Ask a Pro: How to Install a Swing?

Q: We’ve purchased a porch swing that mounts to the ceiling via chains. Any tips on how and where to mount it?

A: Many have fond memories of time spent on a porch swing as a child; I know I do. If you install one you’ll be surprised at home much you use it.

Installation is focused on two things, spacing and safety. Spacing is ensuring enough room to actually ‘swing’ without banging into things. You don’t want to damage the home, or yourself. The swing can be close to a wall, railing or porch post only if you plan to sit and gently rock. Otherwise, give it some room.

For safety, the swing must be anchored into a ceiling joist or rafter. Suspending it from the plywood ceiling will not last, leading to a damaged ceiling and possible injury to whomever was on the swing when it collapsed.