Q & A - Soffit Screens

Soffit Screen

Q: My pest control company says we need new soffit screens to keep pests out of our attic. What are soffit screens?

A: Soffit screens are a real thing. Vent holes in your soffit allow air to flow into your attic to help cool it, and soffit screens keep pests from entering via those vent holes. On many homes they are literally a screen material. Over time squirrels, mice, rats, and other pests tear through those screens for access to your attic. Especially as the cooler weather is setting in, when critters are looking for warm winter homes.

Just because you had screen material doesn’t mean you need to go back with screen material. There are now vented aluminum products that are much stronger than screen that can be installed over your soffit vent holes. I recommend you use these products instead of screen.

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