Spring Mr. Handyman Themes From The Home & Patio Show

Maybe it was the fairly-tame winter, or maybe it’s the 10 years bull market, but folks were clearly looking to get some things done at the recent Jacksonville Home & Patio Show. Many stopped by the Mr. Handyman booth to discuss their needs.

The ‘honey do’ list – especially when honey hasn’t been doing it – was by far our most discussed topic at the show. Drywall repairs, wood rot damage to trim and decks, caulking doors and windows, and so on. Many have a list that’s building up and they need somebody that can come out and help them with the entire list. While not sexy work, they realize this is still important work, and damage gets worse if these things are not handled promptly. We’re happy to help with this work.

Home improvements, in various forms, are the sexy projects. These are the projects that folks get excited about. Home improvements are what the HGTV and similar shows are all about – transforming spaces from what they used to be, to what you want them to be.

A number of common themes were evident at this-years show:

Doors were a frequent topic of conversation. A Builder grade door at the front of your home is quite functional, but not exciting. Something with glass lets light into the home and has much greater curb appeal. A lot of folks were interested in replacing one or more exterior doors in 2019.

Interior doors also got a lot of discussion. Many builders installed luan doors (smooth face, hollow core) for a number of years (like the 1970’s and 1980’s). Many homeowners are replacing all their interior doors with 6 panel hollow-core doors. This is a project we’ve done several times recently and from talk at the show we’ll be doing more of this in 2019. This is very transformative when you have a number of bedroom doors on a hallway. The look of the hallway changes dramatically, for the better, from what it used to be.

Kitchen backsplashes were another ‘above average’ topic of interest this year. Just behind the stove, or behind the countertop and under your cabinets, a backsplash covering a painted wall can really transform your kitchen.

With the aging population, accessibility projects are also getting more discussion. People have installed stability bars (grab bars) for years, but many seemed a bit embarrassed that they were getting older and needed a bit of help. It seems that embarrassment is fading, many are embracing their age and looking for practical ideas to help them stay in their home longer. They were actively looking to discuss home improvement options for doing this.

Many have big plans for 2019. If you need help with some, or all, of your home improvements, maintenance and repair – call Mr. Handyman. If not familiar with Mr. Handyman check us out online and see what customers have to say. There’s simply no one like us!

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