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Exhaust fan

Exhaust Fans

Q: While getting something out of the attic while my husband was in the shower, I realized the exhaust fan from the bathroom is venting into the attic. Is this OK?

A: This is not uncommon. Attics are designed so that rising hot air in the attic draws outside air in via the soffits, and out the louvered gable vents or ridgetop roof vents. This process happens naturally, and with an attic vent fan it happens faster and your attic is cooler.

Many builders vented bathroom exhaust fans and stove hoods into the attic with the thought being that this natural air flow would move the moisture to the outside. This generally works, unless the airflow is interrupted by additional insulation or poor design. Also, if your stove exhaust is vented into the attic, your attic may take on some smells of commonly cooked food. Bacon anyone?