Over the past few decades, open-concept floor plans have become increasingly popular for residential construction in Dallas, TX—and pretty much everywhere else throughout the United States. But that doesn't mean we're done with doors just yet. Whether they're on the interior or the exterior of your home, they play a critical role in keeping undesirable elements out of your house, from harsh weather and heat transfer to pest infestations and home intruders. That's why it is so critically important to choose the perfect option when you need a new Dallas door installation.

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Sooner or later, all homes need Dallas door installation services from a qualified, licensed handyman. Old entryways deteriorate over time from all the abuse they endure throughout the years and eventually need to be replaced—or you may be interested in making a big change to the appearance and function of your home by adding a new installation where there's currently only a wall.

Regardless of what you need and want from your Dallas door installation improvement project, you can count on your local Dallas handyman to deliver it with excellent workmanship and superior customer service. The team of service professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas have decades of combined experience in repair, installation and improvement trades, so we know exactly what needs to be done to get the ideal results you're looking for. We have a wide range of options and do everything from entry doors to barn doors.

What Qualities Does Your Dallas Door Installation Need to Have?

You may have already checked out a few home improvement stores or browsed around online in an effort to find the right choice for door installation. Dallas residents are spoiled for choice, but that can sometimes make the selection process feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of products available, and you need to find the right door that perfectly suits your household's unique needs and priorities.

Maybe your first priority by far is security, and you really don't care that much about how your entryway looks and functions as long as it goes the extra mile to keep your family safe. Maybe boosting curb appeal is the whole reason you decided on a Dallas door installation project, and it's crucial that you find the ideal entryway to enhance and complement your home's design. More likely, you're looking for something that is going to give you security, durability, efficiency, and appeal in one all-around great package. Here are the key qualities to consider while you're thinking about what will work best for your home.

Safe And Secure

While security is likely not a big concern for an interior door installation, Dallas residents need strong, secure exterior doors so they can get the peace of mind that comes with knowing their household and possessions are safely under lock and key. If you are focused on finding an exterior entryway that will give you security against home intruders and also go the distance to keep out nasty pest infestations, consider steel as an option for your new door installation. Steel doors are impressively strong, energy efficient, and durable, so they are capable of withstanding a barrage of damaging factors and remain in solid shape. You don't have to sacrifice appearance either, since steel comes in a wide variety of styles and it's easily painted any color you like to perfectly complement the rest of your house. The only potential downside with steel is that it can suffer from deterioration such as rust, but you can easily avoid that by applying a coat of anti-rust paint every few years.

Energy Efficient

If you dread opening your utility bill because it seems like your energy usage charges have reached a new high every month, then new door installation may be exactly what you need. There are a lot of potential factors in a home that can cause energy loss, so it's not necessarily your old entryway—but if the seal on your entry is compromised and you've noticed issues like cold drafts coming from it, or visible light around the edges of the entry, that's definitely a problem that is needlessly raising the amount you have to pay on your energy bills.

We are blessed with hot summers and mild winters in the Dallas part of North Texas, but that doesn't mean energy efficiency doesn't matter for homes here. It all comes down to heat transfer, the natural process in which thermal energy will attempt to move from a warm area to a colder area. Heat transfer compromises the work your HVAC system does by changing the temperature inside your house so your air conditioner or furnace has to operate for longer and use more fuel, driving up your energy costs.

The option you choose for Dallas door installation must be able to prevent heat transfer if you want to keep your energy costs low and avoid paying more than necessary on your monthly bill. Wood is one possibility with generally low thermal conductivity and a higher R-value than some options, but an insulated fiberglass door will offer superior energy efficiency over wood. That being said, the least efficient option is going to be any type of material combined with a window. Glass is a really poor insulator, so even double-pane windows will cause more energy loss than an entryway without a window.

Durable And Long-Lasting

You want your interior entries to be great quality so you can use them for years to come, but they don't have to be anywhere near as durable as your exterior entries. The outside of your house is constantly being battered by everything from bad weather and excess moisture to wildlife attacks and pest infestations making maintenance necessary. If longevity, durability, and value are your main priorities for Dallas door installation, fiberglass is a great choice for a reasonably priced, durable material. It's strong enough to resist the typical level of abuse it will have to endure at a residential property and is also resistant to corrosion and water damage.


If you're in need of interior Dallas door installation, you might be focused on finding something that matches the rest of your doors, but it's not always necessary (or possible) to get an exact match, and that's okay. A similar style in the same color will not stick out as much as you might think, and you may even want to consider a contrasting style that will denote a different purpose for the room it leads to.

A pair of French doors might be the perfect solution if you have an underutilized area such as a dining room or study that you'd like to be able to close off now and then while still benefiting from natural light. French doors with glass inserts are a great option for adding both aesthetic appeal and light to the rooms that they’re installed.

Why is Mr. Handyman the Best Choice for Dallas Door Installation?

It can be frustrating to realize you need to hire someone for an improvement project like door installation. Dallas homeowners are proud of their properties and don't want just anyone messing around with their house, so it's important to find someone who is capable of working effectively and efficiently to deliver a superior service. But it's also very important that they are trustworthy and behave in a courteous, professional manner at all times. You can expect all that and more from the home repair, installation, and improvement experts at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. Regardless of which type of entryway you choose, our skilled, licensed handyman team can get it installed—and yes, that includes pet door installation!

Commercial Door Installation In Dallas, TX

Our reliable Dallas door installation services aren't just for residential properties. If you're a business owner in Dallas, TX who needs a reputable, experienced handyman to take care of door installation, you can count on our trustworthy team. We'll arrive on time and get the job done correctly the first time so you can focus on more important matters like growing your business’s success.

Commercial buildings have unique needs that go beyond those of residential buildings, and we are experienced with handling commercial requirements as well. We can install revolving, automatic, and industrial doors, among other types of commercial-specific entryways.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dallas Door Installation

When you have questions about Dallas door installation or any of our other trusted handyman services in the Dallas area, you can get them answered quickly and easily by giving our team a call to speak with our experts. Or, take a look at our answers to a few common questions below.

What Are The Signs I Need A Replacement DallasDoor Installation?

Damage tends to start small and get incrementally worse over a long period of time, so it can be difficult for homeowners to know when they really need a Dallas door installation to replace a deteriorated entryway. If you know the signs that your property is in need of professional installation services, you can call a qualified Dallas handyman for help before the problem spirals out of control and compromises the security or livability of your home, along with its curb appeal. Signs that indicate you need a replacement installation include:

  • Patches of wood rot and other signs of moisture damage
  • Difficult to open and close
  • Lock is difficult to turn
  • Lock doesn't prevent entry from being opened
  • Foggy glass due to condensation trapped between double panes
  • Window or glass in entry is broken
  • Cold drafts, even when entry is shut
  • Visible light around edges of slab
  • Corrosion such as rust on metal
  • Misaligned double doors
  • Warped latch or hinge jamb
  • Damage from pets or wildlife
  • Home intrusion damage
  • Entry is unattractive or outdated

Will It Save Time To Install A New Slab In An Old Frame?

Many people assume that it is simpler, faster, and therefore less costly to just hang a new entry slab in an existing frame. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the opposite is actually true in most cases. Hanging a slab in a frame requires some complicated measurements and usually, one or both sides need to be cut and adjusted to make them match up properly, so there's a good chance the old frame would actually need to be removed and reinstalled. Those extra steps require a lot of skill, time, and effort, so it usually makes more sense to replace both elements at the same time. Generally speaking, it's more cost-effective to have your handyman replace both the slab and the frame at the same time, and the results of your Dallas door installation will be more satisfying overall.

How Long Does It Take For Door Installation In Dallas, TX?

That really depends—when we're talking about a straightforward, pre-hung door installation, Dallas handyman professionals may be able to take care of the job within a few hours. But there are certain factors, such as the condition of the overall entryway or how accessible it is that could cause it to take longer than that. Once our experienced technicians have had the opportunity to assess your Dallas door installation project in person, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of how long it will take us to get your entryway fully installed so you can plan accordingly.

Get the Advantage of Expert Dallas Door Installation by Your Local Handyman

Regardless of whether you live in downtown Dallas or a nearby community such as University Park, Rose Hill, or Las Colinas, you can get the same expert workmanship and outstanding quality of service from the team of professionals at Mr. Handyman of Dallas. We cover everything from new door installation to many kinds of door repair. Give us a call today to speak with our friendly customer service staff and learn more about our reliable handyman services, or to schedule a convenient appointment time.

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