Things to be aware of during the change of seasons

“Autumn” is a good month out according to the calendar, but for many ‘Autumn’ is a mindset.

Given we don’t get ‘fall colors’ in NE Florida, different things trigger the feeling of autumn/fall in other parts of the country. Once the kids are back in school, Labor Day is behind us, and football is back on TV, for many the summer has ended and autumn has begun.

Even though the calendar says August, and it’s still brutally hot, the next few weeks will see us making that transition. Buses will be back in our rush-hour commute, college football restarts Labor Day weekend, and the NFL takes the field a week later.

Given this, I thought I’d remind everyone of a few things to keep in mind during this change of seasons.

Buses will be on the road and making frequent stops to pick-up and unload children. This is going to slow down your commute. Plan some extra time for your commute and leave early. As you commute, please be aware of children walking to school, cutting between cars to catch a bus, or cross the road.

The change of seasons means more family gathering for the big game. Whether you cheer for a college team, an NFL team, or both – rivalry games will require us to gather with friend and family to cheer on our team. Before you have the crew over, you may need some things done around your home. Now is the time to get that work done. Either yourself, or by calling a professional.

And, once we return from the Labor Day weekend, we’re looking at 11 weeks until Thanksgiving and 16 weeks until Christmas. Having things ‘just right’ around the home if you are hosting a holiday family gathering is also important. If you start knocking things off your to-list now, you can relax a bit this fall knowing things are under control. You can also start enjoying any home improvement projects sooner, rather than later.

Final thought, and hopefully I don’t jinx us by mentioning this. The last two falls have brought in severe weather with names like Matthew and Irma. I’m hoping we avoid that this year, as are most of you. One of the things that these storms did, other than their obvious immediate destruction as they came through, was that they consumed the available labor market for months and months afterward. This is another reason to get important projects done now, before a potential storm hits and you can’t find anybody to do them.

Mr. Handyman stands ready and waiting to assist with a broad range of home improvement, home repair and maintenance projects. Most folks do a lot of their own work, and that’s great. I admire self sufficiency. When you simply don’t have the time, or desire, and to take on project yourself, call the company your friends and neighbors trust. Call Mr. Handyman, there’s simply no one like us.

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