Every DIYer knows before any project begins they need the right tools. Many times, the necessary tools are unfamiliar or you might not even know how to safely operate them.

Our goal at Mr. Handyman isn’t just to provide high-quality home installation and repair services, but to empower DIYers who want to tackle projects themselves. We want you to stay safe and have the proper knowledge to use the right hand tools and power tools for your projects.

Meet our tool video library.

An attic with exposed wood and brick.

Tool Video Library

Welcome to our tool video library. Each video will teach you a little bit about the tool and you’ll find a few quick tips on how to use them in the links below. Remember, knowledge is never a replacement for experience.

If you still feel uncomfortable about using a certain tool, reach out to your local Mr. Handyman and let us take care of the project from start to finish.

How to Use Power Tools and Hand Tools

If you intend to repair and maintain your house yourself, consult this list of must-have handyman tools so you’re prepared!

  • Skill Saw (Circular Saw) - Versatile, portable, and necessary. You don’t get far without this important tool.
  • Miter Saw (Chop Saw) - From trimming a door to building a deck, a miter saw has many uses.
  • Table Saw - Whether you’re ripping plywood or cross-cutting cedar, a table saw is up for the task.
  • Power Drill - From driving spade bits, screws, auger bits, or wire wheels, you won’t get far without a power drill.
  • Chalk Line - Mark long, straight lines on wood quickly and accurately with a chalk line.
  • Caulk Gun - Every kitchen and bathroom remodel needs a good caulk gun.
  • Vice Grip - Clamp it, twist it, or squeeze it; the proverbial “third hand” in every toolbox is always ready for action.
  • Multimeter - A multimeter has multiple uses. Learn how to use this valuable tool to diagnose household electrical issues.
  • Stud Finder - Stop poking holes in your walls looking for a stud and learn how to use a stud finder.
  • Jigsaw - This unique saw is great for many home projects that require wood cut into intricate or small shapes.
  • Brad Nailer - From trim to furniture air- or battery-powered nail guns make quick work of woodworking projects.
  • Plumb Bob - Make sure that doorway isn’t crooked with help from this quirky little tool.

Your Local Handyman Professional

In some cases, the upfront cost of purchasing tools and the time commitment to learn how to use them can outweigh any perceived savings of doing a project yourself. That’s where we come in. Give Mr. Handyman a call or request service online for professional and reliable handyman services.