Your front door is the first point of entry into your home. It protects your family, keeps your belongings safe, and ensures outside temperatures stay out. On average, you'll get around 20–50 years from a wooden or composite front door, but it may be less if you haven't stayed on top of necessary repairs. Considering front door replacement in Flower Mound, TX? An important task that shouldn't be put off, swapping out a damaged door for a new one has many benefits, including safeguarding your home against intruders, pests, and rising energy bills.

Of course, making the decision is just half the battle. The next half comes in choosing the right Flower Mound handyman for the job. If you prioritize professionalism, quality workmanship, and efficient service, the choice is easy. Let our expert team at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton give you a hand with your front door replacement project.

What can you expect when hiring our qualified crew? Read on to discover more about our skills and qualifications, as well as our dedicated approach to front door replacement in Flower Mound, TX.

About Our Front Door Replacement in Flower Mound, TX

You'll know it's time to replace your front door when you see serious signs of damage, wear and tear, or if it's reached the end of its lifespan. While you can get up to 50 years from a wooden door, some will last only 20, while other types, such as steel doors or iron doors, can last up to 100 if cared for properly.

Proper care includes maintenance tasks such as fixing damage when it occurs and staying on top of weatherproofing and painting. No matter how old your door is, when it begins to show signs of serious damage, getting it replaced quickly is incredibly important. How exactly does our front door replacement process work?

Old Door Removal

First, you'll need to pick your preferred style of door. You'll have quite a few different style options to choose from, but perhaps the most important decision you need to make is whether you would like a slab door or a pre-hung door.

  • Slab Door. Does not include the frame. You will likely choose this type of door if your door frame is still in good shape with absolutely no signs of damage. If your frame is the same age as your existing door, you may wish to replace it even if it isn't damaged.
  • Pre-hung door. Already installed on a frame. You will have many more style options to choose from than you will if choosing a slab door. Though this option is more expensive, it's the right choice if your frame is at all showing signs of damage or deterioration.

Once you have acquired your door, book your service, and our experienced team will arrive to install it. We'll first need to remove your old exterior door. This includes taking the door off its hinges and prying out or sawing the frame.

New Door Installation

The installation process for your new front door will vary depending on whether you choose a slab door or a pre-hung door. Whether you opted for a door that prioritizes energy efficiency or one with windows, the only real difference in the installation steps comes from whether or not we are installing a new frame.

The door installation process can be rather complicated. But in general, it involves fitting and securing the sill and the door, making sure the door is square, checking the fit, and performing light carpentry work to fit the door. We'll then need to hang the door and secure it in place. This includes caulking around the frame, shimming the edges, fastening the hinges, and nailing on exterior trim. It’s good to note that when we replace a front door, the existing framing usually stays as is. Unless you’d like to change the type entirely and opt for a brand-new installation, we can accommodate that request, too!

Why Choose Mr. Handyman For Front Door Replacement in Flower Mound, TX?

Your front door is the first point of entry into your home. It protects your family and belongings, keeps your energy bills steady, and keeps pests outside. When looking for a company for your Flower Mound front door replacement, you don't want to choose just any. You want one with excellent customer feedback that's been in the business for many years. When choosing Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton, that's precisely what you'll get. We also think you'll love our:

Professional Service

Our team of handymen has an average of ten years of experience, bringing professionalism and expertise to every service performed. To give you full confidence in the service you receive, we thoroughly background check all of our employees. We know homeowners like you care about who you invite into your home, and we want to give you total peace of mind at all times. When it comes to respect, kindness, and expert knowledge, these are qualities you'll never have to second guess when choosing our qualified team.

Wide Range of Services

You have a variety of tasks on your to-do list. Why hire a handyman for just one? We specialize in a wide selection of professional services for your property, including maintenance jobs and improvement projects. Choosing a professional handyman who can help you cross them all off is paramount, giving you more free time to do what you love. Feeling overwhelmed with home maintenance? Ask us about door repair, pressure washing, and deck repair to get your home back in excellent condition.

Quality Workmanship

With Mr. Handyman's name comes an excellent reputation. We're known for our quality workmanship and for getting jobs done right the first time. Backing them all with a workmanship guarantee, we promise you'll be pleased with the quality of service we perform–or else we'll come back to make it right. See more about why customers love the way we work by checking out our local reviews!

Convenient Scheduling

No one has the time or patience to wait around all day for a handyman to show up–and you shouldn't have to. That's why at Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton, we offer convenient scheduling that fits with your life. You'll pick a time and date that work with your schedule, and our team will show up on the dot, no questions asked.

We work hard to deliver complete customer satisfaction to home and business owners, using quality materials and workmanship and backing all of our services with our Done Right Promise. If you need any more information about the way we work or the services we provide, call our knowledgeable customer service representatives today.

FAQs About Front Door Replacement in Flower Mound, TX

Many questions can pop up when it comes to front door replacement in Flower Mound, TX. We've put together a list of some of our most frequently asked queries, but if you have any additional questions along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch.

What Are The Signs I Need To Replace My Front Door?

Sometimes, the signs are clear as to when you should replace your front door. Other times, they're not. So, how do you know when it's time to replace your front door? Be on the lookout for these telltale signs:

  • Warping and bending. Warping can be a sign of water damage, but it may also be that the wood your door is made from dried unevenly. High humidity levels could also be to blame. Whatever has caused the issue, it's one that will prevent you from opening and closing your door easily and may even result in gaps between the door and frame.
  • Water damage. Resulting in warping, swelling, or wood rot, water damage usually occurs if you have not stayed on top of regular maintenance.
  • Numerous cracks. Cracks can occur from repeated slamming or extreme temperatures, but they can also be a sign of foundation damage. If both your door and door frame have numerous cracks, it's a good idea to have your home inspected by a professional. Calling an experienced handyman will provide the correct diagnosis you need to take the right course of action. If there are no other signs of foundation damage, cracks simply mean your door is not as effective in keeping your home energy efficient, safe, and pest-free.
  • Pest damage. Pests love wooden doors. Once they make your door their home, they will continue to eat the wood and may even make their way inside your house, claiming that, too.

Can You Replace the Front Door Without Replacing the Frame?

You can most certainly replace a front door without replacing the frame, but if you're at all interested in the safety of your home and family, you may not want to. One of the main reasons for replacing a front door is old age. Wooden entry doors will last up to 20 years if cared for properly, and since the frame is also made from wood, it should be replaced at the same time. Failure to do so may mean that the door frame begins to splinter and crack, compromising the structure of the entire system.

If you need to replace your front door, though it may seem more cost-effective to just swap out the actual door, in the grand scheme of things, it makes more sense to replace front door frames at the same time.

How Long Does a Front Door Replacement Take?

Professional front door replacement will take between 2 and 4 hours. If you decide to take on the task yourself, it could take you an entire day. There are many steps in the door replacement process, and if just one of them isn't completed correctly, it could throw off the entire installation of the door.

While pre-hung doors are somewhat easier to install than other types, if you are taking on this task yourself, you will need to be sure to procure all of the correct tools, such as a circular saw, drill, router, wood chisel, utility knife, and quite a few more. It's paramount that you know how to properly use these tools as well to ensure your safety.

When You Buy a Door, Does it Come With the Frame?

There are two types of doors you'll come across when shopping for a new one. Pre-hung, which includes a frame, and a slab door, which does not include a frame. Within these two types, you'll also encounter various different designs; however, all doors fall into either one of these categories. As you can imagine, the installation services for each of these types of doors are a bit different. Our professional team has ample experience with installing both.

When Considering a Front Door Replacement, What is the Best Front Door to Buy?

That depends on your preferences; however, we believe that the best front door to buy is one that will last the longest while meeting your needs for safety as well as your style preferences. Interested in classic wooden doors? You will find three main types of wooden doors in your search:

  • Solid wood doors: As the same suggests, these doors are made from solid wood. Well, kind of. They're made from small sections of solid wood pieced together, not one giant slab of wood. While their drawbacks include warping from moisture damage and a high price, they have excellent resale value and do an excellent job at blocking sound.
  • Solid core doors: Made from an engineered wood core with a natural wood exterior, these doors are more affordable than solid wood but still bring the same high-quality look to your home. Unlike solid wood doors, they won't warp or bend, but they are quite heavy to install.
  • Hollow core doors: With a plastic or paperboard core, hollow core doors have a wooden shell. They're lightweight and easy to install but can get damaged quite easily. These doors should be used for the interior of your home only.

Out of solid wood and solid core doors, which is better for your front door? That's a decision you'll need to make based on your budget, needs, and preferences. If you require any help during your decision-making process, our knowledgeable team is always available.

Need Front Door Replacement in Flower Mound, TX? Call Mr. Handyman Today!

You know how important replacing your front door is to the comfort and safety of your home, so why put it off? If you're considering the service, there's no one better for the job than Mr. Handyman of Flower Mound, Lewisville, and Denton. We're proud to serve our community with top-tier services, whether you need us to install your new, beautiful door or for an entire bathroom remodel.

As always, if you need any other information about the services we provide or the quality of our work, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer care team. Ready to replace your front door? Call or contact us online today to schedule an appointment!

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