A door is not merely an entrance and exit but speaks volumes about the kind of lifestyle you choose to live. As the defence battalion, a door is not only a safety mechanism that offers you the utmost security and protection but allows you to savor your sweet privacy while keeping out random intruders and wild animals or pesky pests. Regardless of if your doors are used to separate interior living spaces such as closets or rooms for added convenience or exterior living areas including preventing burglary at the basement exit door for security purposes or a garage door and its ability to climate control is essential to ward off harsh local weather conditions.

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A Front Door Is the Gatekeeper to Your Humble Abode!

An exterior or front door in particular can make the difference between embodying a warm and inviting atmosphere or a cold and desolate one. A front door especially is not just a solid opening you stick into the wall to open and close at your whim but it makes a bold statement about your persona and attributes from a basic and minimalist panel or flush entryway for your basement’s entrance to a smooth and sleek sliding glass backdoor leading to your backyard. But lately, if you’ve noticed your door doesn't seem to budge and drags along the floor, its hinges make odd squeaking noises due to being rusted over, hairline cracks or fractures have resulted in drafts, or the surface is warped from water and moisture damage–these are all telltale signs of a deteriorating entryway. Those who outright ignore a Frisco door replacement are not only bargaining away their protection from harm but can expect their home’s energy efficiency to be put into jeopardy as their monthly utility bills skyrocket. A door itself serves as an insulator of sorts and if it's damaged in any way whatsoever your furnace system has to work against the grain to give the same amount of output.

Although cosmetic damage such as peeling, dents, or small holes in the door’s jamb or trim boards which support the jamb can be fixed successfully, sometimes getting a door replacement over a repair is more cost-effective. If you want a front door replacement that expresses open sesame upon glance but still retains that subtle solitude it so requires, it may be about time to ask a qualified, local, and fully insured Frisco handyman from Mr. Handyman of Frisco for a professional door replacement.

Frisco homeowners can rely on our experienced and expert team members who are well-adept with the skillset, tactic, and know-how for a Frisco door replacement, repair, or maintenance. At Mr. Handyman we boast a notable track record for carpentry services and always advocate for our clients by genuinely listening to their perspective by offering authentic and long-lasting solutions for door replacement. We understand a front door is a gatekeeper to your home and you hope for a door replacement that is stunning and eye-catching whilst shielding as you call it a day and retreat inside. Frisco residents can rest assured that we only offer superior products and services, quality craftsmanship, and ultimate customer satisfaction. We always arrive in dapper fashion uniformed and prompt and can even adjust to your flexible schedule including last-minute emergency requests.

Our Established Process For A Door Replacement

Exterior Door Replacement

For front door replacement, Frisco property owners must proceed with extra precautions as given the fact your main entryway to your home takes the most wear and tear it requires weather stripping to sheath itself from harsh direct sunlight and precipitation including scathing wind, heavy rainfall, icy blizzards, and hailstorms. Atop this nitty-gritty details need to be considered such as the threshold which is the protective metal, wood, or stone cap placed over the entryway sill which must be sloped outwards to allow snow and water to slough off. This ensures your entryway is not only insulated and energy efficient but boosts your home’s curb appeal. Here are the basic components of a front entrance and exit entryway for the modern Frisco homeowner:

  • Frame
  • Head
  • Sidelight
  • Handle and Lockset
  • Side Light
  • Panel
  • Jamb
  • Sill
  • Threshold

Some parts of an entryway are more susceptible to damage than others such as the entryway jamb which can easily be scuffed by moving furniture or pets gnawing at it while the trim is bound to crumble if it's slammed hard consistently. Sometimes these components need to be repaired as they no longer align symmetrically with a Frisco door replacement.

Exterior Door Replacement

Here are some of our areas of expertise for a front door replacement service:

Sliding Glass Doors: This is a sliding glass entryway that swings open onto a patio or deck and functions by being slid on a track to one side. Patio doors take up less space and are usually made of fiberglass or steel, allowing for more visibility and shed in more natural sunlight. Plus they are more discrete in terms of aesthetic design and are a great energy-saving option as they keep your indoor air temperatures at moderate levels whilst allowing in the fresh air.

Storm Doors: A storm entryway is designed to protect your home’s main entryway from rain, ice, and snow warding off pests and allowing for improved air circulation throughout your home. Usually made of aluminum or tempered glass, storm doors boost your home’s energy efficiency while enhancing your security by adding an extra layer of protection to the premises.

Double Doors: Also known as a French door, this is a side-by-side door that fills the entirety of an entryway with two independent openings. Double doors allow for a larger entry and exit space for foot traffic and moving larger pieces of furniture as both portions can swing open at the same time. If you have larger homes, especially a spacier front lobby past the entryway this is more suitable. A double entryway allows for more natural sunlight to be beamed in, which can boost your property value, plus their elegant appeal is eye-catching and allows for a grander entrance for your family members and guests.

Screen Doors: Plainly speaking, this is just a door with an attached screen whose main purpose is to offer extra protection from invading pests and random critters and improve the air circulation inside your home alongside allowing more natural light indoors. During a hot, muggy Frisco day you can crack open the screen entryway portion to let in a light and refreshing breeze whilst forbidding mosquitos or house flies from entering. Besides this, a screened entryway increases privacy and is great for safety and security purposes especially if you have young children.

Pet Doors: Your furry companions are autonomous creatures that should have just as much right to come and go as they please and give their instinct to roam you have to give them the ability to do so with a pet door. A pet entryway can be mounted onto your exterior front or back door and customized to the size of your cat or dog. For a Frisco door replacement, our skilled handyman will proceed to take the appropriate measurement and cut a hole into your entryway and insert an adjustable frame on top. We finish it off by overlaying a vinyl flap so your fur baby can go in and out as they choose. If you are concerned about safety purposes, we can even convert your sliding glass entryway to accommodate your pet using a panel insert. Or for those of you who don’t wish to cut a gaping and unsightly hole into your entryway, we can install a screen door made of durable mesh which contains a sliding adjustable lock.

Types Of Exterior Door Designs

Although the most commonplace materials for a front door replacement consist of wood, steel, and fiberglass each material has the characteristics that make it appealing and your selection depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the effort you will invest towards maintenance.

Solid Wood: This is made of pure and natural wood that has not been treated or modified and is usually constructed of layered frames and panels made of maple, oak, or pine wood. Being an organic material, it has a rustic and pleasant appearance. It is incredibly durable and good for energy efficiency due to its greater ability to insulate, not to mention boost your eco-footprint. But the only drawback is that it requires more routine maintenance including being varnished with stain and a fresh coat of paint as it can readily rot if exposed to water or moisture. Plus, termites can eat away the timber.

Hollow Core: This material is wood-based but is not wholly organic in the sense that a thin layer of wood or fibreboard is layered atop a honeycomb cardboard or plastic-based material. Obviously given the name if you ever knock on a hollow entryway and hear an echo sound it's a hollow core entryway. They are lightweight, less likely to expand, or contract compared to a solid wood door, and inexpensive to install. Hollow core doors are best reserved for interior living spaces including your closets and pantry. The only drawback is that they are not exactly durable given their lower quality and only provide decent noise reduction sound insulation. Plus, they are difficult to repair as they are not easily refinished being a more artificial material.

Solid Core: Another wood-based product, solid core doors are an engineered wood used primarily for interior living spaces and are durable as they don’t bend or warp easily, have better sound insulation from noise pollution given the thicker material, can handle fluctuating temperatures and bode well in moist environments and best of all mimic the appearance of real solid wood. The only drawback is that they are difficult to repair and install compared to their hollow core counterparts plus they come with a higher price tag.

Steel: A steel door is composed of a layer of steel interweaved between two other layers of wood or fiberglass. As a result, they are incredibly durable, fire-resistant are good conductors of heat and cold, and can withstand fluctuating temperatures quite well. Plus, steel is great at reducing noise pollution being one of the best sound insulators, is energy efficient and the best option for home security purposes as they provide defense against burglars or unwanted intruders. The only thing to keep in mind is that as a metal, steel can easily scratch, chip, or dent so if no maintenance is practiced whatsoever rust will form on the entryway's surface eventually leading to corrosion.

Fiberglass: A fiberglass door is composed of two large, contoured sides which are filled with a polyurethane foam core that serves as an insulator against extreme and fluctuating temperatures. As a result, fiberglass is also incredibly durable and energy efficient. A couple of things to keep in mind is that fiberglass is quite expensive. Plus, it is difficult to install given the sizing of the door cannot be trimmed down and so this entryway can only be installed for a standard-sized exterior door.

Why We Are the Flourishing Choice for Door Replacement!

A front door is more than just an entryway but the order of the guard for your humble abode. If your entryway looks ramshackle don’t procrastinate on a Frisco door replacement as a structurally unsound door serves no useful purpose. Apart from sacrificing your safety and security, you are also expected to pay more for your electricity consumption as a shabby door makes your home less energy efficient. Our trustworthy handyman can assemble a entryway that is both visually appealing and a protection mechanism so the next time you come back to your home sweet home after a long and tiresome day you will be excited to cross the threshold.

Frequently Asked Questions About Door Replacement

What Are Telltale Signs I Require a Door Replacement?

  • Door sticks when opening and closing.
  • Squeaky noises
  • Random drafts underneath the entryway
  • Broken locks, handles, and hinges
  • The door gets jammed or stuck due to lose hinges.
  • Hairline cracks or fractures
  • Moisture damage indicated by mold and mildew growth.

Can I Hang a New Door on An Existing Frame?

Yes–first you have to remove the existing and damaged door to place a new one into the doorway. This can be done by removing the jambs and casing and installing a pre-hung door in its place. But if the entryway is squarer rather than rectangular or the old trim is damaged or hard to replace, keep the existing doorway and just replace the door itself.

What Is The Difference Between a Pre-Hung Door and A Regular Door?

A pre-hung door is pre-assembled and sold by the manufacturer as ready-made as the slab comes with the hinges attached to a three-sided frame. As a result, a pre-hung door is already fitted to the frame perfectly and readily opens and closes. On the other hand, a slab is just the door on its own and doesn’t come with these extra attachments.

Knock, Knock! Who’s There? Mr. Handyman Is Here to Help with Your Entryway!

The mystique of a entryway is that it’s not merely a way for you to come and go as you please but a meeting parting that graces your home. Apart from Friso we also serve nearby areas of Little Elm, Pilot Point, and Sanger so go ahead and reach out to one of our friendly customer contact representatives who’d be happy to schedule an appointment or inform your more about our other exterior residential remodelling services from window repair, to siding installation and fence repair as they eagerly await to hear from you.

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