Fall To Do List - Q and A

Q: What maintenance & repair tasks do we need to keep in mind as the fall change of seasons approaches?

A: Remember water and ‘critters’ when doing your fall exterior home inspection.

Caulk around doors and windows keeps moisture out, but also keep bugs out. Inspect all exterior caulking closely. If you can see daylight ‘around’ a door, the weather stripping or door sweep is failing. Your home is losing heating and cooling energy via that crack, and small insects can use it for access.

Soffit screens allow for ventilation of your attic, but also keep squirrels, birds and other ‘critters’ from nesting in your attic. Similarly, cracks in stucco allow both water and insects to access the interior of your walls. Inspect your home closely, keeping in mind that both water, insects and animals are looking for access, and do you best to keep them out.