Mr. Handyman: A 2020 Bold City Best Finalist … Again!

For the 5th consecutive year, Mr. Handyman Serving Greater Jacksonville is a Bold City Best Finalist. We’re in the Top-3 for both the Best Handyman Service, and Best Home Remodeling Company. Winners will be announced in October.

We were humbled to get this news. This is the result of consumer voting. We work hard at what we do and to receive this recognition for a 5th consecutive year is truly a blessing.

We were also excited and proud to get this news. We’ve built a great team, work closely with customers, and never lose sight of our purpose “to deliver a consistent and remarkably better customer experience.” This is our secret, and the reason behind our being a 5-year finalist; and 3-year winner.

We believe our purpose is what differentiates us in the Jacksonville marketplace. There are many in Jacksonville that claim to do what we do, but they are hard to reach, often aren’t licensed contractors, may not show up or do quality work. The overall experience leaves folks frustrated and suspicious of the next company they call. It’s demoralizing.

So, Mr. Handyman has a staff to handle customer inquiries while our craftsmen focus on the customer they are serving that day. We offer scheduled appointments to complete your project, clear communication, arrive on time, do quality work and clean-up when done.

When we’re running ahead of schedule, we call and provide a heads up. When we’re running behind schedule, we do the same. We can’t stain your deck in the rain, and we’ll call you to reschedule that work for a drier day. Life happens, let’s stay in touch and work through it.

Once onsite, first and foremost, our staff are there to help. We want to understand your needs and expectations before work commences, so every job starts with a discussion. There is often a discussion of repairs vs. replacement. We offer our council and recommendation, but the customer ultimately decides.

First jobs with a new customer are often a chance for them to experience the Mr. Handyman difference. Having gained confidence in our abilities, they often ask us to do more. If you remember other items you need repaired while we are onsite, we are happy to stay a bit longer and take care of them, so you don’t need to schedule another appointment. We’re also happy to work up pricing on future projects while onsite and return when you are ready to get that project done.

Sounding good so far? Also know that all our work is done in a quality fashion and we back it with our Done Right Guarantee®. If something isn’t right simply call us. We’ll return and address the issue.

If this sounds like a totally different experience than you’ve had with others. It’s time you learn why Mr. Handyman is a five-time finalist for the Bold City Best; because we deliver a consistent and remarkably better customer experience.

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