Is your staircase still comfortable and safe to walk on, or are squeaky stairs driving you mad? When you hire Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton’s stair repair services, you’ll know immediately what the culprit is and what we can do to make it go away.

Our local Denton handyman team is full of competent carpenters and highly versatile service professionals who complete professional inspections and home repair services with ease, treating every service request from our local customers with skill and professionalism. As your first-choice handyman company, we invite you to call our office team to tell us about your stair repair needs.

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What To Expect From Denton Stair Repair Services

We’ll most likely ask you for specific details on the phone regarding the type of damage that you’re experiencing. This way, our Denton stair repair team can properly prepare themselves if you decide to have repairs completed on the day of our visit when we take our time to properly inspect the damage and write up a cost estimate for you.

With our upfront pricing system, there won’t be any hidden fees or overtime charges. The cost estimate details the exact price you pay. Most Denton stair repair services take merely a few hours to complete, but the exact amount of time will depend on the specific damage or problems you need fixed.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Stair Repair In Denton, TX?

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Our top-rated local pros are certified technicians who have passed their background checks and drug screens. Our Denton handyman team brings an average of ten years of experience helping our local community in and around Denton with dependable property maintenance, home repair, and improvement services. As your locally owned and operated handyman business, we are proud to be a part of Neighborly and its top home service franchises.

When you choose Mr. Handyman, you get guaranteed workmanship backed by our Done Right Promise®. Our top priority is customer satisfaction for every type of handyman job, including our professional Denton stair repair services.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denton Stair Repairs

How Much Do Denton Stair Repairs Cost?

The exact cost will vary based on the work needed. We can provide a no-obligation estimate once we have a chance to see your stairs in person. It’s non-obligatory because Mr. Handyman believes in transparency and providing detailed cost estimates with no hidden fees. You’ll get upfront pricing prior to the start of your stair repair. Denton, TX homeowners are invited to give us a call, as we might be able to give you a price range. We want to be as open with our cost of repairs as possible.

What Are The Warning Signs I Need Stair Repair?

Denton, TX homeowners may think that the occasional squeak is harmless or that a small crack in one of the treads is no big deal. However, these issues could lead to numerous other problems down the road, especially if your staircase handles high foot traffic every day and seasonal changes are around the corner.

Common warning signs to look out for include:

  • Noisiness: Whether you experience squeaky or creaky stairs, they have several meanings. Either they were poorly installed to begin with or general wear and tear has caused the timber to shrink. The squeaks occur when the treads begin to rub against the supporting riser and cause friction.
  • Cracks: Heavy impact or pressure and moisture problems are usually the leading causes. In a humid environment like Denton, stair repairs of all kinds are common, whether you’re dealing with indoor or outdoor humidity levels that are impacting your wood materials. If you suspect it’s moisture damage, it’s worth having your gutters and walls checked. When your home’s exterior suffers from foundation cracks outside your home, you may need to consider siding replacement and drywall repair.
  • Loose newel post: Designed as support poles at the bottom and top, newel posts should be tight. When loose, they could jeopardize the stability of the handrails.
  • Loose handrails or balusters: There is a safety code in Texas that specifies that at least one handrail must be installed between 34” and 38” vertically from the walking surface and preferably on both sides of the wall. When they’re loose, your Denton stair repair technician will check the screws and bolts used and likely exchange and tighten them properly. Balusters or railings are more common on your deck. During maintenance, your Denton handyman will inspect their sturdiness and check for any other issues that need to be addressed with deck repair service.
  • Rotted deck stairs: Denton stair repairs are also common outside where your deck connects to a wood-based staircase. If the surface area feels soft or spongy or has discolored patches, you’ll need professional wood rot repairs. If left untreated, it’s not only a safety hazard, but the fungal spores will also spread and damage the whole structure.
  • Outdated design: When your staircase is outdated, it may no longer follow local codes, and it’s possible that you need to upgrade to a safer and more functional one. If you’ve already gone through a major repair process and want the peace of mind of knowing that someone can recover your staircase’s structural integrity and be compliant with local codes, your stair repair technician at Mr. Handyman can surely help you with a professional stair replacement and installation service.

What Do You Use During Denton Stair Repairs? And How Does It Work?

Our experts use a variety of tools depending on the work they need to complete, and the exact steps for repairs will also vary based on the same factors. For example, when dealing with cracked wooden treads, we’ll have a power drill, glue syringe, and supporting dowels on hand. At least two or three holes are drilled horizontally into the center of the stair tread to fit the dowels later. Carpenter glue is injected evenly into the cracked area. Next, we’ll add some glue to the dowels before tapping them into the holes nicely with a hammer.

When dealing with rotted wood, we’ll need to remove the affected area, so it won’t spread, even if it’s just a tiny spot. While in most cases, it’s possible to simply cut out the rotted part and use wood filler and epoxy resin to fix it, larger damage will require a replacement. When hiring Mr. Handyman for stair repair, Denton, TX homeowners can rest assured that we are quick to identify underlying problems, as well as provide fast and efficient repair methods.

Need Denton Stair Repairs? Choose Mr. Handyman!

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