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Ask a Pro: Can I increase my homes resale value?

Q:  Are there things we can do that will increase the re-sale value of our home?

A:  Yes and no.  If you home is in disrepair you will not get full value.  Fluttering window screens, little trees growing from gutters, rotten wood trim around windows; the list goes on and on.  These kinds of undone maintenance and repair items are depressing the resale value of your home and should all be addressed before you list it.  If all maintenance and repair is up to date, then, the question becomes can you invest $X in some project and get $X+ back?  Say, invest $5K in the master bath and increase your resale value by more than $5K.  Sadly, this generally doesn’t happen.  Don’t be discouraged, however. If you plan to live in this home for a while, you’ll get plenty of enjoyment from that new master bath until such time as you choose to sell your home