Door Repair or Door Replacement: Which Service Is Right for Your Home?

A handyman using a screwdriver to install a new lock and door knob assembly during an appointment for door repair.

Door service plays a crucial role in maintaining all buildings, but especially homes. In the simplest form, entryways add safety, access and protection to a space. However, they also provide much-needed privacy and separation, and add to the aesthetic of a home by boosting curb appeal or enhancing interior design. That’s why it’s so important to make the correct choice between Frisco door repair or replacement.

Your entryways can suffer from a wide range of common issues, and when there is a problem with an interior or exterior entry, it's hard to know if you should try to fix it up or just replace it altogether. We've put together an easy guide to help you decide if Frisco door repair or replacement is the right choice for you! These eight considerations will help you assess the situation and decide on the best choice for your property.

Whichever service you choose, you can count on your local, dependable Frisco handyman to provide quality services for Frisco door repair or installation. The professional team of experienced technicians at Mr. Handyman of Frisco are experienced with repair, maintenance and improvement services for homes and commercial properties. We are proud to deliver the highest standards of customer service and workmanship. When deciding what you need for door service, pay attention to the following key factors:

Level of Damage

One of the biggest deciding factors in a Frisco door repair or replacement debate is how much damage a unit has suffered over time (or in one major incident). Clearly, if there is too much damage your entryway can't be fixed with Frisco door repair and will have to be replaced altogether. However, if you’re simply dealing with a minor hardware issue like a broken spring or an issue that knocked your sliding door off track, repairs may be all you need. Before deciding on repair, it is best to complete a thorough investigation of your whole door for any hidden damage.

One area that often gets overlooked for damage is the frame. Damage can happen to a frame if it suffers an impact, which often happens when moving furniture or other larger objects through an entryway. It's common for these issues with a frame to eventually cause issues with the slab itself. If a frame gets warped too badly it can make it difficult to close properly and you may experience some sticking or jamming. While this can cause a lot of frustration for a homeowner, it can also be unsafe.

Thresholds, hardware and hinges are also areas that are commonly damaged in the daily use of an entryway. But, like the frame, it can be forgotten until the problem is too big to be ignored. Small Frisco door repair jobs such as replacing weather stripping, caulking and sweeps may be needed to help seal up an entry that leaks air or water. While it's much more effective to stay on top of damage and get door service as the damage occurs, this isn’t always possible. Fixing minor repairs can reduce the risk of much larger issues in the future.

Budget Available

A second consideration to make in this decision is the budget you have available for these improvements. There are different costs involved in both courses of action, but one isn't necessarily more expensive than the other in every situation. It all depends on exactly what needs to be done and what materials are used.

Homeowners often assume that Frisco door repair service will be less expensive than replacement, but that's not always the case in every situation. Sometimes repair would be very laborious or take a long time, making replacement a more cost-effective approach. It really depends on the extent of the damage, how old the unit is and what you want to accomplish. Budget is a very personal aspect of a project and varies with every situation. If you're not sure where to start, let us take a look at the problem and offer our best recommendation for how to get it handled in a timely, budget-friendly manner.

Materials Used

A big factor in the breakdown of your budget will come down to what material your entryway is made of. This will affect both Frisco door repair or door installation costs. Entries are made of all kinds of materials; wood, glass, steel, fiberglass and vinyl to name a few. Each of these range in price when looking for a new unit. Typically, the most expensive will be solid wood and the least expensive is a hollow-core option.

The material used in an entryway will also have a major effect on whether or not you can get Frisco door repair for the damage done to your property. Minor fixes for a wooden entryway will likely be a relatively easy project, like filling a scratch or crack. The project should have very positive results and can look good as new. But a serious dent in a steel door will be much harder to fix, if it is even possible at all.

The material that is used in making your door is also a very important thing to focus on if you do decide to replace it. Finding a material that will hold up, prevent energy loss caused by heat transfer and fit your home’s functional needs is crucial for the longevity of your purchase.

Scope of Skills Necessary

In the age of DIY that we live in, it can be tempting to think that you can handle any kind of Frisco door repair situation. However, if you are lacking necessary skills and tools, you can end up causing even more damage by attempting to do it yourself. Repairing or replacing an entryway requires quite a bit of technical skill to get it done right. When you choose to repair a door, your ultimate goal is to make it look and function as good as new again. This also means that you have to go about your project in just the right way, have patience and do it correctly the first time.

In addition to proper skills, it is recommended to have a proper team in place. In most cases, it will take two people to properly hang an entryway after Frisco door repair or when a new one is being put in place. The way an entry is hung is critical for preventing further damage and making sure it works properly. When it is hung incorrectly it can be frustrating and difficult to fix.

Before you start your project you should take a critical look at what you'll really be able to handle and what you won't. You don't want to pick an option only to realize that you can't handle it in the middle. Choosing pro door repair service for these kinds of projects is an excellent option. An expert will have the experience and skills to get repairs or replacement done efficiently and correctly. Looking into what it will take to get the job done will be helpful in deciding which option is best for your situation.

Placement of Door

There are entries and exits in all kinds of places in our homes; exterior, shower, bedroom, bathroom and others. Each of these has different functions and needs. It's important to consider this when deciding if you should replace your entryway or get door repair.

An exterior entry is extremely important for the safety of your home. When a front entryway becomes damaged it poses a threat to the overall security of your home. Depending on the type of damage, it may be better to replace your unit altogether to ensure protection. This is especially true when damage has affected how it closes or latches. That aspect of your entryway needs to be fully intact, and they can't necessarily be fully restored with Frisco door repair. For interior entries, there isn't as much of a safety aspect to look out for. Repairs on interior units can often fix a problem enough to be fully functioning and meet the needs of your household.

Desired Aesthetic

Sometimes an entryway just doesn't fit your style, and you simply want to change it to make it fit the overall look of the house better. This can sometimes be achieved with a Frisco door repair strategy. Maybe a change in color could do the trick and painting could give you the desired outcome. In some cases, adding custom molding or other decorative elements could make the difference.

Sometimes there's just nothing that can be done to make your entry fit the look you want. At that point, replacement is going to be the obvious choice. There are all kinds of units available that fit a wide range of styles. With a little bit of research, you'll be able to find just the right door to fit your aesthetic.

Frisco Door Repair Process

An actual repair process for a door depends completely on what damage has been done. The steps required for fixing a faulty door spring will differ greatly from fixing a stuck slab or rotted frame. First, you'll need to assess the damage. As we've talked about, this is the most critical step in deciding whether you should attempt Frisco door repair or not. This step should also be used to investigate the cause of damage as well.

Once you've figured out the damage and cause, then you can create a plan to deal with it. It's important to try to be as thorough as possible when making your plan. This is the time for research to make sure that you'll be able to handle repairs correctly. The research can be done either by talking to a professional, getting advice from someone who has done this kind of project already or finding a tutorial to follow.

After you've made your comprehensive plan, you can move forward to collect the supplies. Making sure you have all the supplies you might need before you start the project will ensure it goes smoothly. This includes tools, materials and any clean-up supplies as well. It's also important to make sure that you gather quality supplies in order to get a quality result.

Finally comes the actual Frisco door repair work. If you follow the plan that you've carefully put together, the scope of the project isn't too much, and you've had some practice with handiwork in the past, you should be able to get your desired result. Sometimes things don't go according to plan in DIY projects, so having some options and flexibility can be helpful. A key to successful repairs is to be thorough and patient. Frisco door repair may take time but you don't want to rush and be sloppy.

Getting a Replacement Installation

Sometimes Frisco door repair services just aren't an option and it needs to be replaced altogether. Door installation requires a whole different process than repairs. Replacing an entry by yourself is difficult and you may want to consider calling your local Frisco handyman to do this job. The precise nature of the job and the weight of the slab make it difficult.

In order for an entry to function properly, it needs to be hung straight and square. This will allow the hinges to fully open and close how they were designed. Even a little skew could make it so your slab bumps into the frame and won't latch properly.

If you decide replacement is warranted, whether by yourself or with professional help, you'll need to follow this basic process. First will be finding a new unit. The main thing to keep in mind with this step is making sure the new package is the right size for the space. Once you have made your purchase, it's time to hang it! This is done by screwing the hinges into both the frame in the wall and in the slab. It can be more complicated than it seems at first, and it does require you to hold the slab in place at the same time as it's being screwed on, so two people is best. Door installation could change the whole look, feel, and functionality of a space. It's a big difference for a small project.

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