Price Vs. Value in Home Services

If you were you accused of a crime you know you didn’t commit, or loved one was diagnosed with a rare disease, would you hire the cheapest lawyer or doctor you could find? The likely answer to both questions is “No”. Experience and reputation matter.

The price may be higher for the seasoned legal and medical professional with a proven reputation for results, but so is the value received in return.

This same price vs. value thought process also applies when you need help around your home. If you need your home cleaned, an appliance repaired, need glass replaced or need help with any other home service, experience and reputation matter.

These days most consumers start with an online search. Find a few highly rated service providers for your category of need. Poor quality and service will surface in customer reviews. Anybody can have a 5-Star rating with single digit review counts, but high volumes of reviews and a good rating is more telling. They’ve been doing this a long time, and most customers have been pleased with the outcome.

Next, contact a few of the highly rated service providers you have identified. Ask a few questions. The company may have been around XX years, but how much experience does their technician coming into your home have? Was that person background checked and drug screened? Is he or she an employee of the company, or a sub-contractor? Do they have availability to address your need at a time convenient to you? If there were to be an issue with their work, what is the warranty?

If online customer feedback is sizable, and consistent with what they have told you then you can feel comfortable moving forward. My guess is that after having this discussion with 2-3 reputable companies, one will stand out in your mind based on your values and the impression they have given you.

Having hired a reputable service provider, you have peace of mind. If an issue surfaces weeks or months after the work is completed, they’ll stand behind it. This is an implicit value that you have paid for, and you can rest assured you will get it. Reputations are important currency, and honest companies work hard to maintain them.

If you suspect an issue, or are unsatisfied with your experience, let the company know. You will learn much about the character of a company by how they handle their issues; but they can’t handle issues they don’t know about. Save the online review, good or bad, until they’ve had an opportunity to stand behind their work. Then provide feedback based on your experience.

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