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Small home office

How to Install Glass Doors for a Home Office?

Q:  We’d like to install interior glass doors and turn our living room into a home office.  How hard is this?

A:  Installing interior doors in a properly sized opening still requires skills, and resizing the opening can be complicated.  Especially if you have a rounded archway.  If you don’t know where to start this project, I suggest you hire somebody.

This is a great project and can look really nice when completed.  One common issue is the location of air conditioning vents and returns.  The airflow of your home assumes the freshly cooled (or warmed) air comes out a vent, circulate through the home and goes back into the system via a ‘return’.

A room with only vents then gets stuffy when the doors are closed, as the circulation pattern is broken.  Have your HVAC provider inspect the room and suggest a solution.