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Do you need help with a commercial project or home improvement service? Our Hoffman Estates handyman pros are the team for your job. Each of our technicians has an average of 15 years of industry experience. Our team members specialize in carpentry, windows, residential renovation, bathroom remodels, drywall work, and general maintenance.

Not only is our team at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale highly experienced and capable of providing high quality services to residents throughout Hoffman Estates, but our company is also known for our unparalleled customer service. We have a superior service rating for good reason. Each of our employees—from our courteous office staff to our personable technicians—works hard to go the extra mile for our clients every day.

We will arrive promptly to your scheduled appointment, wear our team uniform, and arrive in a marked van so you always know who's at your door. Also, we take time to thank each of our customers after completing their improvement project. Your happiness is always our top priority.

When you hire the team at Mr. Handyman, you can have peace of mind knowing that our service professionals will always treat you and your home with respect. We will take time to answer any questions you might have, provide expert advice about the job at hand, and work efficiently to finish the variety of projects on your to-do list. We're dedicated to providing each of our customers a positive experience with our company, from start to finish.

Drywall Repair and Installation

Damaged drywall in your home is both unsightly and unsafe. That's why it's important to have a handyman professional repair your chipped, cracked, or stained drywall immediately. Not only do gaping holes or fractures ruin the aesthetic of your walls, but they could also be a sign of an underlying problem. For example, staining on your drywall could suggest a pipe has burst and is leaking throughout your home. Water damage in particular is very dangerous for your drywall, as it's a highly porous material.

Get your walls back to normal by hiring the team at Mr. Handyman. We'll diligently and efficiently complete a range of repairs, including:

  • Mudding

  • Seam/joint taping

  • Installation

  • Ceiling repair/installation

  • Painting

Fence Repairs

Your fence is an important part of your home's exterior for many reasons. It provides privacy and security, clearly marks your property lines, and increases the curb appeal of your home. Additionally, your fence provides a safe area for pets and children to play. Maintaining your fence helps it continue to serve its many functions.

However, fence upkeep can take up a significant amount of time. Save yourself the stress of repairing rusty hinges, replacing damaged planks, sanding peeling paint and staining worn posts, with the help of our handyman professionals. Our expert technicians are skilled at repairing a variety of fences, including:

  • Wood

  • Wrought iron

  • PVC

  • Aluminum

We're also pros at completing many common fence repairs:

  • Cleaning and staining old wooden fences

  • Replacing damage from rot and insects

  • Correcting leaning fences, fence posts, and fallen panels

  • Replacing missing or damaged boards and pickets

  • Cleaning and/or replacing rusty gate hinges

  • Sanding and painting fences

Tile Repairs

It's important to repair damaged tile right away for a few reasons. First, damaged tile is an eyesore that can ruin the aesthetic of your floor or backsplash. It's also unsafe for your family to be around shattered tiles. The sharp edges could cut bare feet or hands. Lastly, tiles are water resistant, making them a great option for kitchens and bathrooms. However, when they are cracked, water can seep through and damage your drywall or subfloor. Our team can help keep your tile in perfect condition. We can replace or repair many types of tile, including:

  • Ceramic and porcelain tiles

  • Synthetic tiles such as vinyl and laminate

  • Stone tiles like slate, marble, and granite

  • Luxury materials including glass

We can also fix or replace tile in a range of areas, such as:

  • Kitchen floors

  • Hallways

  • Backsplashes

  • Showroom floors

  • Bathroom floors

  • Shower backsplashes

  • Countertops

Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to remodeling any part of your home, you want to be sure that you’ve hired a handyman you can trust. After all, bathroom remodels are a significant investment and you need to be sure your contractor will be able to bring your vision to life. Our professionals are adept at completing many home renovations. We can complete the following bathroom remodel projects:

  • Toilet installation

  • Tile installation and repair

  • Drywall repair and painting

  • New shower door or tub installation

  • New faucet or shower fixture installation

  • Drywall or cement board installation

  • Vanity or mirror installation

Commercial Maintenance Services

Our service professionals offer a wide range of commercial services. Whether you're a property manager or work in an office building, we can keep your property in tip-top condition. We've worked with a range of industries, from healthcare facilities and corporate offices to restaurants and boutiques. Our commercial services include:

  • Door installation/repair

  • Commercial carpentry

  • Furniture assembly

  • Restroom repair

  • Painting services

  • Tile repair

  • Drywall repair

  • Ceiling tile installation

Hire One of Our Handyman Experts Today!

When you hire the team at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale, you can expect a safe, worry-free experience. Customer satisfaction is always our top priority, and we consistently strive to provide the highest quality work possible. Whether you need an expert handyman to repair windows at your commercial property, or you’re a homeowner with an ambitious single project in mind, you can count on our expert team.

Save yourself time and money by trusting your to-do list to our service technicians. Instead of hiring multiple niche contractors for a variety of services, our team can get all your handyman repair jobs done in one visit.

To book an appointment, we invite you to call or text our reliable, hardworking office staff at 630-657-0378. You can also contact us online to submit a service request. Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m, and on Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 1. p.m. We look forward to helping with your next project!

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