Why Mr. Handyman?

The other day somebody asked me quite directly, “Why Mr. Handyman?  With literally hundreds of guys around town that can do my project, why should I use Mr. Handyman”?

My response was just as direct:  quality craftsmanship, distinctive service and a Done-Right Guarantee. 

Few can offer this combination because they haven’t approached this business with a ‘service first’ mindset.  Let’s take the average consumers experience with Mr. Handyman and compare that to what they might receive when contacting others.

When you call Mr. Handyman you get a person, not a machine.  During business hours you get a live person seated here in Orange Park (suburban Jacksonville).  They will discuss your project with you, ensure it’s is something we can assist with, and they’ll schedule your Mr. Handyman appointment or dispatch one of our employee staff.

This experience is designed specifically to be consumer friendly.  We believe you’d rather talk to a live, local, knowledgeable person about your project rather than leaving a voicemail or scheduling your appointment with a website.  So, we provide customer service staff to assist with your needs. 

Our craftsman are not only employees, but seasoned and skilled employees averaging over 20 years of paid professional experience.  We’ve hired craftsman from the building and home improvement trades that have worked for years to perfect their craft.  And because they work directly for us, and only for us, we’re fully aware of their schedule and availability when scheduling your appointment.

Our craftsman will meet you at your home or business and review your needs in detail before they begin work that day.  They always want to understand what’s required from your perspective.  What does the finished project look like in your mind’s eye?  That’s their end goal, and they may offer alternatives or suggestions if you have a $5,000 idea and a $500 budget.

Our distinctive service touches include not only that live answer and scheduled appointment time mentioned above, but we call you the day before your appointment to remind you we’re coming, and we then call again the day after your appointment to ensure all was done to your satisfaction.  While we don’t anticipate issues, we do want to know when they exist to we can address them.

We then stand behind everything we do with our Done-Right Guarantee.  Experience tells us that not everything goes exactly as planned.  We don’t make excuses, or blame the customer, or tell you we’ll fix it the “next time we’re in the area” we simply schedule a return visit and resolve the issue.

So, the Mr. Handyman experience is designed specifically with you in mind.  Including quality craftsmanship, distinctive service touches and a worry free guarantee.  That’s why we have almost 1,900 overwhelmingly positive online reviews, just here in Greater Jacksonville, from satisfied customers.  Sure, I can tell you why you should work with Mr. Handyman, but at the end of the day it’s our customer’s reviews that really tell our story.