You use your interior and exterior doors on a daily basis, which makes it inevitable for them to deteriorate faster than you expect unless you take the time to properly maintain them and keep an eye out for potential deterioration. Still, it’s not uncommon that you may eventually need professional door repairs. Charleston, SC homeowners who notice drafts in their entryway or an increased energy bill can rely on their skilled, local Charleston handyman services to detect the underlying problem.

At Mr. Handyman of Charleston and Summerville, we care about our local community’s safety and comfort, which starts at their homes and the systems that surround them. Our efficient Charleston door repair services are designed to help you maintain your home’s energy efficiency. Call our friendly team to book a convenient time for an inspection service or keep on reading to see if any of the warning signs sound familiar.

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Our Charleston Door Repair Services

Unless your lever handle or latch is causing operational problems, it’s not always easy to determine other underlying issues until you hire a professional for door repairs. Charleston, SC homeowners who hire Mr. Handyman’s excellent services can expect us to take the necessary time to thoroughly investigate a problem.

Our Charleston handyman technicians use specialized tools to measure your unit’s energy efficiency. The most common culprits for air leakage and drafts are damaged door frames. Small cracks and holes caused by weather damage or worn-out caulk beads could be to blame. If not fixed, the damage could expand onto the main structure itself.

Badly maintained wood doors are prone to UV and moisture damage, whereas steel units can go rusty on the surface. When calling Mr. Handyman in time for SOS door repairs, Charleston, SC residents may still be able to save the unit. However, if it’s more than ten years old and hasn’t received decent maintenance services, chances are that there may be no point in repairing it due to structural damage.

Our expert handyman team will be more than happy to guide you through the process of a door replacement service.

We also specialize in interior door repairs. Charleston, SC homeowners with defective French doors, screen doors, slabs, prehung, or closets are in safe hands! Minor repairs that involve replacing hardware pieces like hinges, knobs, latches, strikes, deadbolts, and screws are easily done without hassle.

Why Hire The Experts At Mr. Handyman?

As a crucial part of Neighborly’s leading home service franchises, Mr. Handyman is committed to serving its local community by providing dependable handyman services. From property maintenance to house repairs and home remodeling, our highly trained team of local experts not only guarantees high-quality workmanship but also outstanding customer service.A technician from Mr. Handyman completing interior door repairs in Charleston, SC.

There is a reason why our community of Charleston only hires a qualified handyman for major and minor home repairs and improvement projects. Not only do they want experienced technicians who are skilled and fully insured, but also respectful and courteous. Mr. Handyman is your one-stop shop for all popular handyman home services, including door installation and repair, drywall repair, flooring installation, bathroom remodeling, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Repairs In Charleston, SC

What Are The Common Signs That Call For Door Repairs?

Charleston, SC homeowners may notice a decrease in their home’s energy efficiency due to air leaks and drafts near their entryway. While installing weather stripping could fix the issue, you may want to consider a proper inspection to check your unit’s overall insulating properties and measure its effectiveness. Besides that, other common warning signs that call for repair include:

  • Stickiness: You have trouble opening and closing your door. Inspect your frames for swelling and moisture damage. Check if the bottom is rubbing or scratching against the metal threshold. It’s possible that a shifting foundation has caused a misalignment.
  • Inoperable hardware: Perhaps your latch won’t work, or the hinges are squeaking. During installation services, it’s crucial that your contractor uses high-quality stainless steel materials. If not, it’s easy to run into problems involving rust and corrosion.
  • Air leaks and drafts: It’s not unusual for homeowners to experience heated furnace air leaking outside or cold drafts entering their homes via gaps and cracks. Often, weather stripping installation and caulking services can fix the problem, but it’s best to get expert door repairs. Charleston, SC technicians at Mr. Handyman are able to run fast diagnostics before proving the best repair method.
  • Hollow sounds: Do you hear exterior noises loud and clear? Or do you hear a hollow sound when knocking against your wood door? That is a sign of interior deterioration where its structural integrity has degraded, but it may not be noticeable on the surface. That’s when your best option is a replacement.

Does Sliding Glass Door Repair Service Help Reduce My Energy Costs?

It sure does! This situation is similar to our window repair services, during which our customers experience moisture trapped in between glass panes or hot and cold drafts. With sliding glass units, it’s also not unusual to need a roller replacement at some point in the future. But with Mr. Handyman’s glass door repairs, Charleston, SC homeowners can restore their indoor energy efficiency and save money on their monthly bills, as well as increase their home’s curb appeal.

Which Type Of Exterior Door Will Keep Maintenance And Repairs To A Minimum?

Wood and steel units require periodic maintenance due to their sensitivity to constant exposure to the elements. If you seek a weather-resistant unit that requires only minimal maintenance, you may want to consider a fiberglass door installation. These units have a weather-resistant exterior and superior insulating properties. Feel free to ask your Charleston handyman for more information and where to find the highest quality fiberglass units for your home, as well as other quality products. That said, fiberglass units are also more expensive compared to other systems, but their overall advantages will outweigh the costs.

Need Professional Door Repairs In Charleston, SC?

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