Door Installation Frisco: Common Signs You Need Service

Door installation and repairs are an integral part of home maintenance, although they're often overlooked by Frisco homeowners. To prove our point, when was the last time you thought about replacing your entry doors? Even though doors are exposed to elements and general wear and tear, meaning they do require a little TLC from time to time, when running through a list of home repair to-dos, damaged doors often don't make the cut.

However, it's essential that responsible Frisco homeowners take care of their entryways. From your patio doors to your walk-in closets, those entrances play an important role in the flow of your home. They welcome loved ones into your house, keep intruders and cold weather out, and provide a quiet moment of peace in a busy household. Not only do doors provide privacy, but they also help keep our homes organized by hiding clutter and separating various rooms.

Without functional, attractive doors, we couldn't shut out rambunctious children while working, or ensure our teenagers focus on their homework. There would be little privacy, and a house simply wouldn't feel like a home. You use your entrances every day. So, you should do our best to take care of them when it’s time for installation or other work that requires professional service.

Like anything else in a Frisco home, there are many ways that your doors become damaged as time goes on. Sunshine, rain, humidity and more take a toll on exterior entrances, while inside, constant opening and closing are sure to wear down a hinge or two.

The good news is, with help from our team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco, you can rest assured that your entries will always be in tip-top shape. Our Frisco handyman experts offer a range of service solutions for interior and exterior door installation and repair. Whether the bathroom latch doesn't close properly or the entire structure needs replacing, our service professionals will promptly fix the problem with professional repairs or proper installation.

Not only do we provide outstanding repair and installation service for your interior and exterior entries, but we can also fix damaged garage doors. And, if you have broken doors that are beyond repair, our expert technicians offer excellent installation services for a variety of styles in Frisco and nearby areas.

Keep reading to learn more about the most common problems our team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco can fix—whether through quick repairs or installing a new door—and a few maintenance tips to prevent future issues from popping up in the future.

Damaged Beyond Repair

Sometimes, accidents happen. Whether a car slammed into your garage or a storm blew a tree into your front entrance, there are times when a repair won't cut it. And when that happens, you need expert installation services from the pros at Mr. Handyman of Frisco. Our team has the skills and expertise to effortlessly install a new entrance, so your life can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Outdated Appearance

Another reason for wanting installation services is when your door works fine, but you don't like how it looks. Whether you've been waiting a few years to update your outdated entrance or you want to boost curb appeal before putting your home up for sale in Frisco, we can help. There are numerous replacement options to choose from, and our team of experts can install them all.

Damage from Wear-and-Tear

The most common reason for any type of home maintenance in Frisco is wear-and-tear. No matter how solidly something is built, nothing lasts forever. Whether environmental factors have taken a toll or something (or someone) else damaged your doors, our team will fix the problem right away. We've replaced door frames dogs have chewed and screen doors that have torn—just to name a few common issues caused by wear-and-tear.

The Latch Does Not Work

There could be a number of problems affecting the lock, causing it to latch improperly. One common problem is that the frame might be twisted, causing the latch bore (the small hole opposite the lock that connects with the latch) to line-up incorrectly. This means the lock will be basically useless.

When your interior doors don't lock properly, it could lead to disruptions when you're looking for peace and quiet, or embarrassing moments when you need a little privacy—particularly, if your bathroom entry doesn't latch.

Likewise, it's essential for your exterior doors to close properly to keep you home safe. It's possible your safety could be compromised if the latch doesn't work properly. Not to mention, if you have an excitable puppy, he or she may be able to push the latch open and possibly get lost in your neighborhood. Give yourself peace of mind by fixing inoperable latches, or hiring our installation services to give you a brand new entrance, right away.

Inoperable Knobs

If you have to pull and pull and pull on a knob just to get the entrance open, then you need a door repair service. If your knob won’t lock, won't turn, doesn’t line up with the latch or is sticking, it’s time for replacement service. Otherwise, it will be challenging to safely open and close your entrance. That could be a huge cause for concern, as inoperable knobs can be hazardous during an emergency, such as a fire.

Loose, Tight, Rusty or Damaged Hinges

Hinges do most of the heavy lifting, so to speak, when it comes to using your entrances. Although it's natural for hinges to wear down over time, there are certain factors that may speed this process along. Humidity, dust, constant use and fluctuating weather can all take their toll on the bracket’s performance. If you don't clean your hinges regularly, the dirt and debris that subsequently builds up will cause the device to deteriorate quicker. Not only is this frustrating, as your door won't swing open and close as easily, but it may eventually lead to the hinge breaking off entirely. That could cause significant damage and possible injury.

Annoying Noises

On the topic of hinges that have seen better days, it's very common for hinges to squeak from time to time. Although harmless, squeaking sounds are without a doubt irritating. The good news is, this is a relatively easy fix and doesn’t usually require installation services. Usually, the hinge just needs a little lubricating. If that doesn't do the trick, it will need to be tightened or loosened, depending on the situation. Whatever repair you need completed to stop the squeaking, we can get it done right the first time.

Misaligned Wheels

Sliding entries have just as many issues as their hinged counterparts. Likely, your Frisco home has sliding closet, shower and/or patio doors. When these entries stop, well, sliding, it's a sign there is a problem with either the wheels or the track. Not to worry, however, as our pro technicians can easily fix misaligned wheels or sticking tracks. Our experts will carefully realign or install new wheels and tracks, so they work smoothly once more.

Opening and Closing Issues

Since doors exist to let you in and out of a certain space, opening and closing them should be easy. There are a number of factors that can impede this process, and we've touched on a few. However, it's worth reiterating because your doors need to work properly in the event you're ever in an urgent situation. Sticking, knobs that won’t turn and panels that always seem to swing open right after you close them indicate a problem with alignment. While some issues can be repaired, inoperable entries often require installation services. Common causes of inoperable doors include:

  • Panels that have warped from humidity or insect damage

  • Latches that are too high or low

  • Latches that are misaligned

  • Hinges that are too loose or tight

  • Your home’s structural foundation has shifted, which has resulted in a warped jamb

Frisco Garage Door Repair Service

At Mr. Handyman of Frisco, we're not just pros at taking care of your main interior and exterior entrance ways. We can also help fix a basic garage door issue at your home. If you need help to install a keypad entry system with your garage door opener, complete frame repairs or fix weather stripping, our team can help.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Needing Frisco Door Installation and Repair Services

While our team of experts can help with a wide variety of door installations and repairs in Frisco, TX, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Meaning, by taking time to care for your doors, you'll be able to prevent the extra expense and time spent on replacing or fixing them. To help keep your entrances in tip-top condition, our handyman pros have compiled a list of expert maintenance tips:

Regularly Tighten Hardware

You use your entrances at least once a day, probably more. That's a lot of pressure on the small parts, namely screws and hinges, that enable the entire structure to operate smoothly. It's completely normal for these tiny pieces to get loose over time, and it's a relatively easy issue to prevent. Simply take a wrench and/or a screwdriver and adjust the hardware every couple months.

Clean Out Dust

Like anything else in your home, it's important to dust your entryways regularly. Doors collect a lot of debris. Not only could this debris damage the overall structure, but it will also negatively impact the air quality in your home. Thus, it's important to clean both the interior and exterior of your entrances. Often, the outside-facing panel and frame get neglected, even though these areas are exposed to all kinds of things, from mud and rain to sunshine and hail. Not to mention, clean entrances go a long way toward improving curb appeal.

Pro Tip:

At least twice a year, you should consider hiring our expert power washing services! Using a machine that emits water at an incredibly high pressure—as much as 2,400 psi—we can blast away even the most stubborn grime from your exterior doors, windows and other outdoor surfaces.

Test for Balance

Poorly balanced entrances are more likely to get damaged or become inoperable. In an extreme situation, a panel might break away from its frame entirely, possibly injuring you or your loved ones and requiring installation services. When you open and close your entrance, pay attention to how it swings. Does it seem balanced, or is something off? A clear sign of a problem is if the door swings back open after you try to close it. Should this be the case, call our Frisco handyman team right away.

Check Weather Stripping

Weather stripping usually runs along the base of your front, porch and storm doors to ensure they seal properly when shut. Because of its location, weather stripping is constantly getting rubbed against the floor and exposed to dirt, dust and the elements. This exposure can cause it to become brittle, crack and start to deteriorate. When weather stripping deteriorates, it means drafts and humidity from outside can seep into your home.

Check for Cracks

It's possible that entrances could crack—particularly in the frame. While the frequency and severity of cracks depends on the structure’s material, cracks can also be caused by impacts. For instance, if a dog jumps up on the door to be let in, or if the wind slammed the entrance shut too hard. The issue with cracks is that, while ugly, they're also likely to get worse. Fixing cracks is important to prevent the structure from weakening.

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