There are many perks of being a homeowner in Darien—but that long list of nagging repairs and maintenance tasks is not one of them. Most homeowners and business owners want to keep their property in excellent condition, but that can range from frustrating to impossible when you're not equipped with the right tools and expertise to handle all the tasks that need to be taken care of.

For that reason, it's completely understandable that many homeowners procrastinate on home improvements and repairs. But those seemingly minor problems can spiral into major headaches if they're neglected and left to fester. This will then cause much more costly and time-consuming work that will have you wishing you'd just gotten it fixed early on by calling a reliable handyman. Darien residents, we're here for you!

Our trusted Darien handyman at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale has the years of practical experience necessary to provide quality workmanship and superior customer service on every single job. There's no need to burden yourself with the stress of hiring and managing multiple contractors to take care of this, that, and the other thing when our service technicians can get every task taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Services From an Expert Handyman Darien Residents Can Trust

As a family-owned, locally-run home improvement business, we are proud to serve Darien and the people of West Chicago, including areas such as Roselle, Oak Brook, Downers Grove, Arlington Heights, and Villa Park, with a wide variety of services that are designed to enhance the livability, comfort and appeal of your home with a little help from a qualified handyman. Darien residents tend to recommend our experienced team to their neighbors once they see our professionalism and dedication for themselves.

We recognize that it can be uncomfortable to have someone working on your home, especially if you've had a bad experience in the past with other service businesses. Mr. Handyman is committed to offering a worry-free customer experience from the first point of contact to the final reveal of your finished project. We'll communicate clearly and honestly with you, arrive on time for your service appointment, and address any concerns you may have before we begin. You can also rest assured that our handyman professionals have passed a criminal background check. We'll make sure to clean up after ourselves before we leave and ensure that your home is in the same condition we found it—or even better!

Have questions about our services or a project that has been weighing on your mind? Get in contact with us and chat with our friendly customer service staff about hiring a handyman in Darien, IL. We'd love the opportunity to let you know how we can make your life easier! Or, keep reading to find out about our most popular services in Darien.

Bathroom Remodels in Darien, IL

Is your bathroom the best place in your house, or more like a room that you have to use and can't wait to leave? Mr. Handyman offers full bathroom remodeling services to transform a poorly functioning, outdated, and just plain ugly bathroom into your own personal spa for relaxation and rejuvenation.

A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to really infuse your home with your own personality and sense of style—or choose a classic, neutral look that will increase property values when it comes time to sell. Not sure where to start? Check out our top 10 bathroom remodeling tips. Our wide range of services can be anything from a few simple tweaks to a complete renovation by an experienced handyman in Darien, including the following:

  • Drywall repair & installation
  • Floor & wall tile installation
  • Replacing bathroom plumbing fixtures
  • Layout changes
  • Installing shower heads & shower doors
  • Custom bathroom vanities
  • Mirror installation
  • Caulking
  • Ventilation installation & repair

Darien Gutter Cleaning

How would you like to spend your free time up on a shaky ladder, scooping handfuls of rotting leaves and other debris out of your rain gutters? If that thought doesn't exactly spark joy in your heart, you're not alone. That's why this difficult, time-consuming, dirty chore is one of the most neglected household tasks. But, most homeowners don't realize how critically important gutters are to protect houses against serious problems caused by moisture damage.

Normally, your rain gutters collect all the water that lands on your roof and channel it safely away from the house, where it can't cause harm. That may not sound like much, but just one inch of rain on a 2,000-square-foot roof produces a surprising 1,240 gallons. But when your gutters are crammed full of pine needles, dead leaves, grime, animal nests, and much more, all that water has nowhere to go and spills down the exterior of your home instead, causing water damage that ranges from a leaky roof to cracked foundations and a multitude of problems in between.

Mr. Handyman will get your gutters spotlessly clean, and we'll also repair any breaks or weak points while we're up on the ladder, then install gutter guards to prevent them from getting packed full of debris in the future. But that's not the end of it—since we're experienced with water damage mitigation and have seen it all, we can check your fascia, soffits, and siding for moisture damage that others may miss and get it repaired to keep water out of your walls and attic.

Darien Fence Repair

Your fence does more than just delineate the borders of your property. It keeps kids and pets safe and contributes a lot to the overall appearance and curb appeal of your property. Whether it's wood, wrought iron, PVC, chain link, or another material, it needs repairs and maintenance now and then to keep it in great condition. Fence issues that we repair include:

  • Broken, cracked, or splintered boards
  • Rotten wood
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Unstable posts
  • Peeling paint or wood stain
  • Broken or squeaky gates
  • Insect and weather damage

Ceiling Fan Installation in Darien, IL

If you already have an air conditioning system, you may be thinking that ceiling fan installation isn't necessary for your home. It's actually a common misconception that a ceiling fan is for cooling—its true purpose is to increase air circulation in the room, and that can benefit your household in surprising ways. By improving air circulation, a ceiling fan can actually raise or lower the temperature in a room by as much as four or five degrees in either direction. It stirs up warm air that rises to the ceiling and lifts cold air that "settles" at the bottom of the room, making a significant difference to the temperature in the "habitable zone" between the floor and ceiling. That means you can turn your thermostat up in the summer or down in the winter to relieve some of your HVAC system's burden.

Cooling and heating are likely the biggest expenses on your utility bill by far, and that is due to the fact that your HVAC system needs so much energy to keep your home at your preferred temperature. If you set your thermostat up by four degrees in the warmer months when your air conditioner is on or down four degrees in the colder months when your furnace is on, your HVAC can operate for less time and use less energy. That will save you money on energy costs, and your room will still be comfortable at the temperature you like.

You may be wondering why that would save energy, since of course a ceiling fan also needs electricity to operate. The difference is that it uses around 35 times less energy than your heating and cooling system. So, the cost of running a ceiling fan is far less than the cost of turning up your thermostat and having your HVAC roar to life.

If you are interested in ceiling fan installation for your commercial or residential property, you don't have to call an electrician to handle it. Our experienced Darien handyman experts can install your ceiling fan and take care of other electrical jobs like installing or repairing light fixtures, fixing loose electrical sockets and wall switches, and more.

Darien Wood Rot Repair

Are there patches of crumbling, soft wood on your house exterior? Wooden components of your home, such as siding, trim, decks and porches, are particularly susceptible to suffering from wood rot. That's because wood rot is a type of decay that is caused by wood-eating fungi, and fungi can only grow in timber with a high moisture content of at least 20% water. Thanks to the climate we have here in Darien, Illinois, any timber that is outdoors is often soaked by rain or snowmelt and doesn't always get a chance to dry out before the next soaking.

Wood rot is a big problem because it can lead to structural stability problems if it is neglected and allowed to fester, and it can cause damage to key elements of a house, such as window frames and door casings, to the point where they let in cold drafts and force your energy costs to rise. That's why it's so important to take note of wood rot in the early stages and call your handyman in Darien, IL.

Not sure if your Darien property needs wood rot repair services? Carefully examine any exposed timber for these warning signs:

  • Discolored patches of wood with a yellow, purple or white hue or patches that are lighter or darker than the surrounding wood
  • Places where timber appears to have a stringy or spongy texture or is webbed with small cracks
  • Timber that is crumbling apart or is breaking into cube-shaped pieces (this is called cubical fracture)
  • In advanced situations, there may be visible mushrooms on the wood

If you see an area that is potentially suffering from wood rot, take your screwdriver and press it against that area. If it sinks into the wood with very little resistance, you can be assured that wood rot has struck. There is no way to completely restore rotten timber to its former condition, but if there are only a couple of small spots where rot has taken hold, your handyman in Darien may be able to fix it by scraping out the rotten areas and using epoxy wood filler to fill in the gaps. We have lots of experience with repairing wood rot, so you can get your home back in great shape by calling us for service from a local handyman in Darien, IL.

General Handyman Maintenance Services

It's one of the annoying truths of life that as soon as you cross one task off your to-do list, you immediately notice two more things that need to get done. Most homeowners have a list, whether it's on paper or in their mind, of routine maintenance tasks and general repairs that need to be taken care of around the home. Our multi-skilled handyman in Darien can go through your list and get everything crossed off safely, correctly and efficiently.

The services you can expect from a reliable handyman Darien can depend on include:

Of course, we can do much more than what is listed above, so if you don't see the service you're looking for, give us a call and let us know why you need a handyman. Darien residents can count on our experienced professionals. We are here to help increase safety and comfort, as well as provide enhanced functionality in your living space.

Count On Us When You Need a Professional Handyman in Darien, IL

When you need home repairs, maintenance, and improvements in Darien, you deserve a reliable, safe and worry-free experience. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Wheaton-Hinsdale have the experience and expertise to offer exactly that. You'll be impressed with how amazing your home looks and feels after our quality services!

Give us a call or text us today to make a service request and find out why we're considered Darien, Illinois’ best choice for outstanding handyman services. Whether you have small basic home repairs or larger projects you need help with, count on your highly-rated local pros to get the job done!