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Mr. Handyman Is All About the Experience!

Let’s be honest, there are many people in Jacksonville that do home improvement and repair. Open the phone book or Google either term and you’ll find many choices. “What we do” isn’t what differentiates Mr. Handyman from other service providers in Jacksonville, it’s “How we do it.”

Every day, we take calls from homeowners and businesses tired of the status quo. We hear about the messages left, but never returned. We hear about appointments being set, but nobody shows up. We also hear about projects that start, but drag on. Homeowners are never really sure when the next day of work will happen on their project until somebody shows up.

All this is immensely frustrating. If you work in a business, being responsive to customers is paramount. For most of us an 8:00 AM meeting starts at, well, 8:00 AM. And, when you book an appointment with a client on Monday, you don’t then show up Thursday without some form of communication.

I can go on and on with these stories from frustrated folks that we meet regularly that want something different. These frustrated callers want the Mr. Handyman serving Greater Jacksonville experience.

Experience Mr. Handyman for Yourself

The Mr. Handyman experience starts with our responding to your inquiry in a timely fashion. The office is open from 8:00AM until 5:00PM Monday through Friday, and from 8:00AM until Noon on Saturday. If all lines are busy during those hours, or you call after hours, you will roll to an answering service. With Mr. Handyman you should always speak to a person, never a machine, and it’s our goal to be available when it’s most convenient for you to call.

All our appointments are scheduled in advance and you’ll get a courtesy call the day before to remind you we’re coming. Traffic and weather happen, and not everything goes as planned each day, but in those cases you’ll receive a call that we’re running a bit late, or that we need to reschedule when the weather intrudes. In the case of multi-day projects, we confirm our expected return as we wrap each day; generally we return the next day.

After the work is complete, you should expect a call to confirm everything was done to your satisfaction. We don’t anticipate issues, but occasionally they arise. In those instances we simply return and address the issue. This is our Worry Free Guarantee. How a company handles issues tells you a lot about the character of the company.

The status quo is frustrating, and the Mr. Handyman experience is designed specifically to be distinctive and different. Not only do we arrive on time, but the in-home staff average 20+ years of industry experience, have been background checked for your safety, and are Mr. Handyman employees, not sub-contractors. We set their schedule and can thus ensure they arrive on-time and prepared to do quality work.

If you’re tired of the status quo, feel free to read our online reviews and then call (904) 329-7535 to experience Mr. Handyman for yourself.