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We all care about the solid ground we walk on, especially when at home without shoes on. Whether it’s for comfort, safety, or functionality, it’s important to have the right results from any flooring installation. Walpole, MA, homeowners can get rid of safety hazards, improve worn out aesthetics, and reduce maintenance with new flooring installation services from Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & S.Shore.

When you hire your local Walpole handyman from Mr. Handyman, we’ll guarantee quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. From quality products to an excellent installation process, our service providers will not disappoint you. Call today and let our dedicated customer service team assist you!

An attic with a wooden floor and exposed walls.

A floor with several pieces that have been removed by a handyman using a prybar and hammer for floor repairs in Walpole, MA.

Mr. Handyman’s Walpole Flooring Installation Services

When you need new flooring installation in Walpole, MA, the service professionals at Mr. Handyman are just about the right team to contact! Our professional installers have worked with a wide variety of flooring materials and know exactly how things are done.

During our initial in-house consultation, we’ll chat with you about your needs, household habits, budget, timeframe, and your desired choice of flooring installation.

Walpole, MA residents can count on our expert team to complete the following installations:

  • Solid hardwood floor installation
  • Engineered wood
  • Tile (ceramic, porcelain and also luxury vinyl tile)
  • Luxury vinyl plank
  • Laminate
  • Marble

During a one-on-one consultation, our technicians will also complete an inspection to check for any undetected problems that may need prior repairs. Once we have collected all the details and come to an agreement, we’ll provide you with a cost estimate and allow you some time to make your final decision.

If you choose to go ahead with our flooring installation service, we’ll find the next available date and time to commence on your project!

Why Hire Mr. Handyman?

The highly rated local pros at Mr. Handyman of Central - Eastern Norfolk County & Shore have been in business for many years, providing our local communities throughout Norfolk County with trusted handyman services that include residential and commercial property maintenance, indoor and outdoor repairs, and various improvement projects, including many bigger home remodelling projects.

Not only are our certified service professionals highly skilled and versatile, but they are also bonded, courteous, and fully insured and can provide written confirmation anytime you need.

When hiring Mr. Handyman for new flooring installation, Walpole, MA property owners can expect our uniformed service technicians to arrive on time in a marked company vehicle. Not only will they bring a positive attitude with them to complete the assigned service request, but they will also treat your home with the utmost professionalism and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walpole Flooring Installations


Walpole, MA homeowners who wonder about pricing need to be aware that costs highly depend on the type of flooring they choose to purchase and install. While the cost of materials varies, there is also the complexity of installation. When you hire Mr. Handyman’s Walpole flooring installation team, they will always check your subfloor’s health for you and determine if repairs are needed before the new installation.

Plus, solid hardwood flooring and tile require a good quality underlayment before the initial installation service begins. These are just extra steps that come with extra cost and, of course, it also goes toward labour costs.

Before you decide on the installation you want, our Walpole flooring installers highly recommend that you set a budget and weigh out the pros and cons of the various types available. Whether you need something durable and aesthetically pleasing or something high-quality and long-lasting, there is an option for everything to fit any budget.


While vinyl and laminate have a similar price range, they can both be made of high-quality materials.

Laminate is made of a multilayer of synthetic products, which have improved in quality over the last decade. There are new laminate systems with scratch-proof surfaces that also allow vast design possibilities, whether you want your solid ground to mimic stone or wood. On the other hand, vinyl is made of multiple layers of PVC, additional plasticizers and various other compounds to increase durability and functionality.

Either type is favoured by homeowners (especially young professionals) because of its low-maintenance qualities. However, if you do have high foot traffic (such as in a house share), luxury vinyl planks will handle the foot volume better. In terms of moisture-resistance, you’ll also get more out of vinyl as the entire structure is waterproof. However, laminate is made to be water-resistant on the surface, but once the core gets water-damaged, the entire structure can swell and warp. Therefore, laminate is not recommended for bathrooms and is not the best choice for kitchens either.


There are many important small steps to consider when you plan your DIY flooring installation. Technically any floor type can be DIY-friendly as long as you follow the required steps, from inspecting your subfloor, to acclimating your new materials, to installing the right type of underlayment. You need to know the material well that you plan to install.

Generally, when seeking the easiest type of flooring installation in Walpole, MA, you could opt for low-key luxury vinyl flooring. What makes it simple is that the vinyl planks are installed with a click-and-lock mechanism. Furthermore, you don’t need to prepare the sublayer all too much because the whole system floats above your subfloor.

Need Dependable Flooring Installation in Walpole, MA?

Whether you are planning a home remodel or simply need new flooring installation in Walpole, MA or a nearby area, the service technicians at Mr. Handyman will make your indoor living space shine!

Contact our excellent customer service team at to find out more about our Walpole floor installation services or inquire about Mr. Handyman’s wide range of maintenance, repair, and improvement projects, including flooring repair, drywall repair, and services for larger projects like a bathroom remodel or kitchen remodelling.

We serve our local community of Walpole and many nearby neighbours, such as Braintree, Norwood, and Quincy.

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