Kitchens don't necessarily have to have backsplashes—but they tend to both look and function better after Dallas backsplash installation is taken care of by a qualified Dallas handyman. Backsplashes add plenty of character, charm and style to the wall behind the countertop, which happens to be a part of the kitchen you spend a lot of time staring at without realizing it. They also protect that wall from moisture damage, splashes of grease and even flying food when a particularly enthusiastic cook is working away.

If you'd like to enhance the appearance of your kitchen or other rooms in your house with a backsplash installation in Dallas, TX, the professionals at Mr. Handyman have the skill and experience to complete a beautiful, durable, long-lasting installation on a vertical surface. Count on our team for the outstanding quality of service and customer care that goes the extra mile.

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About Our Dallas Backsplash Installation Services

Most Dallas backsplash installation projects involve tile, and our reliable team has decades of combined experience with tile installation of all types and materials, including backsplashes. Tile application is one of those things that may look easy on the surface—no pun intended—but requires many years of experience to make the end result actually look good. Appearance is particularly important for any Dallas backsplash installation because the work is upfront at eye level and any imperfections will stick out like a sore thumb. That's why this particular task is best left to our experienced team of handyman professionals.

When it's time for backsplash installation, Dallas, TX homeowners get to do the fun part, shopping for the perfect materials, and we'll take care of the labor. When buying tile, it’s a good idea to get about 10% more than you think you'll need for two reasons: one, it accounts for possible miscalculations, and two, if a single tile breaks in the future, it can be swapped out for one of the extras. This is important because it's often quite difficult to find a matching piece once a few years have passed.

If you need a replacement Dallas backsplash installation, we'll start by carefully removing old materials so as not to damage your backer board panel underneath and haul that away. We'll then repair or prepare your substrate as necessary and plan a vertical layout of the pieces so we know where to start and finish up with an attractive backsplash pattern in place. We'll then apply the tile and grout in sections, working our way across the surface methodically. Once the grout has fully dried and cured, we'll clean up the grout haze and make sure all the other installation mess is tidied up so all you have to do is enjoy your new backsplash.

Pick Mr. Handyman for Expert Backsplash Installation in Dallas, TX

When searching for a reliable handyman to take care of backsplash installation, Dallas, TX homeowners need to look no further than the home improvement, repair, and installation experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. Not only do we have the skill and experience to handle a wide range of projects for your residential or commercial property, we're also focused on delivering 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

Our courteous, friendly team members undergo an extensive screening process, including an employee background check program, so you can rest assured you'll have a safe, pleasant experience while they are working on your property and fantastic results for your backsplash installation.

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Is Dallas Backsplash Installation Only for Kitchens?

Certainly not! Kitchen backsplash installation is probably the most common type, but there are plenty of other rooms that can benefit. Bathrooms are another popular site for Dallas backsplash installation to protect the wall from water droplets and flecks of toothpaste—in fact, it's not uncommon for bathroom walls to be completely covered in tile from floor to ceiling. They also work well in laundry rooms, mudrooms, play areas, crafting zones, and other places where the wall could use a little extra protection and appeal.


The most popular backsplash materials are ceramic tile or porcelain tile. Glass tile is also quite popular for Dallas backsplash installation. Glass is too delicate for a flooring installation, but it looks great on the wall because the tiles are translucent with a colored background. That gives the surface a lot more depth and texture and catches the light in interesting ways. Natural stone tile isn't always the best choice because materials like slate and marble are more prone to issues such as chipping and staining, and need to be sealed regularly to avoid damage. As far as shape goes, subway tiles are the classic choice.

For backsplash tile size, small or medium are generally good options. If you love the look of larger format options such as 12x24-inch tiles or 18-inch tiles, that's certainly possible—but keep in mind if there are a lot of obstacles to work around, such as electrical outlets, larger pieces will need to be cut and fit around them, and that can look awkward in a way you don't have to worry about with mosaic tiles.


Actually, both are necessary, just in slightly different locations. Grout is a cement-based product that is used to fill the grout lines between tiles, while caulk is a semi-flexible sealant used along the edge of a tile installation where it meets another material such as drywall.

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Homeowners who need backsplash installation in Dallas, TX, or a nearby community such as Mesquite, Sachse, or Balch Springs are in luck—just call the experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas to take care of all your repair, improvement, maintenance, and installation tasks. Our team has the skill to handle everything from backsplash installation to floor repair and drywall installation.

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