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Lime scale on faucets

Ask a Pro: How to Remove Lime Scale Buildup?

Q:  We replaced our shower head about a year ago and it’s already starting to show lime scale buildup.   How do we prevent this?

A:  This is fairly common here in NE Florida given the aquifer below is porous limestone.  Actual prevention of this challenge requires changing the water chemistry, which you can do with a water softener.  There are both installation and ongoing costs associated with this approach, but many take this path.

Periodically removing the scale is another option.  A mild acid will do the trick, including vinegar, lemon juice or a commercial lime scale remover.  The trick is keeping the acid in contact with the item being cleaned, as this is not a wipe-on/wipe-off solution.  Immersion and time will be required, with heavier buildup taking longer to dissolve.  Removing the shower head periodically and submerging it is the easiest way to do this.