New Fixer Upper- Where Do We Start?

Q: We’re just married and have a new (to us) home. We want to fix it up but have little experience. How do we learn to do this stuff?

A: Congratulations on the home and the marriage. Learning how to fix up their new home is a great bonding effort for many newlyweds.

I suggest you create a list of things to be done. Get it all down, and then start with something you are comfortable with. Cleaning and painting is a great place to start. It’s simple and reveals quick results. Roll the walls and brush the trim. YouTube has some helpful ‘how to’ video, and if it you don’t like the finished product, or color choices, you can paint it again. Once confident in your painting skills, take on another project. As your confidence and tool collection grows, you’ll take on more and more around your home.

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