Ponder, TX is a great place to live. It's a friendly small town where everyone knows each other and neighbors are always ready to lend a helping hand, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the Metroplex. What makes Ponder so great is undoubtedly the people. Ponder homeowners take pride in their town and their properties. Most local people want to keep their property looking and working great, but that's not always easy to do when you don't have the right tools or know-how to deal with every little problem. That’s why our Ponder handyman services are so helpful!

Hiring multiple independent contractors to take care of all the tasks on your to-do list is almost as big of a hassle as just doing it yourself. You need a convenient, one-call solution—an efficient team of experienced Ponder handyman service professionals who can cross every task off your list with long-lasting repair solutions.

That's where Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton comes in! Our team of qualified service providers has the experience and skill to take care of a wide range of home repair, maintenance, and improvement jobs. We are proud to deliver high-quality workmanship and exemplary customer service to each one of our customers.

You deserve to have a safe, worry-free experience when a professional handyman works on your property. Our hardworking technicians are committed to providing exactly that by always treating you and your home with respect. We’ll communicate honestly with you, arrive promptly for your scheduled appointment, and answer any questions you may have before we begin. We want to do everything possible to make sure our Ponder handyman services meet or exceed your expectations!

Our Ponder Handyman Services:

As a locally owned and operated business, our hardworking technicians enjoy serving the people of Denton County with a wide variety of services designed to enhance the comfort, livability, and curb appeal of your home. When you have a Ponder handyman working on your property, you need to know that they'll be capable and skilled. But you also want to know that they will behave courteously and professionally at all times. Our licensed handymen understand how important that is and always strive to make you feel comfortable.

We don't just offer home repairs, maintenance, and improvements—we are also experienced at working on commercial properties, from retail and food service to manufacturing and agricultural businesses.

Want to know more about what we can do for your property, or have questions about a particular project that has been on your mind? Give us a call to chat with our friendly customer service staff and get all your questions answered, or read on to find out more about some of our popular Ponder handyman services.


Not only are your rain gutters often overlooked during home maintenance, but they are also dreaded by most homeowners, which is understandable. Climbing up a tall ladder to inspect your gutter sections and scooping out all the grime that has accumulated is certainly not a fun job. Luckily, our fully insured gutter cleaning experts are more than happy to complete the service for you. It is a common handyman service in Ponder that includes a thorough inspection to ensure your rain gutters and surrounding structures (like soffit and fascia) are healthy. Depending on the type of gutters you have, we will either use a pressure washer to clear out any clogs or use a traditional scoop.

Warning signs that you need gutter cleaning services include:

  • Leaky gutters
  • Plants growing out of the sections
  • Water stains on the siding
  • Decreased indoor air quality
  • Increased indoor humidity levels
  • Moisture damage in the attic
  • Pest infestation
  • Water spilling onto your roofline
  • Sections pulling away from fascia board

Clogged gutters are serious issues that could lead to gutter repairs and even affect other structures near your roofline. Your local Ponder handyman has experienced blocked soffits and rotted fascia boards in the past, which have led to costly repairs for homeowners. Therefore, we recommend scheduling your gutter cleaning services at least twice a year to prevent leaves and debris from clogging up your gutter system.


Whether your old tile is looking worse for wear with chips, cracks, and missing pieces, or you just want a new style that will transform the look of your entire room, a new tile installation is the way to go. Tile is an ideal finishing material for your interior floors (and walls!) because it is so durable and long-lasting. It comes in a huge variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, patterns, and materials, so you can choose something that suits your tastes perfectly and puts some of your personality into your home.

Our Ponder handyman team includes tile installation experts who are experienced with installing all kinds of tile in all kinds of places, including irregularly shaped rooms and hard-to-reach areas.

Some of the types of tile we install include:

  • Porcelain and ceramic tile
  • Natural stone tiles, such as slate, marble, and travertine
  • Quarry tile
  • Mosaic tile
  • Laminate tile (okay, not technically a tile, but we can install it!)

When you're trying to choose a material for your tile, ask yourself how much maintenance you are willing to do because there is usually a trade-off involved. For example, slate tile is unique and beautiful and can serve as a conversation piece for the entire room, but it needs to be sealed regularly to keep it looking good. Ceramic tile isn't as flashy and doesn't have the same natural charm, but it still looks good, it is inexpensive, and it is virtually maintenance-free. When hiring the highly-rated local pros at Mr. Handyman, Ponder homeowners can expect new beautiful backsplashes, countertops, and shower walls!


Do you spend much time in your daily life thinking about drywall? If you're like most people in Ponder and pretty much everywhere else, it rarely crosses your mind. But when it has suffered damage, such as cracks, holes, and water stains, that problem area catches your eye every time you enter the room. You may think it’s time for an experienced handyman. Ponder homeowners can expect our skilled team to handle a wide list of drywall issues.

Drywall damage isn't just an unattractive cosmetic issue, though. It can:

  • Make your home less comfortable by decreasing sound separation
  • Encourage rodent and insect infestations
  • Increase your utility bill by allowing warm or cool air from your HVAC to escape inside the walls

Drywall damage could also be a symptom of a larger problem that needs to be addressed. For example, if you see a visible water stain on your drywall, and you're not sure how it got there, chances are you have a hidden leak or inadequate ventilation in a humid area like the bathroom.

Our team of Ponder handyman experts will take care of the entire drywall repair process, including removing old drywall, joint taping, mudding, and sanding. We'll also repaint the wall afterward, so the repair is invisible, and we’ll even rehang your curtains and framed photos for the finishing touches!

There's more to it than just the drywall and ceiling repair—this is why it is so helpful to have a multi-skilled Ponder handyman working for you. Sometimes you know exactly what caused the damage to your drywall—a playful pet or an over-enthusiastic amateur karate move, for example. But other times, it's a total mystery.

If you don't know where the problem originated, call Mr. Handyman. Ponder service technicians will trace it to its source and get that fixed up as well. Luckily, our reliable handyman in Ponder brings many years of experience with home repairs. They are able to catch things others may miss and make sure your entire property is in excellent condition.


Having an automatic clothes dryer is a major convenience. It may be taken for granted by some people, but anyone who has ever had to hang laundry on a clothesline to dry can appreciate it for the modern marvel it is. However, few homeowners realize that their dryers can't continue to function safely and efficiently without professional dryer vent cleaning.

Lint and other debris like dryer sheets are supposed to be caught in the lint trap, while the vent hose or pipe is used to rid the dryer of hot, humid air from the damp laundry. But over time, lint makes its way into the vent, where it partially or completely blocks the flow of air. Because the dryer can't vent properly, it has to operate longer and use more energy to dry your clothes, which increases your energy costs.

Much worse, the struggling dryer could create a spark that sets the lint on fire, sending flames racing through your home inside the walls. Sadly, this happens more than people think. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported every year in the United States, resulting in an estimated five deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The leading cause of those fires is failure to clean the dryer. You could help prevent that from happening by always cleaning out the lint trap after every load of laundry.

How do you know when your dryer vent needs to be cleaned? Here are the warning signs to watch out for:

  • Takes more than about 30 to 45 minutes to dry clothes
  • Need more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry
  • Fabric is very hot or has a musty smell after drying
  • Visible lint gathered around the vent opening outside
  • It has been more than a year since it was last cleaned

The general rule of thumb for a single-family home is to get professional dryer vent cleaning once per year. However, a large family that produces a lot of laundry, or a multi-family dwelling with shared laundry facilities, may need cleaning as frequently as every six months. Your local Ponder handyman will get your dryer vent clean as a whistle, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected against the possibility of a house fire.


Our local clients call Mr. Handyman the one-stop shop for all because our expert technicians are not only skilled in what they do, but they are also versatile, bringing a wide range of knowledge and experience completing minor and major projects for residential and commercial property owners in Ponder and surrounding areas.

Additional Ponder handyman services you can expect include:


Is your current kitchen no longer your favorite place to be? If your answer is yes, it may be time for a kitchen remodel. Speaking of versatility, your local Ponder handyman team is also home remodeling experts who are always eager to help homeowners revive their living spaces.

Outdated kitchens can benefit from a wide variety of upgrades that include:

  • New kitchen cabinets
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Sinks and other fixtures
  • Range hoods
  • New kitchen appliances
  • New flooring installation
  • Improved light fixtures
When in need of a well-versed handyman, Ponder property owners are in safe hands with Mr. Handyman! We take larger projects, like kitchen remodels, very seriously and sincerely care about your comfort and safety in your living space.

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