Your Frisco House Repair Checklist

Imagine for a moment what your home would look like if you never took the time to take care of it. Your gutters would be overflowing with muck, your lawn would be in desperate need of a trim and your siding would be starting to discolor.

And it’s not only the exterior of your house that requires regular care. Your cracked drywall needs repairing, your old tile grout needs replacing and your kitchen needs a fresh coat of paint. Suffice it to say, the list of odd-jobs that are so easy to put off will start to pile up.

Maintaining your home can be a lot of work. But you know that it’s worth the effort to keep your home beautiful, comfortable and safe.

That said, often house repair jobs tend to be neglected—perhaps because they are time-consuming, messy or because you don’t know where to start. To help you tackle those odd-jobs and accomplish your house repair needs, we’ve put together this checklist. We’ve broken it down so that you can stay organized while ensuring your home gets the TLC it deserves.

House Repair for Your Walls

Your walls are one of the primary areas of your home that need regular maintenance. If you don’t have the time or confidence to complete these house repair tasks on your own, be sure to contact a qualified technician at Mr. Handyman Frisco and our skillful team will be more than happy to lend you a hand.

1. Apply Fresh Paint

Does your home need a little makeover? Perhaps your wall color is dated, or you are simply in the mood for a change. Our experts have the skills to update your paint job efficiently and professionally. We’ll make your home look like it was renovated without the need for extensive house repairs.

2. Re-Grout Old Tiles

Over time, the grout in your bathroom or kitchen backsplash gets old, dated and dirty. Give it a new lease on life by removing the old grout and replacing it. If you are not sure how, give our technicians a call to request a service today.

3. Hang Up Pictures

Hanging up pictures is one of those tasks that typically falls by the wayside. It can be challenging to get your frames at just the right height, ensure they are all straight, and avoid putting 50 holes into your walls in the process. Luckily, our team at Mr. Handyman Frisco are pros when it comes to picture hanging.

4. Mount Your TV On the Wall

Did you recently get a new TV, but it has been sitting in its box because you are hesitant to try hanging it on the wall by yourself? Just like picture hanging, our team of experts can also mount your TV safely and carefully for you.

5. Fix Damaged Drywall

There is nothing more unappealing than cracks or dents in your walls. Be sure to fix your damaged drywall as soon as you notice chips appearing so that the integrity of the wall does not worsen. Alternatively, give our technicians a call and we can ensure your walls look good-as-new—while checking for any underlying issues.

6. Dust Floorboards

While you may regularly dust your shelves, pictures, decorative items and mantels, often your home’s floorboards are all-too-easily missed. Every so often make sure you intentionally dust your floorboards to keep dust to a minimum.

Fix Windows and Doors

The windows and doors in your home require a little TLC from time to time. Ensure your home is safe from the elements by completing these regular house repairs.

1. Seal Cracks and Gaps in Windows and Doors

Keep the elements out by sealing any gaps or cracks in your windows and doors. You can do this through applying new caulking to areas that are wearing.

2. Install Energy Efficient Windows

Energy efficient windows can make a huge difference to both your energy bill and your carbon footprint. Call our expert technicians today to inquire about window installation.

3. Oil Squeaky Doors

Not only are squeaking doors annoying, but they are also very easy to fix! Simply remove the pin in your door’s hinge, coat with a little petroleum jelly, and replace.

4. Replace Damaged Doors

Doors are critical to the safety and functionality of your home. Perhaps your door became damaged or you want to up-date your home’s aesthetic. While this house repair job can feel like a hassle, the professionals at Mr. Handyman Frisco have decades of experience replacing doors efficiently and correctly. Give us a call, we’d love to help you out!

5. Tighten Door Locks

Another key factor in keeping your home safe is ensuring your locks work properly and are not becoming loose. If this is the case, simply tighten the screws on your door handle and the lock should cease loosening.

Clean Your Appliances

Ensure you are getting the most out of your appliances by keeping them clean, so your fridge, stove and microwave can last as long as possible.

1. Vacuum Refrigerator and Freezer Coils

A couple times a year, be sure to vacuum out the coils at the back of your fridge. These coils push hot air out of your fridge, so keeping them clean will enable your refrigerator and freezer to work more efficiently.

2. Vacuum Dryer Vents

Lint is very flammable. If there is too much of it in your dryer vents it may catch fire. Also, keeping your dryer vents lint-free also keeps your dryer working correctly and efficiently. Our team of experts is very experienced at thoroughly cleaning dryer vents so you can have peace of mind that your home is safe.

3. Clean Your Dishwasher

Have you ever noticed a funny smell coming out of your dishwasher? Giving it a little TLC will help it clean better, smell better and prevent it from flooding.

4. Clean Out Your Microwave

No one wants to open up a microwave that smells like old food. Give it a quick wipe now and then to keep your microwave fresh and clean.

5. Clean Out Your Oven

It’s amazing the difference a clean oven can make. Like most of your appliances, your oven will work better when it is clean. Also, you will be able to keep a better eye on dinner without having to squint through months of build-up.

Check Your Roof and Fireplace

Your roof and fireplace are areas where house repair jobs often need to get done—but are easily overlooked. Be sure you are maintaining your roof and fireplace by:

1. Inspecting Roofs for Damaged or Missing Shingles

At least once a year—or after a storm—carefully look on the top of your roof for any missing or damaged shingles. These will need to be replaced immediately to protect your home from the elements and your roof from further wear-and-tear.

2. Cleaning Fireplace Flues

With prolonged use, debris begins to form along your chimney’s walls. This residue is called creosote and is highly flammable. It is very important to use a fireplace cleaning log or to manually scrub your fireplace flue from time to time. This will remove creosote from your chimney.

3. Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Not only do clean gutters and downspouts ensure rainwater and snow melt are draining properly away from your home, but clean gutters are also important for maintaining the structural integrity of your house. At Mr. Handyman Frisco, we understand that gutter cleaning is a time-consuming and dangerous job better left to the professionals. Get in touch with us today to book a gutter cleaning service.

House Repair for Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to your home, upkeeping its exterior is just as important as maintaining its interior. Every so often—perhaps in the spring when the weather is pleasant—be sure to complete the following house repair tasks.

1. Power Wash Your Siding

Power washing is a task that should be handled by a professional technician at Mr. Handyman Frisco, as it can be dangerous if not handled correctly. The benefits of power washing also make massive improvements on your home’s aesthetic—from getting rid of discoloration on your siding to making your cement walkway look brand new.

2. Touch Up Exterior Paint

Just like how a fresh coat of paint can work wonders on the inside of your home, touching up any chipped, old or discolored paint can boost curb appeal and make your home look as good as it did when you first moved in.

3. Repair Cracks in Your Stucco

If the stucco on your home’s walls has started to deteriorate, it’s time to call the team at Mr. Handyman Frisco. We’ll not only promptly repair the damaged stucco, but also ensure there are no underlying problems that are causing the stucco to break.

4. Refinish Your Deck

There is nothing like enjoying a cool beverage on a hot summer’s day while enjoying your refinished deck. Give your deck a facelift by sanding and staining the wood so it looks good-as-new.

Safety and Electrical Check

Part of keeping your home safe is checking your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms—making sure you have no exposed wires that could cause an electrical shock.

1. Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are critical to your family’s safety. Take time once a month to ensure both these detectors are operating correctly.

2. Replace Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In addition to making sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, swap out the batteries for new ones at least once to twice a year. It’s always better to be on the safe side!

3. Inspect Electrical Cords for Wear

Exposed wires can cause electrical shock or—in a worst-case scenario—a fire. Go through your home every so often to make sure you have no exposed extension cords, frayed wires or damaged phone chargers.

4. Inspect Your Fire Extinguishers

A few times a year, check on your fire extinguishers. Are they visible and easy to access? Do all the members of your family know where they are? Also be sure to look for any physical damage, leaking or corrosion and ensure the locking pin is intact and the taper seal is unbroken.

5. Replace Dead Light Bulbs

Lighting can make a dark and gloomy home look warm and inviting. If you have light bulbs that have burnt out, be sure to replace them promptly. If the bulbs are in tough-to-reach places, get in touch with our skilled technicians and we will replace them for you.

Other House Repair Tasks

Sometimes tasks that seem the easiest are the ones that are put-off the most. Stay on top of your house repair checklist by completing the following chores:

1. Assemble New Furniture

Maybe you moved into your first house or decided to upgrade your furniture, yet your beautiful tables, chairs and book shelves are still hibernating in their boxes.Call the experts at Mr. Handyman and we will assemble your new furniture efficiently and carefully so that you can finally enjoy it.

2. Give Your House a Deep Clean

Life is busy, and even though you stay on-top of daily household chores, sometimes your home just needs a thorough cleaning. Be it the traditional spring cleaning or another time of year, get the whole family together so that each person can tackle different tasks and your deep-clean will be completed in no time.

3. Inspect Your Basement and Attic

Typically, less time is spent in these two areas of your home, so it is less likely that any problems with leaks, insulation or cracked drywall will be noticed. Take time monthly to inspect your basement and attic to catch problems before they become emergencies.

4. Install Handrails

Whether for your garage, basement or tub-shower, handrails improve the safety of your home. Give the pros at Mr. Handyman Frisco a call today to inquire about our handrail installation services.

Contact Mr. Handyman Frisco for Your Home Repair Needs

Perhaps you plan to tackle this home repair to-do list on your own, or you think you may need a little help getting it all done. If that’s the case, be sure to request a service with the courteous and professional team at Mr. Handyman Frisco, and we will start checking off your to-do’s as soon as possible.