Have you ever entered a home where family portraits, artwork, diplomas, and even clocks were hanging just perfectly on the wall? The height and symmetry are just right, highlighting that family’s accomplishment, happiness and pride. Or have you ever entered an art gallery wondering how these specialists managed to successfully hang a life-size piece of art with heavy frames? The best person to call when you need that kind of perfect picture hanging in Frisco, TX is your local handyman.

A hammer, power drill, screws, hangers, and a picture frame lying on a wood surface before being used for picture hanging service in Frisco, TX.

The Frisco handyman team from Mr. Handyman is just one call away. Our trusted handymen always go above and beyond to meet our local customers’ expectations, which means that we always carefully check the surface areas and core of materials before we go ahead with any requested hanging tasks. For flawless hanging service, Frisco, TX homeowners can rely on our team to ensure their walls remain free from unnecessary damage. In some cases, we can even use other techniques that do not require drilling holes.

Before you think that all you need to do is drive a couple of nails into the wall, consider calling a team of local pros for help. Nails alone won’t hold animal mounts or solid hardwood frames. There is a wide variety of things you can hang or mount on walls, but hiring professional picture-hanging services is crucial if you care about safety. Do you have a residential or commercial setting and wish for a successful hanging service? Frisco, TX service technicians from Mr. Handyman have you covered!

What Can Mr. Handyman Hang with Hanging Services in Frisco, TX?

Many local customers want more than just plain walls! Whether you have children or grandchildren that have accomplished their schooling, take family photos every year, or are a passionate art collector, we have the right hanging techniques to suit your needs.

Beware of some DIY projects that could potentially lead to injuries or property damage that call for a drywall repairman. Our talented team of Frisco hanging service technicians are geared up for your professional picture-hanging service and will ensure that your pictures or other decorations will be hung without incident.


Rather than storing them in the attic or basement, you want to show them off on the walls. The trouble with lots of photos is that it’s easy to make mistakes, from measuring the spacing wrong to hanging too high or even underestimating the overall weight.

For single pieces of artwork, no matter the size, there is a standard rule that many people like to follow. It’s called the 57 inches rule which marks the average eye level. Measure from the ground up to the bottom of the frame. As long as it is between 57 and 60 inches, it’s an ideal height. Of course, this standard doesn’t really apply if you have furniture with different widths and heights that are leaning against the wall.

For example, if your art installation occurs above your couch, it’s recommended that the installation occurs about eight inches above the couch. And when grouping two pieces of art together, you should make sure they’re between two and six inches apart from each other, and also center them accordingly on the wall, so they’re in line with the couch. The goal for each piece of art and photograph is that they’re hung at eye level, no matter how many you put up at the same time.

You may like the fact that our Frisco hanging service technicians are particular with measurements, arrangement, and materials used. Their eagle eye for detail is what makes them meticulous and the perfectionists that they are.


Art is art; you can’t just keep it in a small frame or on canvas if the actual piece has an odd shape or carries more weight than any standard piece. Large or heavy pieces of artwork require professional hanging service. Frisco, TX homeowners would otherwise risk having their masterpieces damaged or even cause damage to their walls.

Unfortunately, nails and screws aren’t enough to hold a painting that weighs over 25 lbs. We will need to install plastic or even metal drywall anchors. Another option is to install a row of hanging kits, and include metal sawtooth hangers on the frames for additional support.


Some hunters are proud of their trophies and like to hang stuffed animal heads on their walls. But there are also other artsy and creative ways to decorate walls, such as resin heads, 3D art, and other types of sculptures.

Frame hanger hooks with nails often work best for this type of art. Wall decor can be unique and particular, but our Frisco hanging service team will ensure your art is securely hung and stands out from the crowd.


Heavy mirrors or any kind of high-end mirrors that were artistically built or manufactured require a professional installer because that is probably the last thing you want to ever break.

Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes; most have a frame, whereas others don’t. There is a wide range of methods for the hanging of mirrors. Often, you need more than just d-rings and wires. When installing mounting hooks, you need to take detailed measurements and mark them on a level before transferring those measurements onto the wall. Next, you’ll install heavy-duty wall anchors. During mirror installation, many professional installers forget to stick rubber bumper pads on the back of the mirror to prevent potential wall scratches.

When hanging a mirror with a sturdy frame, it’s recommended to use metal cleats, specifically, a top cleat that goes behind the mirror’s frame and a bottom cleat that you install onto the wall. Lastly, all you have to do is hook the top cleat with the mirror onto the bottom cleat on the wall.

Installing frameless mirrors comes with a little bit more work and requires the installation of mounting clips on the wall. They provide more security than merely adhesives.

Need help with professional mirror hanging? Don’t struggle alone; instead, call your local Frisco hanging service technicians to get the job done safely and efficiently.


A wall with a mounted TV before and after the TV has been installed on the wall using Mr. Handyman’s hanging services.

Do you want to get rid of your entertainment unit and free up some floor space in your living room? Have you just purchased a new TV but you haven’t had time to mount it yet? Are you lacking the right tools for the job? Mounting a TV can be tricky, and the last thing you want to do is make a mistake with this kind of hanging job.

Fortunately, Mr. Handyman’s Frisco hanging services also include mounting TVs safely and efficiently. With convenient service from Mr. Handyman, you can rest easy and watch your TV at exactly the right spot, without having to lift a finger to install it there.

Why Choose Mr. Handyman for Picture Hanging and Other Hanging Services in Frisco?

The team of knowledgeable, expert handymen at Mr. Handyman are dedicated to providing you with safe, professional services that will leave your home looking exactly how you want it to look. That means you can rest assured that when you choose Mr. Handyman’s hanging services, your paintings, pictures, and other wall decorations will all be hung safely, with no risk of damage to your home or the items you need to hang up.


  • Safe, worry-free experiences
  • Trustworthy service from skilled experts
  • Service from fully insured, professional handymen
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Courteous customer service
  • Guaranteed workmanship

Whether you need several framed photos hung up or just one massive mirror installed safely, you can rely on the team at Mr. Handyman of Frisco to get the job done right. Plus, you can get a lot more done during the same appointment with access to a wide range of additional handyman services. Call our knowledgeable team to learn more, or read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our hanging services below.

Frisco Hanging Services: FAQs


You certainly can, but we don’t really recommend drilling holes into brick. Our Frisco hanging service technicians are happy to help you install some brick clips or hangers made of high-quality brass. The mouth part goes into the mortar and hooks onto the top of a brick piece. Clips and hangers are designed to hold pictures and artwork that are between 20 and 25 lbs. However, his way of hanging won’t work if your mortar surface is flush. For a successful hanging service, Frisco TX technicians need to chip off a little bit of mortar, so the brass clip can hook onto it.


We certainly can. Our Frisco handyman services include home improvement and remodeling services during which we are more than happy to share our opinions with our local customers, especially if it’s something valuable that we have learned and want to pass on. We understand that each home design is different and you have to be careful not to mess with existing aesthetics. If your goal is to enhance the aesthetics of your home’s interior, we can definitely help you with some design ideas.


We offer a list of commercial handyman services and our expert Frisco hanging services are a part of them. We’re just as careful and diligent with commercial hanging services as we are with residential services, and will ensure your commercial property is not damaged. The added benefit you get from our Frisco handymen is their trustworthy judgment, as they take their time to inspect and analyze their work carefully; they think before they act.


There is. Take your kitchen cabinets as an example. They are already heavy as they are, but imagine the additional weight when you put bowls, plates, and cups inside them. Cabinets are carefully installed using specific techniques that help them carry all that extra weight, and you can use the same techniques for other heavy objects.

If you plan to hang heavy objects, you will need heavy-duty drywall anchors or metal toggles that are certified to hold objects that weigh between 100 and 150 lbs. When you choose our dependable hanging service in Frisco, TX, the technicians at Mr. Handyman will help you with the best methods and materials for hanging heavy objects.


Many people fail to take the necessary measurements, so their pictures appear crooked, not level, and even too high. Also, when the scale is off, you risk jeopardizing your home’s interior design. For instance, if you plan to fill a large wall space with art, you wouldn’t just hang a small picture in the center. Instead, you would fill that space with something much larger that also complements the proportions of that wall space. It would initially be a focal point that grabs everyone’s attention.

Feel free to contact us about our professional picture-hanging services in Frisco, TX. Mistakes are repairable, so there is no need to worry if you bent a nail or installed a screw in the wrong place.


If you put it this way, we would say it takes experience to create a meticulous eye for detail. Combine that with a little passion for basic math and always use a measuring tape and level when you have custom projects to add to the wall. Picture or art hanging services also require knowledge of materials used for a perfect installation.

Mr. Handyman’s highly trained service providers bring many years of experience in providing residential and commercial clients with a wide range of handyman services that include efficient Frisco hanging services, such as bathroom mirrors, signs, certificates, lighting systems, and much more!

Ready For Professional Frisco Hanging Services?

Decorating your living space shouldn’t be that hard, but for most people, it’s hard to decide where to even begin. You don’t want to drive a nail into the wall only to find out afterward that it wasn’t the right material.

Hiring your local handyman for dependable Frisco hanging services is, in fact, a very responsible move which confirms that you highly value safety and quality. That is the result our Frisco handyman experts strive for!

Whether you live in Little Elm, The Colony, Aubrey, or another surrounding area, we invite you to contact our friendly office team today to request an appointment or learn more about our other popular Frisco handyman services, including furniture assembly, door installation, and home repairs.

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