Pet ownership in the United States has increased significantly in the past 30 years, where about 66% of American households own a pet. Our furry friends play a crucial role in our lives, serving as loyal companions and invaluable sources of emotional support. But playing doorman for your pets can get old real quick. Installing a doggie door can greatly simplify your life and enhance the well-being of your furry companions. Our expert Dallas handyman specializes in installing pet doors precisely where you desire, be it for your majestic large dog or charming little cat. When you think it’s time to add more convenience to your home, call Mr. Handyman for a dog door installation in Dallas, TX.

At Mr. Handyman of Dallas, we specialize in creating a seamless transition between the indoors and outdoors. We will ensure your dog's secure freedom while maintaining the integrity of your home. We are here to help address the issues of your dog scratching at your door or barking incessantly when they need to go outside. Take the first step to a harmonious living space, and reach out today to have your dog door installed!

About Our Dog Door Installation in Dallas

When it comes to a dog door installation in Dallas, you want to choose the right type of door that suits both your home's layout and the size of your pet. We offer a variety of pet door models, including:

  • Traditional flap: This classic option features a simple flap that swings freely, enabling your pet to pass through effortlessly. Available to you in a variety of sizes and materials, such as vinyl, plastic and rubber, to support the size and breed of your canine friend. 
  • Sliding glass: A fabulous option for homeowners with sliding glass patio entries. These are engineered to fit seamlessly into the existing glass door panel. These are easy to install, and they'll keep your sliding door in great shape, all while making it easier for your dog to come and go. 
  • Electronic: With electronic automatic dog doors, you can ensure exceptional security, providing an additional level of protection against unwelcome intruders and pests. These doors are specifically designed to only unlock for your pet. They are equipped with sensors that recognize a special collar worn by your pet, ensuring that only your furry friend can enter while keeping out unwanted visitors. 
  • Wall-Mounted: Without suitable existing doors, wall-mounted dog doors offer a practical solution. Installing wall-mounted doors directly into the exterior wall offers a unique entry point for your beloved pet while minimizing any potential damage to your home's structure. 
  • High-tech smart options: We are fortunate to live in the 21st century, where we have the technology to control doggie doors with our smartphones! Yes, this is actually possible! These high-tech entries offer programmable timers, curfew settings, and motion activity monitoring, allowing you to effortlessly monitor your pets' movements.  
  • Non-Permanent Pet Door Solutions: These are the perfect solution for renters who can't cut a hole in doors or walls. They are convenient packages designed to fit seamlessly into a sliding glass patio door or an open sash window frame. The package is designed to block off the rest of the gap so cool breezes will not enter. They work just as well as a standard permanent installation type. 

We can also talk about other options for a doggie door installation, such as French doors, screen doors, and any other options you're thinking about. At Mr. Handyman, we're true experts that will ensure a seamless and professional setup. We help pet owners give their pets a bit of freedom and independence they need while preserving the beauty of your home. 

Material Options For Your Dog Door Installation in Dallas

We wouldn't be the most trusted handyman service in Dallas without recognizing how crucial choosing the right material for your dog door is. Selecting the appropriate material plays a crucial role in ensuring the longevity and aesthetic appeal of your residence. We use high-quality materials to ensure an excellent pet door installation in Dallas. We always make sure to fulfill your expectations and collaborate with you to find the best choice for your home, budget, and preferences of color or material. 

Here is a list of some of the most common materials for dog door installations in Dallas:

  • Vinyl: Probably the most popular choice because of its durability, energy efficiency, and easy maintenance. Vinyl resists moisture, warping, and fading, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. 
  • Plastic: Offering both affordability and versatility, plastic dog doors are always an excellent choice. They are lightweight and very easy to install, making them ideal for renters. 
  • Aluminum: These types of doors are known for their strength and longevity. Aluminum is resistant to rust and is always strong enough to handle severe weather conditions. Oftentimes, aluminum doors have sturdy frames and flaps, making them a great choice for big dogs. 
  • Glass: Specifically designed for sliding glass doors and are made of tempered glass for safety. The installation is seamless, ensuring it integrates naturally with your existing door. 
  • Composite Materials: Fiberglass or engineered wood, composite materials offer a balance between durability and aesthetics. These materials may resemble real wood, but they possess superior resistance to moisture, decay, and pests.

Why Hire Mr. Handyman For Your Pet Door Installation in Dallas?

When you choose Mr. Handyman, you are choosing service providers that are true professionals. We are an insured, licensed, and bonded team, giving you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Experience the convenience and quality service that Dallas has come to rely on. 

But speaking of doors, did you know that we can either repair or install human doors? Whether your patio door requires repairs or you're looking to install a pocket door, Mr. Handyman is here to assist with all your maintenance and home repair needs. Whether you need interior carpentry services or bathroom remodeling, we've got your back. 

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FAQs About Our Dallas Dog Door Installation Services

How Do I Determine The Right Dog Door Size?

Pets come in all sizes and shapes, and so pet doors need to mimic that too. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the idea of installing a dog door yourself, don't worry. The service professionals at Mr. Handyman can assist you in finding the right size for your pet and home. We measure your pet's width and height. Then we add a couple of inches for easy access through the exterior frames. 

Can I Do My Own Dog Door Installation?

Consider whether you possess the necessary confidence, expertise, and tools before attempting to install a pet door on your own. The last thing you want is a gaping hole in a door that's an open invitation for rodents and other pests. Hiring a professional to install your dog doors is highly cost-effective as they possess the essential tools, expertise, and experience needed to efficiently accomplish the project. 

Can A Dog Door Be Removed If I No Longer Need It?

Dog doors can be removed, but the process may vary depending on the installation method. Some installations can leave visible traces, such as patched holes. Consult with a handyman professional if you plan to remove a pet door. Feel free to contact us to find out the most feasible and cost-effective options. 

Uncover the Advantages of Our Dog Door Installation Services in Dallas

Residents of Dallas and surrounding areas, such as Addison, Garland, or Richardson, can rely on Mr. Handyman of Dallas for expert pet door installation services. We will get your pet footloose and fancy-free in no time. Say goodbye to waking up at 2 AM to let your dog out for a potty break, and say hello to low-maintenance pet maintenance! 

Contact our customer service team to schedule an appointment or find out what sets us apart as the top-rated handyman service in Dallas. We look forward to meeting you and your furry confidante!

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