Mr. Handyman Wins Super Service Award for 2017

There are many service providers out there that strip down the level of customer service, lower expectations and package it for a few dollars less. They are the guys, or companies, that have a voice-mail and not a CSR’s to answer their phone. They arrive when they arrive, and they can be hard to reach, especially when you have issues or concerns. If you’re up for all that aggravation to save a few bucks, then that’s OK.

If you are willing to pay a bit more for a consistent and remarkably better service experience, then let me tell you our story.

At Mr. Handyman we believe in providing better service. We believe in providing a live answer to our callers, not a voice mail. We believe in scheduled appointments and on-time arrivals.

We believe in sending experienced staff, not sub-contractors, capable of handling most needs around your home. That includes carpentry work in many forms, drywall repair and texturing, tile work, caulking and general maintenance and repair of all kinds.

We believe we should protect the home during the project, with drop clothes and plastic or anything else required based on the nature of the project. We believe we should clean up after ourselves when the project is completed.

We believe that when we make a mistake, when a project doesn’t quite turn out as intended, that we should immediately schedule a return and stand behind our work with a Done-right Guarantee®.

At Mr. Handyman we know few provide all this, and we believe we should.

Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Jacksonville was recently notified that we won the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2017. This is our 7th consecutive year receiving this recognition. This award is given to the top 5% of Angie’s List service providers based on customer reviews and feedback.

In 2017 we were also recognized by the Florida Times Union and with their Bold City Best Award for Home Improvement & Repair. This was our second consecutive year with this award and the recognition that comes along with it.

Both the Angie’s List and Bold City Best awards are customer driven awards, they are directly based on customer feedback, ratings and reviews.

While we’re quite proud of these awards, and others, when we receive them, we’re not entirely surprised when it happens. We’ve built our business around our beliefs as noted above, and we receive tremendous customer feedback, in-person and via online reviews, that tell us that customers really embrace and appreciate what we’re doing.

We’ll be celebrating our 10 year anniversary in 2018, and since the very first day we’ve focused on providing a consistent and remarkably better customer service experience. This mindset, and the positive customer response it engendered, got us through the lean years of the Great Recession.

If you are tired of receiving a stripped-down service, then experience Mr. Handyman. There’s simply no one like us.