven back inside by an ominous cloud of buzzing mosquitoes, this is a must. It gives you a cool, shady place to relax and catch a fresh breeze — and supplies a substantial addition to your living space with room for dining, lounging, hobbies, and socializing.

2. Pressure Washing

Speaking of deck and porch refinishing, did you know that pressure washing is the best way to prime outdoor surfaces for renovation? Pressure washers use jets of highly pressurized water to strip away loose paint, mildew, and grime build-up far faster and more effectively than sanding ever could, so it's the ideal first step when refinishing outdoor lumber.

That's not all pressure washing will do for home improvement. It can really transform the look of your exterior when used on surfaces such as:

  • Vinyl siding

  • Driveways & walkways

  • Sidewalks & parking lots

  • Fences

  • Patios

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Large play & sports equipment

Also, pressure washing is a home improvement service that can give you a surprisingly excellent return on investment if you're preparing your house for sale, which is one of the five benefits of power washing for your property.

3. Window Repair & Replacement

Repairing or replacing your windows might not seem like much of a makeover — after all, they still look the same, right? Not so fast! There are a ton of window styles available, so window replacement projects are definitely an opportunity to drastically change the look of your house, inside and outside. And if you have an excellent view that isn't as accessible as you'd like, adding a picture window will bring natural light in and let you gawk at the view all day long.

But window repair or replacement also offers the opportunity to save a lot of money over time. If you have older windows — meaning it has been more than a couple of decades since they were installed — new quality windows will give you superior energy efficiency that can significantly reduce your heating costs and pad your budget. If your window frames are crumbling away from wood rot and letting in cold air drafts, having your handyman do a simple frame repair and resealing will make your home a lot more energy efficient as well.

4. Reface or Replace Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets — or bathroom or laundry room cabinets, for that matter — take up a huge amount of physical and visual space, so when they aren't looking their best, a refresh can make all the difference in the world. Not sure if you need to replace your cabinets or just reface them? Think of it this way: if you are happy with your kitchen layout and the cabinet boxes are in good condition but you want a different look, refacing them by changing out the cabinet doors and drawer fronts is a cost-effective solution. But if you are not satisfied with your current cabinet layout or the boxes are in rough shape, Mr. Handyman's skilled carpenters can build you a new set of custom cabinets that will be beautiful and long-lasting.

Bonus Tip: Change Cabinet Hardware

Want a really simple, affordable way to change the look of your kitchen? Just change the cabinet door handles and drawer knobs. You'll be surprised by how much that little change can make a big visual difference and alter the style of the whole room.

5. Tile Installation

Your home probably already has some tile in the kitchen, bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, or beyond. It's a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting material, but sometimes it gets chipped, broken, or just outdated and needs replacement — or maybe your current tile is just fine and you want to add even more! Tile comes in such a wide variety of colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, styles, and materials, and the abundance of options really makes a new tile installation the perfect way to infuse your home with your own taste and personality. Mr. Handyman's tile experts are experienced with tile installation, even in oddly shaped rooms and hard-to-reach areas. Not sure what type of tile would be best for your home? We're happy to offer some advice based on factors such as your home style, the location and purpose of the tile, and how much maintenance you're willing to do.

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