As the frontline defense of your home, your siding guards the exterior of your house, encasing it in a hard shell that is bulletproof from harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, hail, and wind. This is alongside protecting the structural integrity of your home, including the foundation and contents inside. Although siding can last between 20 and 40 years, it all depends on how keen you are about proper upkeep. Regardless of whether you want to avoid moisture damage or pest or rodent invasion, it’s crucial to participate in routine inspection and maintenance with a siding repair. Charleston, SC can let us resolve hairline fractures to gaping holes for siding repair, your certified, licensed, and fully insured Charleston handyman from Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville is here to make the tweaks necessary to restore your home’s exterior to pristine condition.

Our expert team members are well-versed in tackling any repair, replacement, or maintenance service, no matter the deed, and one of their specialties is siding repair. Charleston, SC residents can rest assured that we only offer quality workmanship and ultimate customer care alongside transparent, upfront pricing. If for any reason you are not pleased with the result, we will make the appropriate adjustments based on our one-year parts guarantee.

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Our Certified Charleston Siding Repair Service Process

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If you’ve happened to have been pelted with a nasty hailstorm recently, you have probably noticed sides of your home looking as if there’s been a shoot-out due to being bludgeoned by sharp and solid ice. Or perhaps it’s more subtle, and there are water streaks leftover from a busted gutter that has splashed against your soffits, fascia boards, and new siding. Either way, it’s about time for a professional siding repair. Charleston, SC homeowners will get the best and most thorough inspection and repair services from Mr. Handyman. By out rightly ignoring a siding repair or replacement, the aesthetic appeal of your home will plummet as strolling onlookers may find it an eyesore, and if not for the opinion of others, a damaged siding results in energy inefficiency including heat loss and, in turn, higher utility bills. It also increases the possibility of flooding in your home’s attic or costly water damage and its resulting mold and mildew growth to your drywall. After your siding repairs, Charleston, SC technicians can even best advise you on how to maintain your exterior cladding. From conducting an annual routine inspection to cleaning with our power washing service.


In cases where there is extensive damage to your siding due to water damage or big cracks or gaping holes from bombarding hail, our local Charleston handyman has to utilize a bit more elbow grease, for example, by completely removing the damaged section and installing a brand-new portion. Sometimes the tradeoff of removing and replacing an entire piece or course is more cost-effective than plugging up cracks and fractures. Plus, siding replacement takes care of other issues, like any underlying moisture damage, which can result in leaks and damage to your drywall if left unattended.


Charleston, SC residents may not have to worry about much if they call Mr. Handyman in time. Whether your home is pre-owned or newly built, when your cladding system was initially installed by default, it would have had small gaps in-between the lines or panels, which were plugged up and sealed over with caulk. However, caulk only lasts about a decade or so before it begins to crumble away and needs to be replaced. Your skilled Charleston handyman can recaulk small cracks or holes, whether it's vinyl or aluminum material. Or if a portion of your vinyl board is dangling wayward, they can mount it back properly in place.


If the color had faded from your siding due to sun or water damage, you find damp spots on your drywall indicating excessive and humid moisture from the outdoors, or your utility bills have skyrocketed as of late; these are all telltale signs that you need professional siding repairs. Charleston, SC homes with sidings mostly intact and just looking scruffy, Mr. Handyman can revamp it by performing a staining or painting service so long as there is no wood rot. This touch-up will easily brighten up the exterior of your home and boost its overall curb appeal. We can also perform a power washing service to get rid of all muck clinging to the outside of your house, leaving your exterior spick-and-span.

How We Handle Charleston Siding Repair

Although there is a wide range of siding materials, including wood siding, fiber cement siding, aluminum siding, steel siding, and vinyl siding, the level of maintenance depends on personal preferences and durability. For example, vinyl is one of the most sturdy siding materials, and although minor holes can be fixed with caulk and medium-sized holes with a patch repair service, more extensive damage will require the complete removal and replacement of a panel. Here is how we perform siding repair in Charleston, SC for vinyl cladding. We’ll replace an entire panel and provide a major handyman repair service:

  1. Grab Your Toolset: For the service, we will use a zip tool to remove the damaged siding by unlocking pieces from one another and prying the bar to remove any nails from panels.

  2. Unfasten First: We typically approach removing a panel from the outside in as we work our way carefully inwards. We insert the zip tool beneath the vinyl until it snaps into place and pulls downwards to unhook the siding. Now we will continue to slide the tool across the siding to the opposite end. Even in a DIY attempt, this step cannot be rushed, as incorrectly unzipping panels can expose and damage the nails.

  3. Unscrew It All: Now that the screws are uncovered, our Charleston handyman will proceed to remove the fastened nails one by one across the full length of the panel. We will be careful not to overly bend your panel.

  4. Shiny And New: Now, we’ll place the new panel into the empty opening and lock it into place by overlapping the lower lip onto the panel below it. We’ll secure the panel in place with roofing nails.

  5. Rezip: Any unzipped panels need to be zipped up again, so once more, we will slide the tool just undeath the panel(s) bottom lip and work our way across. We will ensure the panels are securely fastened in place by applying pressure as we work along with the tool.

Why We Are the Coveted Choice For Siding Repair in Charleston, SC

Damaged siding is not only a tacky eyesore, but it will depreciate your home's property value. If outrightly ignored, it can result in structural vulnerabilities, including water damage penetrating your home’s interior walls resulting in further costly repair projects, not to mention higher electricity bills due to energy inefficiency. Thankfully most homeowners' insurance covers hail damage, so your best bet is to not skimp on an accredited service provider such as Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville. Our South Carolina-based team members are trained to industry standards and are well-equipped with the tactic and know-how for a siding repair. Charleston, SC residents can expect our uniformed professionals to show up promptly for your service appointment to address any questions or concerns and, upon completion, discard any rubble leaving no mess behind. Regardless of whether you need a siding repair, Charleston, SC homeowners can also rely on us for other repair and installation services, from carpentry installation to gutter repair and drywall repair services.

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