Mr. Handyman Believes In Giving Back - 2017

Mr. Handyman Believes In Giving Back

As adults, nothing feels quite as good as giving.  As children we got excited about getting gifts, but as we matured it really felt good to give.  Finding that perfect gift for one’s significant other or spouse was fun, and the smile on their face when they opened the gift was all you needed in return.

We’ve always liked giving as well and as business owners Libby and I have been in the position to give something more precious than money.  We’ve been able to contribute the talents of our entire staff for a day of service to an organization that needs our help. 

Each year we select a non-profit that’s doing amazing work in the community and offer our help.  While they may be amazing at what they do, they may not be all that handy when it comes to keeping up their facilities.  So, we let them focus on where they excel, and we contribute where we excel.

Last February, and again three weeks ago on February 3rd, we contributed a day of service to the Seamark Ranch in Green Cover Springs.  Our staff of 8 contributed over 60 hours of work that day in maintenance to the boys’ youth home.  Those of you that are parents know that kids can be tough on a home, especially boys.  Now, imagine 8 active boys in your home.

For those not familiar with the Seamark Ranch I would like to share their mission:  “Seamark Ranch is a nurturing Christian home and family system that gives children from families in crisis the tools they need for a brighter future. Through a family home model, a specialized residential school and the lessons of life on a working farm community, Seamark Ranch provides the ideal setting for love, stabilization, healing, education and empowerment.”

The Seamark Ranch is celebrating their 10th year of operation in 2017.  Since opening their doors Seamark has served over 100 children with its two (boys and girls) homes, on-campus school and extensive childcare programs. As they continue to add homes, build a K-12 school, and grow and expand their programs they hope to transform the lives of hundreds of children entrusted to their care.

The Seamark Ranch holds an annual fundraising event each spring called the Seamark Mudder.  This year’s event will be Saturday, April 22nd.  This is a 5K mud run through the 468 acres of their property covering 25 obstacles.  I can tell you from experience that this event is a blast.  The Mr. Handyman staff and families entered a team last year, and will again this year, and found a whole new way to get dirty together.  Whether you do it as an individual, as a family or as a team from work, this is a bonding experience like no other and all proceeds benefit the great mission of the Seamark Ranch.  

The Mr. Handyman team looks forward to seeing you at the 2017 Seamark Mudder.

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