Frisco Deck Repair: Serious Signs That Your Deck Is in Trouble

Residents of Frisco, TX, are lucky to enjoy a long warm-weather season, with hospitable temperatures stretching from April to October—and sometimes even beyond. That just means you get even more time to enjoy your outdoor living space, such as your backyard deck and front porch. There's really nothing better than watching the sunset from a porch swing or grilling dinner out on the deck while the kids and dogs chase each other around—as long as your outdoor space is in safe, appealing condition and not desperate for professional Frisco deck repair services.

But if it's been a few seasons since your outdoor structures got some tender, loving care from a Frisco deck repair handyman, it's probably looking a little rough around the edges with issues like popping nails, wobbly handrails, and patches of wood rot. You might be tempted to shrug off those problems, but they present a hazard that could cause injury to your family or guests. The damage will worsen over time until it can't be ignored. If you get Frisco deck repair early on, you can avoid major, time-consuming repair projects or even the need for complete replacement.

If you notice some of the signs of trouble we've listed below on your property, count on your local, qualified Frisco handyman for efficient deck repair services. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Frisco is experienced with fixing all types of issues with outdoor structures, including rot and other serious problems. We focus on providing the highest standards of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service for all our deck services. We’ll get your dream deck back in shape so you can enjoy it all summer long.

1. Wood Has Turned Gray

One of the first signs that you need repairs is often that the timber on your structure starts looking gray and weathered. After a short time, splinters start lifting up from surfaces of boards—and if you're afraid to step outside in your bare feet, your deck is probably already at that point. This is actually an early sign that water damage is on its way because sealant has worn off the timber (or was never there to begin with). Paint or solid stain and sealant protect the wood from moisture incursion, and graying timber is a visual cue that it's unprotected from the ravages of water.

The best way for your handyman to deal with this Frisco deck repair problem is usually to sand down the timber, revealing nice-looking wood underneath the gray, and then refinish it with painting or staining and, of course, a strong sealant to protect against water damage.

2. Timber is Soft or Crumbling Apart

Speaking of water damage, it's important to regularly check any wooden structures that are exposed to the elements for signs of the Frisco homeowners' worst enemy, wood rot. Wood deck boards and any other timber that is constantly being soaked by rain or snowmelt are especially susceptible to wood rot, which is a type of decay that only affects timber with a high moisture content above 20% or so. That's why wood that remains high and dry indoors can remain in near-perfect condition for well over a century, but wood that is outside and subjected to harsh weather patterns will rot within a few years if it doesn't get diligent deck maintenance and repairs.

The only way to prevent timber that is outside from rotting is to protect it with paint or solid stain and sealant and refinish every couple of years, as the sealant will slowly wear away and leave the wood vulnerable. Wood rot eats away at certain parts of timber, causing it to weaken, soften and eventually crumble apart. Needless to say, that decay process can cause some severe structural stability issues. When an old deck or porch collapses, it is almost always due to the effects of rot. That's why it's so important to find and stop it before it gets to that point.

3. Deck is Leaning Away from House

Is there a gap between your entire deck and your house that wasn't there before? That's definitely a bad sign that indicates some big issues that are unsafe and could lead to a deck collapse, so it needs to get checked out right away by a Frisco deck repair professional. This could be happening because the posts or other parts of the supporting structure are rotted and can't hold up the weight anymore, but it could also be because the installation wasn't handled correctly and the posts aren't buried deep enough in the ground, or the structure wasn't securely braced against the house. Whatever's going on needs to be corrected before you use the structure or have a bunch of people standing on it.

You may also notice that gaps between individual boards are widening. That's a less serious but still annoying problem that may be happening because the wood is taking on water and swelling, then drying out and contracting. That means rot is the next step, so it needs Frisco deck repair service to replace and seal the affected timber and prevent further decay.

4. Railings are Loose or Flimsy

When you grab ahold of your railing and give it a firm shake, it shouldn't move at all. If it is loose and wobbly or has developed a noticeable lean, that's a sign you need repairs. A deck that rises one or more stories away from the ground needs a solid railing to prevent accidental falls. But even if your structure is only a foot or two above the ground, a weakened, wobbly railing can still pose a threat if people are horsing around and accidentally fall against it, or someone simply leans on it because they expect it to hold their weight—and it doesn't.

This problem usually occurs because of our old friend wood rot, but it could also be that the fasteners have come loose where a section is connected to a wall or to another section. If that's the case, your handyman may be able to deal with Frisco deck repair by just resecuring the nails or screws that have come loose, but if it's wood rot, the affected timber will need to be replaced.

5. Steps Creak or Dip When Stepped On

Do the outdoor steps or stairs leading to your deck creak and groan when they're stepped on? This is a sign of deterioration. Stairs take a lot of abuse from people and pets stomping up and down them all day long, not to mention being exposed to harsh weather patterns. It's easy enough to trip and fall down the steps. You don't need the additional risk caused by stairs that are in poor condition. Usually, the best Frisco deck repair strategy for a worn-out staircase is to replace it altogether, and the expert carpenters on our team can accomplish that quickly and efficiently.

6. Water is Pooling Around Footings

It's important to inspect your outdoor structures once or twice a year for signs of damage, but while you're looking around for problems that might need Frisco deck repair, don't forget the more difficult-to-reach areas like underneath the structure. Wood rot can spread under there, but you also need to look at the deck posts and concrete footings specifically for signs of grading and drainage issues.

Landscaping changes, major storms, or even just soil shifting over time can cause water to pool around the concrete deck footings that are buried over time, and that can eventually erode and weaken them. You may also notice that a lot more of the posts are exposed than before because the soil that was packed around them has washed away. That weakens support for the entire structure and can cause it to lean or even collapse. Your Frisco deck repair professional can correct the problem by grading the soil, so water drains away properly and by adding new material to bury the posts.

7. Deck is Sagging

If your deck is sagging on one side or in the middle, or one section is noticeably sinking into the ground, it's likely because of a severe problem with the posts or footings that form its foundation. If your structure was not installed correctly or is a couple of decades old, the soil may have eroded away underneath the footings. That can pull the whole structure downwards as your posts sink into the ground, which is a dangerous situation with serious safety repercussions for your property and anyone using the structure. It could also be an issue with wood rot, causing the posts to weaken and buckle. Either way, it needs professional Frisco deck repair help from an experienced handyman to restore it to a safe condition.

8. Surface is Covered in Grime and Algae

Is your deck looking pretty gross because it's covered in a thick layer of dirt and grime build-up or a slick, slippery coating of algae growth? That certainly makes it a lot less welcoming and appealing and not a place where you'd actually want to spend time. But all that grime and algae can also have some negative effects on your structure. It harbors harmful bacteria that eats away at the paint and other finishes, leaving the material underneath exposed and vulnerable to moisture damage problems like wood rot—and it can hide other serious repair warning signs.

It probably got that bad in the first place because you weren't about to go out there with a bucket of water and a brush and start scrubbing away. To be honest, that's fair—and there's a much better cleaning method available anyway. Professional pressure washing is the best Frisco deck repair tool to get all that build-up and algae growth cleared away. If you've never seen pressure washing in action before, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. We can get your deck looking as good as the day it was installed, along with a lot of other outdoor surfaces and items such as siding, driveways, walkways, outbuildings, large play, sports equipment, and much more. Learn more from our top tips and advice for hiring a pressure wash service.

9. Paint or Wood Stain is Peeling Off

Pressure cleaning isn't just for removing dirt and algae. If you need Frisco deck repair because the paint is peeling off your boards or solid stain is flaking off in chunks, we can get your structure primed for refinishing quickly and far more effectively than sanding ever could. The pressurized jets of water can peel paint or wood stain right off of timber, leaving behind a smooth, clean surface to refinish.

The reason paint begins to peel off of wood in strips is because of—you guessed it—moisture damage. When water seeps into the wood, it swells up and pushes on the paint from underneath, causing it to lift up and then crack and peel away. As we know, moisture in timber is the precursor to a bad case of wood rot, so peeling paint is a clear sign that your structure needs Frisco deck repair right away.

10. Pests Have Invaded

If you've had the displeasure of dealing with destructive insect species such as carpenter ants or termites before, you know exactly how much destruction they can dish out in a pretty short span of time. When you spot increased insect activity around your deck or porch, it's important to stop them in their tracks with pesticide or other methods of convincing them to move along to someone else's deck. Once they're gone, your handyman can handle Frisco deck repair by removing the damaged timber and replacing it with new, strong wood. You may also have problems with uninvited "guests" like skunks trying to make themselves at home under your structure. We can block off access to the underside, so you don't have to worry about putting up with a stinky tenant.

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