Protecting Your DuPage County Home

Your siding is your home's suit of armor. It protects your house from the damaging effects of moisture invasion, harsh weather, energy loss, and much more, and it can also give your curb appeal a boost and help to define the overall style of your property. Your siding, soffits and fascia boards are made to last a long time and withstand plenty of abuse, but of course, they will eventually suffer damage and require soffit, fascia and siding repair services from an experienced Wheaton handyman.

You can contact the professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale whenever you need soffit, fascia, and siding repair in Wheaton, IL, and other parts of DuPage County. After water damage or other damaging elements affect your soffits and fascia, they become vulnerable to rodents, insect infestations, and birds nesting in your attic. We invite you to learn more about our expert services for fascia, soffit, and siding repair in Wheaton, IL. Reach out to us today to request service for inspection or repair.

Comprehensive Siding Repair, Soffit Repair and Fascia Repairs in Wheaton, IL

Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale is fully insured and highly qualified for all types of home repairs. In addition to our professional soffit and fascia repair services, our service professionals also fix your home’s siding problems. Our fascia, soffit, and siding repair handyman will come to your residential property anywhere in Wheaton or other parts of DuPage County, offering soffit, wood siding, and vinyl siding repair, among other options.

We also specialize in under-sheathing, drip edge, shingles, and more. Our team fixes damage to your home’s siding, soffits, or fascia from causes like severe weather, improper installation, old age, pests, UV light, expansion and contraction, water, and moisture.

Siding Repair

People tend to overlook siding damage until it’s too late. Our team will repair and assess the cause of your damaged siding to keep it from occurring again. We can remove rotten wood and replace it with new wood. After that, we seal, caulk, and paint your new wood so that it looks great and protects your home.

No matter the extent of the damage, we repair all types of siding, including fiber cement, vinyl, wood, and more. Our professionals perform long-lasting siding repairs for dings, dents, holes, and rot. Our repair process varies based on the extent of the damage. Minor damage like dings and dents typically requires measures like replacing damaged boards. However, damage to vinyl or aluminum will require more comprehensive repairs.

After fixing wood siding, you can expect us to re-paint the area so that it blends with the surrounding.

Soffit and Fascia Repair

If you're not entirely sure which parts of your house need soffit and fascia repair, our Wheaton handyman professionals are available for an exterior inspection. While many homeowners are aware of the components on their roof edges, it’s not always clear what their condition is. Soffit boards cover the underside of your roof eaves where the roof overhangs the exterior wall, and they are ventilated with holes or slats that increase air circulation in the attic space. If you experience ventilation and moisture issues in your home, it’s likely that you have a faulty soffit.

Fascia boards cover the roof edge at its lowest point, where it runs parallel to the exterior wall, and rain gutters are usually attached to the fascia. There's also rake boards, which are very similar to fascia boards—they cover the edge of the roofline where it slants upward, meeting at the apex of a gabled roof edge. Soffits, fascia boards and rake boards are sometimes grouped in with other components of a roof, while others consider them to be part of the siding.

Soffits and fascia boards are exposed to the elements, so they're just as susceptible to damage as your siding. They need the occasional soffit or fascia repair to remain in good condition and keep the interior of your house safe from damage. Our team can get your soffits, fascia boards, and rake boards back in excellent shape so you can rest assured that your roof and attic aren't being compromised.

Choose Mr. Handyman for Expert Workmanship and Reliable Customer Service

Have you noticed some indications that your siding, soffits or fascia are not in the best shape and could really use the help of an experienced handyman professional? There's a simple solution—just call the team of experts at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale for soffit, fascia and siding repair, along with all your other repair, maintenance, installation and improvement projects.

Along with fascia, soffit and siding repair in Wheaton, IL, local homeowners can rely on our professional team for a wide range of other dependable handyman services, including ceiling repair, door installation, kitchen remodeling, light fixture replacement and much more. We also offer commercial handyman services to the business owners of Wheaton and other parts of DuPage County to help keep commercial properties in top-notch condition.

Give us a call today to find out more about the services we offer, or to schedule a service appointment with a qualified, local handyman in the West Chicago area.

FAQ: Soffit, Fascia and Siding Repair in Wheaton, IL

Homeowners in Wheaton often ask Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale questions about our fascia repair, soffit repair, and siding repair services. We want to provide the information you need to make educated home improvement decisions, so we prepared this FAQ and will gladly answer any additional questions you might have when you contact us.

What Types of Siding Do You Repair?

There is a wide variety of options available for siding materials, and while some of them are more durable than others, they all eventually need repair from a handyman who has plenty of experience with siding repair in Wheaton, IL. Regardless of what type of siding you currently have installed at your property, you can rely on our team to get it back in great shape. We perform repairs on all types of siding material, such as vinyl, aluminum, composite, and wood.

What Are the Signs I Need Siding Repair in Wheaton, IL?

Problems with your siding aren't always that obvious and noticeable. You probably don't spend a lot of time staring at the outside of your home, and there's a lot of surface area that has the potential to suffer damage. That's why it's a good idea to carefully inspect your siding a couple of times per year. Walk around the whole house, keeping an eye out for potential issues. Try to look at your siding both up close and from a distance, as well as from different angles. Here are some of the items to inspect prior to contacting Mr. Handyman for professional siding repair:

  • Bulging or Cupping Warped Siding: This issue is the biggest reason why you should try to inspect your siding from multiple angles. Shingles, boards, or entire sections can become warped, causing them to bulge outward or cup inward. This means moisture has gotten behind the siding and is causing damage to your vapor barrier.
  • Gaps and Cracks: Your siding plays a key role in keeping pests and water seepage out of your home, but of course, it can't do that adequately if it is damaged or incorrectly installed and has gaps, holes or cracks in the siding that need to be fixed with siding repair service.
  • Holes From Hail: While less common, hailstone holes present all the same problems as your typical holes and cracks, but the problem is even more serious because hailstone damage is usually widespread across at least one side of your home.
  • Rotting Wood: If you have wooden siding, it's important to inspect it occasionally and check for signs of rotten wood. These could look like discolored patches or soft, stringy, or spongy patches. Peeling paint can also indicate that wood rot is present or will soon be afflicting the wood that is no longer protected by paint and sealant.
  • Rusty or Black Streaks: Overflowing, broken gutters can leave ugly black or rust-colored streaks on your siding. They're not just lowering the curb appeal of your home—those streaks are a sign that water damage is on the way and you need to call for siding repair. Our team can also handle gutter repair and cleaning.
  • Rusty or Missing Nails and Screws: Missing nails or screws are clearly an issue, but rusted siding fasteners should also be replaced. They are rusty because they're being exposed to excessive moisture, so there could be more damage underneath the siding panel that needs to be taken care of as well.

How Often Does Exterior Caulk Need to Be Replaced?

During vinyl or fiber cement siding installation, there are always small cracks or gaps where two segments or panels meet or where the siding transitions into another material. Those spaces must be sealed with caulk to avoid moisture penetration and insect infestations. But caulk, even durable exterior caulk, only lasts for around ten years before it needs to be replaced. If it's been about a decade since the caulk was applied, you may notice that it is shrinking and no longer fills the gap properly, or it's cracking and peeling away from the cladding. Issues with caulk can also sometimes be caused by the panels shrinking and expanding in warm or cold conditions or may be related to poorly done caulking. If you notice signs that your caulk is in bad shape or is missing altogether, that's a clear indication that you need siding repair in Wheaton, IL.

How Do Clogged Gutters Affect Siding, Fascia and Soffit Boards?

We mentioned gutters above, and you may be wondering why gutters matter when we're talking about soffit repair, fascia repair and siding repair. The connection is that gutters are right up there among the biggest causes of damage to all three of those building elements. Gutters are typically attached to fascia boards at the edge of your roofline, and the gutters normally collect all the rainwater that lands on your roof and transport it to downspouts where it can be disposed of safely away from your house without causing problems for your roof, foundation and everything in between.

But when gutters are broken, missing sections, or clogged with debris, the water can't get to the downspouts and backs up onto the roof or spills over the edge. This causes major issues for fascia boards, which are the first stop for water spillage and can lead to problems like warping, wood rot, and other serious problems for your siding. Standing water in gutters can also be blown out of the gutters by the wind and straight into soffit vents, where it festers inside your attic space and causes issues such as rotting support beams that can eventually compromise the structural stability of the roof.

Damaged or clogged gutters can also cause all sorts of severe problems for other parts of your home. This is why it's so important to keep them cleaned out and well-maintained, as they're the first line of defense against water damage from all that rainwater. Whether you have fascia damage or peeling paint on your house siding, don’t ignore them, as these structures play a critical role in your home’s exterior. If you don't have the time, ability or inclination to handle gutter cleaning and repair, rely on your local handyman pros to get the job done.

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The team at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale specializes in home repair and can help you source siding, fascia, and soffit materials based on your needs. Water can cause severe damage to your home’s soffit and fascia, so we recommend gutter service while we’re at it to help you protect your home’s exterior. Contact us today to request service in Wheaton, IL, and beyond.

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