How to Organize a Garage for More Space

What would you do without your garage? It’s the one place you can store all the odds and ends that don’t fit inside your home. Once you close the doors, everything is out of sight and out of mind. But if you don’t know how to organize a garage, the room can become a cluttered mess. Don’t give up in defeat just yet!

Here, we have the tips you need to conquer your messy garage and reclaim all that valuable space …

Clean Your Heart Out

Do you know what’s lurking inside your garage? Chances are you’ve forgotten everything you stowed away in there. Some of it may even be junk. Think about how much storage space you’ve lost to unwanted, unneeded stuff. Decluttering the excess is perhaps the easiest way to create an organized space – and it’s cheap.

Here’s how to organize a garage on a tight budget:

  • Open up the doors and take everything out. Yes, everything – even that mystery box you haven’t opened in years.
  • Go through each item to determine what you want to keep, toss or sell. You may even find a few buyers walking through the neighborhood.
  • Clean the entire space from top to bottom. Scrub the walls, vacuum the cobwebs, and powerwash the floor until everything sparkles.

A bit of cleaning, elbow grease and decluttering will make the garage feel more spacious.

No Such Thing as Too Many Shelves

Even after cleaning out the junk, you probably still have your fair share of things stored in your garage. Now is the time to designate a special place for it all. As you begin to organize the room, shelves will become your best friend.

Garage shelving units come in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Wire, metal and plastic freestanding shelves are some of the most popular. Of course, if you want a picture-perfect garage, you can’t go wrong with custom shelving. A professional handyman can build shelves to fit in any space. Garage shelves can be installed pretty much anywhere, from against the walls to even ones that hang from the ceiling.

Finally, all your tools, toys and treasures will have a spot to call home.

Compartments, Tubs and Bins, Oh My!

What does your current storage situation look like in your garage? You don’t want to trip over Halloween decorations during summer, and you shouldn’t break your back reaching for Christmas lights come winter. You need to know how to organize a messy garage using a better storage system.

While cardboard boxes and plastic bags once served their purpose, it’s time to upgrade to something a bit more sophisticated. Colorful bins and tubs will change your organization game for good. Store all like-minded and seasonal items in matching compartments and place them on a designated shelf. Having a color-coded system will take the guesswork out of finding what you need in your garage.

Store Common Items in Plain Sight

Of course, you don’t want to hide everything in sealed buckets. After all, you can’t spend hours searching for a wrench to fix a leaking pipe. You need quick access to the tools, gadgets and gizmos stored inside your garage.

Pegboards are ideal for tool storage. As long as you have a flat wall, you can install one pretty quickly. Simply cut the board to fit the space and secure in place. Consider installing a pegboard behind your workbench, next to your toolbox or near the doors. You can hang your tools from different-sized hooks, racks or baskets. And if tools aren’t your thing, pegboards are also great for organizing sewing and craft supplies.

Mr. Handyman Makes Getting Organized Easy

Now that you know how to organize a garage, you probably can’t wait to start. Mr. Handyman is ready to streamline the process for you. Whether you need someone to build custom shelves or assemble a new pegboard, we’re the team for you. Connect with Mr. Handyman online or call us at (877) 685-1377 [OUW6] to begin your garage organization journey.


Now that your garage is organized, it's time to tackle the junk drawer with help from fellow Neighborly® home services brand, Molly Maid.